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  1. Yalides


    Left Yali and moved back to UK in May this year. Still love to read and hear what goes on there these days.
  2. Yalides

    Pork And Bacon

    We bought a load of pork products from the shop in Calis. Wife said the prices were very comparable to prices of other meats in Turkey.
  3. Cumbali is another restaurant in Yalikavak, new this year and open all winter. Great grub.
  4. As I have said elsewhere, putting it right for the Tourist season is not looking good.
  5. Getting into Town is hardly worth the effort with the state of the road at the moment.
  6. Hi there, Agree with you re Musti's, not to our taste.Gonna try Hanimeli in the next few days, never been in all the years we have been here.
  7. Got to be Dede or Morgul restaurants. What does anyone else think?
  8. We have always used Garanti, not always the best rates but never any hassle.
  9. We are on sitesi and pay 0.30TL per unit.
  10. As eating out is a favourite pastime of ours, our recommendations for eateries in Yali are Dede and Morgul restaurants. Great food and very friendly owners. We even went for a long weekend to Afyon with Ibrahim and Sue from Morgul to meet and stay with his family. Great time. Dede is open all year round and Morgul in the summer only.
  11. I also have some of these cactii in my garden and they are deadly.
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