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    Vic801 reacted to Daniel Stein in Istanbul in 1967 Video   
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    Vic801 reacted to Silkroute in Should I Lend Money to a Friend or Not?   
    Hey Conan ,
    I must say you have a heart of Gold . First of all no one goes and places a deposit by means of  a credit card to buy a house, unless he has a great credit history or a millionaire.. Secondly no one picks up a house without having in place an installment plan for the rest of the balance payments. Please for God's sake do not buy this bizarre story and put yourself in this position as 20 grand is quite a substantial amount . You'll  definitely lose this money as it is written on the wall, and definitely going to leave a bad taste . To-date all loans I ever given to friends and family were never returned fully as I had to forego the major part..
    Please give him some excuse ,  say " you have invested your savings in stocks while you can not off load at the present levels as the market is down and can not afford to take a loss." 
    Wise are those who learn from other's mistakes . I wish I had some friends to advice me while I was your age , You should consider yourself lucky.
    Will be seeing you in Adana hopefully soon !
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    Vic801 reacted to Ken Grubb in Should I Lend Money to a Friend or Not?   
    DO NOT loan him the money. Find any excuse not to. An unexpected tax bill, family member needs operation, anything to get out of it. I have lost LOTS of money making loans to friends in this country. Not one has ever paid me back anything. And it has ruined a few friendships.
    What I have to laugh about is when I first got to Turkey. The person I relieved told me "always remember one thing. Never loan money to a Turk." But I did, and now I'm telling you the same thing. You are going to lose the money, and your friend if you do it. Even if you get a senet (promissory note), collecting will be a real pain, and you will probably not get it all back. And you'll still lose your friend.
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    Vic801 reacted to Meral in Monthly living expenses of a single person owning an appartment in Istanbul   
    You're right Vic   --- by food I should have included all those other things you mentioned, since Faisal didn't specifically include them with "food" nor list them separately -- but they are very necessary indeed!  
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    Vic801 got a reaction from Meral in Monthly living expenses of a single person owning an appartment in Istanbul   
    As a single person I would never spend 120 TL per week on food! But I do not eat meat every day and I eat simply.
    Apart from cigarettes and other luxuries, you should also count in cleaning products and cosmetics; shampoo, tampons, facecream and toothpaste are very expensive in Turkey as is kitchen paper, washing-up liquid and other stuff like that. Even if you get the supermarket cheapo own brand, they are more expensive than in Europe.
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    Vic801 got a reaction from IbrahimAbi in Monthly living expenses of a single person owning an appartment in Istanbul   
    As a single person I would never spend 120 TL per week on food! But I do not eat meat every day and I eat simply.
    Apart from cigarettes and other luxuries, you should also count in cleaning products and cosmetics; shampoo, tampons, facecream and toothpaste are very expensive in Turkey as is kitchen paper, washing-up liquid and other stuff like that. Even if you get the supermarket cheapo own brand, they are more expensive than in Europe.
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    Vic801 reacted to Antelope in Love Rat!   
    I suppose I could have been considered to be a "middle-aged single woman" when I met my Turkish husband. Although certainly not lonely, vulnerable or desperate. And he is younger than me. (Although it would seem that somehow the age gap is frowned upon when the woman is older...but not if it's the other way around!)I'm always saddened to read stories like Tina's...unfortunately there are far too many of them. It gives a bad impression of Turkish men but also of some of the women wh are attracted to them. My husband never asked me for money or gifts. In fact in the early days he insisted that if I did have any money then I should leave it in England. I didn't so it wasn't even a consideration. He was also not looking for a visa. He has never been to England and has no desire to do so. Even if I had money...
    I would never have considered just handing it over to someone I had only known for such a short time, and it always surprises me how willing women are to do this.
    We shouldn't judge all Turkish men...they're not all "love rats". There are some good ones out there. We are coming up to 13 years of marriage. Of course we have had our ups and downs, like most married couples, but ours is an equal partnership, based on love, mutual respect and trust....as are all successful marriages. We both have "history"..failed previous marriages, and we both have grown-up children...we have both made mistakes in our previous relationships and because of this have worked hard at getting this marriage right.
    I hope you can put all this down to a bad experience and I sincerely wish you good luck for the future xx
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    Vic801 reacted to IstanbulWhiteboy in Security Message for U.S. Citizens: Gezi Park Anniversary Demonstrations   
    ...and with 25,000 polis and 50 TOMAs ready to go in Taksim, it's likely to be violent
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    Vic801 got a reaction from SherifTajrovic in First Meeting with My GF Parents   
    I was so lucky - my husband hadn't seen his parents for 10 years when we met, so I didn't have the problem of mother-in-law. In fact it was me who persuaded him to go to his home town - 26 years after he left.
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    Vic801 reacted to Fen in First Meeting with My GF Parents   
    I think it was easier to meet my boyfriend's parents without common language. I didn't need to keep up conversation nor be worried I'd say something silly
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    Vic801 reacted to SherifTajrovic in First Meeting with My GF Parents   
    Thanks so much
    Btw yesterday i Celebrated my birthday with my GF in her city and it was amazing day i never felt happy like this and guess what , in the park we saw alot of wedding brides so i asked her do you marry me and i mean it
    But we have complicated issues :/ so i hope everything will be alright and i will go meet her family after that i have no idea how it will go on with our issues.
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    Vic801 got a reaction from SherifTajrovic in First Meeting with My GF Parents   
    An interesting topic - what are customs about "meeting the parents" in everyone's home country?
    I'll start, I think Turkish customs are very similar to what happens in the North of England.
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    Vic801 reacted to YabanciGirl in Christianity, Judaism & Islam statue   
    This photo was taken December 2012. I remember it was covered up for a bit then uncovered. So now they have put in an olive branch after it got vandalised?   That's letting the vandals win. The artist must have been pissed off! I would be if my artwork had to be changed. Bloody hell why people can't just be, & get along.
    Countries like Afrganistan & Iran were once like Turkey very secular then they beacme islamic. 
    Some pics of Afgan before the islamic revolution > http://www.messynessychic.com/2013/06/10/lost-in-time-groovy-afghanistan/
    Some pics of Iran before the islamic revolution > http://www.pagef30.com/2009/04/iran-in-1970s-before-islamic-revolution.html
    Most people there speak arabic amongst themselves, they use Turkish in school & work mostly. Some of the best food I've had in Turkey was from there, they use many spices to prepare veges & meat by marinating it before cooking.
    Thanks for the link Sunny
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    Vic801 reacted to PeteJF in ChemTrails littering the sky   
    You only have to look at NaturalNews  to see that it is total garbage. the wiki article was a fair and reasonable assessment of the site. I can provide other links about it if you wish
    Even other quack sites think it is mad.
    It is a thoroughly disreputable site with zero creditability, totally untrustworthy. As I said they promote (and sell) all sorts of dangerous medical quackery from fad diets and homoeopathy to being anti vaccination  and any crazy crank theory going.
    It is not really worth anyone's time to look at it.

    I am not going to waste my time looking at videos by ignorant conspiracy theory nut jobs that really have no grasp of reality. that sort of idiocy is bad for my blood pressure.
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    Vic801 got a reaction from smddlemas in Closing My Company   
    When we had our company we paid our accountant in cash as everyone here seems to do even though it does seem odd. I would not pay any fees upfront though. We wanted to close the company down and we were told the same thing. You have to pay your accountant for one year, logical really because you might have taksit payments or arrears or due payments or rent, but it does mean you have to pay the accountant every month to declare that there is no commercial activity (plus pay the taxes). We totted up the 15O TL per month for the accountant, the monthly and termly taxes, the 330 TL for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Bag-Kur etc. and it seemed a waste of money.
    So we gave the company away for free (couldn't find anyone who wanted to buy it). It was cheaper for us that way, you just transfer the company ownership and do all the usual rubber-stamping in the notary office and is it all over. We just put an ad on an expat forum and found someone who was interested (saved them about 1500 TL, saved us around 2500 TL) and they took it off our hands.
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    Vic801 reacted to TheDude in ChemTrails littering the sky   
    Let me refer you to the Wikipedia article on cloud seeding. Easier than trying to explain it. The conspiracy theory about "chem trails" is related to this. Instead of "cloud seeding" to create rain, the conspiracy theory goes that all of these planes are putting chemicals into the atmosphere to make us more compliant until the big world government comes into power. And when it does, we will all be so compliant (as a result of the chemicals spread in the chem trails) we won't put up a fight and will do everything we are told. B*llsh*t. I can certainly tell you that it's not true because of my personal anger at my own US government. I won't even begin to get in to that. I don't think anybody who knows me would describe me as being compliant to any government, or anything else, for that matter. As far as I'm concerned, the government which governs least governs best. And people have a right to overthrow their governments when their governments get out of control. That might sound shocking, but the fundamental truth of that is apparent, and was written down by the founding fathers of the United States. Anyway, my point is that I obviously have not been infected by any chem trails trying to make me compliant. I do believe there are conspiracies, and that we don't know all of the answers regarding some of them. I think most of the big ones become exposed, and that fuels speculation that there must be many more of them. The Kennedy assassination? That's another topic. But I have my own thoughts about that which are off-topic. The chem trail conspiracy is B.
    S. With the chem trails, it's just hot jet engines traveling through certain atmospheric conditions, and people with limited knowledge looking up at the sky and assuming that they must involve chemicals being sprayed on us like a crop duster. They look at what they don't understand, and try to relate what they see to what they do understand, and make connections between those things -- without trying to reach a higher level of understanding about the whole thing.
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    Vic801 reacted to academylin in ChemTrails littering the sky   
    Shakespeare used the term with something like the current meaning, in his Sonnet 112:Your love and pity doth the impression fillWhich vulgar scandal stamp'd upon my brow;For what care I who calls me well or ill,So you o'er-green my bad, my good allow?
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    Vic801 reacted to Sunny in Relationship between British girl & turkish guy Advice please   
    Whatever happens, it sounds as if you are well out of that 7 year relationship. 
    I would recommend caution in this new relationship especially as it started on the rebound and was a holiday romance, which are always suspect.
    I think that meeting him again would help you to make your mind up. Try not to treat it as party time all the time and to find out as much as you can about what his family life is like. I do know that Konya is a very conservative/religious town. It's certainly not like the coastal resorts, with all sorts of cultural restrictions.
    If your relationship develops and you did marry him would he expect you to live in Konya as Turks have strong family ties? In a way, this is a strength as they often work together for the benefit of the family but there you probably wouldn't be able to wear t-shirts or thin tops even in the heat of summer and def. no miniskirts. There are not many foreigners there and you may not be allowed out on your own. It can be very lonely at times not having someone from your own country to speak to who understand your culture, even if you are madly in love with your partner. Turkish people do not understand our need for space and privacy at times.
    He works in a holiday resort as a waiter. How would he be able to support you, as you probably wouldn't be able to work until you got Turkish citizenship, after 3 years of marriage?
    Would you be happy for 'the family' to make decisions about your life, as everything is discussed within the family? If he is the eldest child in his family he would have responsibility to help his family financially even though you didn't have much money yourselves - the family would expect you to be rich, all foreigners are rich!
    If he is not the eldest child then he would be expected to defer to his older brothers.
    If you think of bringing him to the UK you would need an income of at least £18,600 as well as somewhere to live and he would have to pass an English test before he could even apply for a visa. You can find more about that in the appropriate section on the forum.
    I've only scraped the surface of how life with a Turk could be here but it will do for  starters.
    I know that you are only coming out for a weeks holiday but you need to think about these things if you are considering a future with him.
    Enjoy your holiday.
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    Vic801 reacted to GDB in Stray dogs   
    We live in a rural area of Urla and there are a number of dogs that roam free - they are rather large and although we have never heard of anyone being attacked, they are nevertheles intimidating.
    My wife and son are anxious about going out of the complex especially when taking our (cocker spaniel) for a walk - he would be considered a snack by some of them!!!
    Other than carrying a large stick when out for a walk - we did some research and came across an 'ultrasonic deterrent' that claimed to drive agressive dogs away.
    I searched the internet for this and found a Dazer II on Amazon, as there is no Amazon (other than Gittigidiyor) in Turkey I got one when I was in Germany.
    The Dazer works - I tried it on a dog which was barking and came a bit near - the dog stopped, turned around and ran away.
    The unit is about the size of a cigarette packet and weighs about 100 grams  - it is effective at about 20 feet and is powered by a 9v battery.
    A neat piece of equipment if you are concerned about stray dogs.
    S. It does not harm the dogs - it just produces a high pitched sound that dogs do not like.
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    Vic801 reacted to Fil in parenting tv programme   
    Number 1 calf and her student friends found this little programme about UK/Turkey teenagers.
    Thought you might find it interesting.

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    Vic801 reacted to IbrahimAbi in Moving to and Working in Turkey   
    But finding a Turk with all these languages may be difficult and the attraction of this  for one salary may just swing it for you
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    Vic801 reacted to Fil in what mums want..oh and the kids..(creche-what makes a good creche?)   
    Hello again lucid, good questions.
    First of all, you won't need to worry about parents' expectations of you as an English teacher. After spending some time with you the creche children will start to come out with things in English at home, songs, colours, objects etc, and then you will be an absolute superstar for the families, it will seem miraculous to them. There is lots of good stuff around on the internet to help with teaching children of that age, often accompanied by videos to give you an even better idea of how it can look. It is great to see the excitement and joy that a four year old can show when they have successfully picked up a piece of yellow crepe paper on mrs fil's request. And as for feeding the crocodile (a converted shoe box) by throwing balls of different coloured paper into its mouth, you can imagine how exciting that gets.
    Payment for children of staff, expectations vary between schools. Many pay the going rate for the job and the child comes for nothing as that facilitates the member of staff working. That used to be the norm, but more now seem to expect some kind of quid pro quo on the money they pay. Basically it depends on how much they want you, and they should want you very much, because it will be a big bonus and selling point to have you working with their children. I should start your negotiations with the expectation that the child comes free and you get a proper rate and take it from there.  
    There will probably be tears when he starts, although some children start very happily without batting an eyelid. For many children the crying at the start is a kind of little ritual that starts when the mother says good-bye and ends a couple of minutes after she is out of sight. For some children the crying is more serious and it can take days or even weeks before they are really settled, but they get there eventually. With new starters, especially the younger ones, we ask the mother to wait in the office for the first few days so that if the child asks for her she can be produced and that reduces anxiety.
    Your husband's point is fair enough, but the socialisation argument should be convincing, especially if you don't have an extended family around to provide additional contact for your child. Another point you could make is that it would also be good for your son's Turkish. Your child will need to learn how to share toys and cooperate with playmates, and that can be hard to learn if he is always with you. When we lived in Hungary mrs fil didn't work but we still sent the children to kindergarten because the first daughter showed she was desperate for contact with other children, friends and neighbours' children just weren't enough. The very few mothers we have now who don't work send their children part time, half days or three days a week, but mainly the creche is used to enable the mother to work.
    The 1000TL in Ankara seems a reasonable price, especially if it was some years ago, because at maximum 8 the class size was very favourable. The legal maximum class size is 20, looked after by a teacher and a 'sınıf anne', and most creche in Antalya seem to take that as the norm. We have maximum 16 and 8 for the 24-36 month group. Prices in Antalya range from 450 a month to 950, 580 for us.  Kolej pre-schools are more than that.
    Any way, just enjoy this little rite of passage that you are going to embark on, it will be a win win situation for you whatever happens.
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    Vic801 reacted to Goreme1990 in Turkish Lessons in Istanbul Price   
    I have recently been making the same enquiries and 60tl per hour is what trained, experienced Turkish teachers charge. As a trained, experienced English teacher I wouldn't go with someone cheap because that usually means they aren't good enough to get a decent amount.
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    Vic801 reacted to Fen in Warning About Posting Iphone Photos On Social Sites.   
    I don't know if it was surprise to anyone that everything you upload online can be tracked.
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    Vic801 reacted to TaterTot in Traveling to Istanbul from the USA   
    I'm Baaaaack!  : D
    I've heard of a pacifier being called a dummy because I watch Shaun the Sheep!
    Well, we did the Benadryl and it didn't quite work.  He slept for an hour so we could (almost) eat our meal, but then he stretched out on me and almost flipped the tray, whereby he woke up.
    We dosed him again four hours later and he nodded off... 30 minutes before descending.
    I think it's better strategy to give the brandy to the parents!!! 
    Luckily, he wasn't loud; only rambunctious on my lap.  His thumb was up my nose, feet on my chest... horrible.  I don't envy Dad doing it solo on their return flight in six weeks... if they make it that long.  I have a feeling hubby's been a bit Americanized now and he's finding the Turkish way of life -- with the constant visiting and chatting till all hours -- a bit draining!  Plus, I'd like to think that I'm too irresistible to do without for that long! 
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