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  1. Did I ever say I was interested in diving????

  2. The few tourists in Cappadocia at the moment will probably not notice anything. It is only when you live in a residential neighbourhood that you notice that nobody is sitting outside in the evenings as they usually do, everyone has moved inside and closed the windows so only the murmur of hushed conversations filter through. In Urgup non-alcoholic restaurants now outnumber the ones serving alcohol and the bars are mainly empty - people now drink at home behind closed doors. Our muhtar told us he was being paid for the number of "terrorists" he informed on and let us know slyly that he wo
  3. I always knew it would be something trivial. Now we have moved to the Republic of Cyprus. Too many friends in prison, night-time arrests, denouncing your neighbour and general climate of fear and suspicion in the Anatolian heartland. We have 8 eventful and fulfilling years but the post-coup New Turkey is not the same (to live in) as the one we fell in love with in 2007/2008 and it is time to move on.
  4. So on our last night in Cappadocia, Mr P went out with friends and met Semih and asked him why we had been fired from the caret emporium. And found out the true reason. Nothing to do with work permits, we know Japanese people who have been working in Cappadocia without a work permit for 10 to 15 years. No, it was purely a question of jealousy. A couple of weeks after we arrived, a girl came back from her holidays. Bottle blonde, very tight jeans, she was obviously used to being the centre of attention in a men's world where there were only 2 other women carpet sellers. And one of them was
  5. I don't know many people on here still remember the ups and downs saga and how we got fired from a job in the carpet place that at least one of us, Mr P,was doing very well, but we finally found out why we were fired although he/we were doing so well. Anyone interested?
  6. And it is usually the other way round - you are trying to buy something on a non-Turkish website and they don't like Turkish state bank such as Ziraat but will accpet cards from gaanti because although it is Turkish, it is privately owned. Now with the new Moody credit rating, that may well change a lot of things.
  7. My Axcess Akbank card has a limit of 5000 TL, Garanti gave me 8000 TL credit but it is linked to a deposit account, Ziraat gave me 10 000 TL credit not linked to any account but Amazon doesn't take it and Envato and other US sites won't. Akbank automatically raise your credit limit yearly unless you call and oppose it.
  8. Garanti Bank credit card works on all the websites I have tried. Akbank card works on more sites than Ziraat which I agree is only really useful in Turkey.
  9. Yes, such a relief. We will be leaving Turkey soon as this sort of climate of suspicion, accusation and grassing on your neighbour is no longer tolerable.
  10. All signed and dusted and accusations cancelled. We had to get a dilekçe saying we refuted the debt and we took this to the İcra Dairesi with photocopies of our passport and they immediately cancelled any charges. To be on the safe side we extra copies signed and stamped in case the passport control asked for it but the Icra manager said it was unnecessary as all charges are dropped. Now if the guy wants to go any further he must take a lawyer and takes us to court. Knowing that 6 years ago just sending a letter of legal notice cost 1500 TL, I doubt he will go any further particularly as he w
  11. Yes I live in Turkey Only a little bit of money in the bank. Should I remove it in case they block it?
  12. Thank you IbrahimAbi. I have now consulted a lawyer and a few other friends and Monday morning we are going to the İcra Dairesi to formally refute the accusation and as you say ask for proof of this supposed 3-year contract. We will be accompanied by a Turkish friend who runs businesses here and who knows how to formulate all the legalise stuff, an internet friend has sent me the opposition forms we need to fill in and several friends have said that they are wiling to attest that for years we have always turned up in a taxi or dolmuş! In a weird climate where informing on your neigh
  13. It was several times and not the same car although the demand letter gives a number plate of a single car whch we supposedly signed for rental for 3 years which we didn't. My partner remembers one occasion when he signed for insurance and he kept the car for a week but on the other occasions it was just an informal unwritten agreement.
  14. Looks like debt collection department
  15. It was from T:C: Urgup İcra Dairesi. Signed by Zabit Kulibi.
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