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  1. tamam ozaman arkadaslar tessekur ederim for all information I hope God will give us money, and we won't have any problems!!! INSALLAH!
  2. yeah, it is nonsence for example to pay nearly 12000 - 14000 YTL for BMW 525 tds, 92 years. omg! ok, we will see in the future about this issue. therefore, thank you for your advices
  3. wouw both of your stories are guite incredible actually I wasnt thinking that it can be something so hard, but now I realized that really it is not simple and its taking lots of time and money so it is time to save money and buy car in TURKEY :)just then I saw prices for example (www.araba.com) for used cars, I was in a real shock so because of that I was trying to avoid it, but not successfully :)thank you one more time
  4. merhaba,I am new in this forum and I sorry that I didnt put this topic in needful place. So maybe anybody knows what is the law procedures and legal rules for bringing cars from Europe countries to Turkey, and with possibility in the future to sell it? Can anybody make any links of this kind legal and up-to-date information? tessekur ederim
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