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  1. I'm wondering what you all think about Turkey's very active diplomacy with Iraq, Syria, Iran, Armenia, Russia. Alot has gone on over the past year.Are you fans of Davutoğlu, his strategy?How do you feel about Turkey's friendly relations with Iran? Good realpolitik? Bad association?Can Turkey be a credible leader of the Muslim world in the way that Egypt tried to be the leader of the Arab world in the 50s and 60s?
  2. İyi gunler hepisiniz! My name is Sean and I am a graduate student at George Washington University in Washington, DC, and I'm going to be studying at BU from February until June. I'm studying International Affairs at my uni so I'm coming to focus on Turkish politics and foreign policy while also hoping to get my Turkish conversation level up to intermediate by the time I leave. I have just secured an apartment in şişli, so while I know that Taksim and more central places are popular for going out -- i would love to know if anyone has some small, local places they love to go for coffe
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