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  1. Dear Sunnyholme Savers, Welcome to our friendly forum. I am a Turkish lawyer trying to help my forum friends with their legal questions. Let me give you a general information about the national rules in case of intestate succession. If "no wil"l has been set up, then the systematic and the contents of Turkish Succession Law are as following: It is stated that the successors of first degree are the deceased person’s descendants, and that the children are equal successors. If the deceased person has no descendants, the mother and the father of the deceased person will be equ
  2. Dear Ambersanne, Welcome to our friendly forum. Once you marry in Turkey and divorce under another country's laws, then this foreign divorce judgment should be recognized in Turkey. On 29 April 2017, Article 27/A has been added to Law on Civil Registry Services by Statutory Decree No:690 issued under the State of Emergency. The Article regulates registration of divorce judgments produced by foreign judicial or administrative authorities to relevant civil registries. To use this way to get the divorce recognized in Turkey, there are certain conditions needed to be fulfilled.
  3. Dear Mrs Balin, please could you help as my brother and I are not too clear on this topic. My uncle sadly passed away last year left his apartment in Akcay to us. We have his will (translated into Turkish) and are unclear how we get the property title transferred into our name. 

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,

    Yours sincerely 

    Matthew Thompson

  4. mrsbalin


    Dear Pearl, Welcome to our friendly forum. I am a Turkish lawyer trying to help my forum friends with their legal problems. Sorry to hear about your marriage. Once you married in Turkey, then it will better to divorce in Turkey just to eliminate UK divorce decree recognition procedure. It seems you have some proofs to open a divorce case on grounds of adultery. The husband or the wife must file a lawsuit for dissolution of their marriage within six months after discovering the reason of such filing, or within five years after such adultery has been committed, otherwise their ri
  5. Dear Sunnycal, Welcome to our friendly forum. Regarding to your investment in Turkey, you may both open a branch and/or a liason office. A "branch office" of a foreign entity does not constitute a separate legal entity. Special rules apply to branches of foreign banks and insurance companies. No minimum capital requirements apply, however the head office shall allocate certain funds as necessary for the operation of the branch office. The liability of the branch office extends to cover the assets of the head office. A branch office may only operate in the areas of activities of the
  6. Dear RockoRolo, Welcome to our friendly forum. If your husband openned divorce case, a divorce decree cannot be given without your knowledge. Court papers first should be delivered to your address in UK. Regarding to the property in Fethiye in joint names, if you'd like to sell it, then you should give an opportunity to your husband to match a price at which a third party agrees to buy. In other words, you must give your husband holding the %50 of the title deed first option to buy your share. Yes, you have a right for alimony for the kids as well. Kind Regards,
  7. Dear Pembe, Welcome to our friendly forum. I am a Turkish lawyer helping my forum friends with their legal problems. Regarding to your husband's inheritance problem, according to Turkish Inheritance Code, an inherited property cannot be transfered and/or sold without the aproval and knowledge of the legal heirs. As you mentioned, you have not received any "tebligat" legal notice fro the Court. Have you given any power of attorney to other heirs for the succession transfer (miras intikal, veraset ilam) of your husband's share for title deed office procedures? Perhaps, with this
  8. mrsbalin


    Dear Friends, Even if the UK sale and purchase in Turkey happened after marriage, the property is considered as personal assest. For further information: All properties owned before the marriage shall remain as belonged to the said spouse because these are accepted as Personal Properties that is not subject to sharing. Furthermore, the following items are also listed at Article 220 of TR Civil Code as personal properties therefore outside the sharing since they are also considered as personal assets even if acquired during the marriage: 1- Properties that are solely allocat
  9. mrsbalin


    Dear Nwclio, Welcome to our friendly forum. I am a Turkish lawyer trying to help my forum friends with their legal questions. Regarding to your question, if your property and car are located in Turkey and the divorce case is openned in Turkish Courts, then Turkish laws will be applied to the divorce case. According to Turkish Civil Laws, according to the regime of Participation in Acquired Properties, each spouse has equal rights on each property which is acquired during the marriage and it does not matter whether one of the spouses is registered as sole owner. However, all properti
  10. Hi Vic801, Do you live in Turkey? Do you have any assest in Turkey, like any property on your name, money in bank? Regards, Av. Merve Balin
  11. Dear Ianforest, Welcome to our friendly forum. I am a Turkish solicitor trying to help my forum friends with their legal problem. If your friend married in Turkey and did not register this marriage in Uk, then she has to divorce in Turkey. They may divorce with a protocol which takes a shorter judicial term about 2-3 mounths. Also, in this process, 2 witnesses should be listened by the court. You do not need to be present at the hearings if you appoint a lawyer in Turkey. Parties may be represented by their lawyers. Estimated judicial charges will be about 450tl. You must ofcourse pa
  12. Dear Solsikke, Welcome to our forum! I am a Turkish lawyer trying to help my forum firends with their legal questions. I see that your Turkish ex-husband wishes to remarry that he should have recognized the Norwegian divorce decree in Turkish courts and have registered in Turkish records. Otherwise, he can not marry again. Now, he openned a case in Turkey. Whateever in Norwegian decree is stated for divorce,alimony, father-shared kid relation and custody, then these issues should be stated and recognized in Turkish Courts. At this point, I advice you to appoint a lawyer to
  13. Dear Bob1985, I am a Turkish solicitor trying here to help my forum friends with their legal probems. You do not need to be represented by a lawyer in a case in Turkey. However, even it is a divorce with a protocol, court procedures can be complicated; like petitations, witness process, finalizing the decree, delivery of court papers etc. Regarding to your question about the address issue, you can not give your friend's address to prevent the time matter. But, of course if you appoint a lawyer on behalf of you, then all the court papers will be sent to your lawyer's address. This w
  14. Dear Sylvia, Welcome to our friendly forum. I am a Turkish solicitor trying here to help my forum friends with their legal questions. In order to transfer a freehold in law (if there is not a will prepared by the deceased person), a case in Turkish Courts should be openned to define the legal heirs. Courts where the property is located will be authorized in your case. This case takes about 2 mounths if all the required documents is ready and submitted to the Court while openning the mentioned case. The judicial expence is not expensive, but as I mentioned all documents should be su
  15. Dear cbeauti, Welcome to our friendly forum. I am a Turkish lawyer trying here to help my forum friends with their legal questions. I totally share the legal information and advice given by Eglegal regarding to your maiden name, custody and kids' traveling matters. You should first open a recognition case in Turkish Court to have recognized your US divorce decree. Kind Regards, Av. Merve Balin
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