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  1. Simon,instead of applying here for a Work Permit,you can leave Turkey & apply for a Work Visa from your home country via the Turkish Consulate/Embassy there. This is a passport sticky visa which allows a single entry [altho' not needed in your case] and permission to start working for your employer immediately upon arrival to Turkey, with your Work Permit card usually arriving within a few weeks.
  2. KeeZouX... If just importing for up to 2 yrs, on your RP there's no tax to pay. if you're intending to keep the car here semi permanently & put if on Yabanci 'M' plates then you can find out the financial bond figure from Turk Touring Club. http://www.turing.org.tr/ytggk-mavi-karne/ Turk Touring Club Izmir no. is 0232-421-7149. Link to enquire the tax 'bond' element... https://www.hesapkurdu.com/trafik-sigortasi/h/arac-otv-kdv-hesaplama
  3. Hi Mahmood,the tax to register an imported phone is 618tl... The complete registration process from paying the tax at a tax office to completing the online registration on the e-devlet website must be completed within 120 days from the date of your last entry into Turkey.
  4. Years ago ,no they didn't have to show this, neither did foreigners. I have many friends who obtained their Turkish licence prior to the new[ish] licence exchange system . But since the law change in Jan 2015 everyone does now.
  5. All Turks on leaving full time education get a certificate stating they have attended school and attained a certain level of education...we foreigners however need to provide proof by way of ,for example UK, O or A level certificates or a higher education diploma , from a university etc.. I can't answer for other countries,as i don't know what certificates can be attained. So if we want a driving licence exchange or to take Turkish driving lessons ending in a driving test & Turkish drivers licence,we have to supply a schooling certificate as would a Turkish citizen.
  6. Whats been missed out in that list of documents above is the need to show a schooling certificate. Also the theory part of the test is now done online and there is an English translation service for this.
  7. That is the correct and only site to make ab RP application. You will be informed of the Tax and card fee when you print off the forms at the end of the application process. The site is safe, but depending on your computer's security settings you may get this notification, but you should ignore this as the site is totally safe. If you look at the the first main screen, at the bottom left in the red band it states there "documents required"' so click on that.
  8. The RP application site has got I.T. problems and has had for nearly 3 weeks now. It's throwing up all sort of anomaly pop ups. The only thing worth trying is putting each section into Turkish mode,if that doesn't work then it's just a case of keep trying.
  9. As of November 2018, many GOC offices are starting to apply the following Non Property owners, (i.e. tenants and taahhutname holders): Europeans and Canada and USA will get 1 year making a first application, renewals can be up to 2 years. Non property owners (i.e. tenants & taahhutname holders) from Middle East and Asian countries will get 6 months residence for first applications and renewals will be a maximum of 1 year. Only property owners may get offered two years residency for first applications and renewals.
  10. Mahmood,forget when you submitted your documents, you have to work from when you received the text as that will be around the time your application was accepted & i stand by my last comment.
  11. If you read the GOC website they state it will be delivered within 90 days, but in reality most usually come well within 60 days.
  12. You will no doubt wait a good while longer yet,maybe up to another 60+ days. The time depends on how busy the final check & card printing office is in Ankara . You'll get a text from the PTT when the card is despatched from Ankara
  13. Your passport must be valid for a minimum of 60 days past the expiry date of the Reidencey being applied for . So if you were applying for your 1 year RP to start tomorrow, it would expire 7/5/2020 and your passport expires 12/11/2019...
  14. It is possible to pay so as to not do the full time of conscription,. A Turkish friend of mine is doing such now ...15,000tl & just 3 weeks ''light duties'', but i'm not sure if you can buy yourself out once you've started your conscription.
  15. As a UK passport holder the cost for a 2year RP is $80 USD for the 1st year, $60USD for year two ,both converted to Turkish Lira on the day you pay the fees + 89Lira for the RP card. As for the special private health policy,this will depend on your age.,but will be anything from around 360tl 40years of age to 1000tl for 61-64 years.
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