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    Hi,you don't need an rp to purchase property,just a Turkish tax number & translated & noterised passport & 2 passport sized photos.
  2. Hi Alex, go back to the online RP application site,click on the type of RP you applied for then on that screen,click the 3rd box ''i would like to see the result of...''....... & insert the details asked for. This will confirm if your application is actually in progress or 'not found'.The pic. below is regarding a renewal,but the same i you click on 1st application. If 'in progress' then you just has to wait for the text from the PTT stating the RP card has been dispatched from Ankara...this can be anything from 2 weeks to 90 days max to receive. If 'not found'then it would seem your application may have been rejected.

    Applying for Turkish state pension

    Hi Mandy...This i've copied & pasted from my Work Permit file.... 13B]…..TURKISH PENSION AFTER WORKING IN THE UK & TURKEY. Q…If you’ve worked in the UK and paid taxes then relocated to Turkey & worked there & paid into the Turkish tax system ,is it possible to combine the UK & Turkish payments to obtain a Turkish pension?. A… Turkish Citizens can transfer NI contributions to SGK but only if they were Turkish at the time they carried out the work in the UK. That means most workers who acquired citizenship after relocating to Turkey will not at this time be able to. See the info in the SGK link below..
  4. No applicants in Istanbul, [ only] either for 1st application or renewal/extensions are being given any more than a one year validity, this has been the case since April 10th this year...
  5. Good luck Yabangee,here's hoping it's a positive outcome for you.
  6. There is an appeal system. You need to ask the GOC for the email address, but tbh, if it's a fault of your own making,such as incorrect paperwork,or wrongly dated health cover etc, the appeal will be dismissed. You can stay whilst the appeal is pending, but if refused it will just add to the days past your visa or old RP expiry, so when you leave Turkey it will increase your overstay fine. I've yet to hear of anyone stating they have won i'm afraid.
  7. Hi Yabangee,this may be an indication that they need more paperwork from you,but in reading many posts on the Istanbul sites,it usually means your application has been rejected,so you need to go back to your GOC office & confirm one way or the other.
  8. Hi Alen,she will need to exit Turkey,paying an overstay fine,then return with a visa. Before her 90 days expires,she can make a 'first application' [not renewal] for an RP.
  9. Not knowing what topic your qualifications are in..but they are looking for foreigners who can offer a contribution to science and technology and such like qualifications, assessed as qualified investors,those who have internationally recognized studies in the academic area, and those distinguished in science, industry and technology, etc,etc,just as it states above..
  10. Do you meet any of the following criteria?. assessed as qualified workforce due to their educational level, wage, professional experience, contribution to science and technology and such like qualifications, assessed as qualified investor due to their contribution to science and technology, their level of investment or export value, volume of employment they provide and such like qualifications, scientists and researcher who have internationally recognized studies in the academic area, and those distinguished in science, industry and technology, areas of which deemed strategic from the point of our country, internationally reputed for their successes in cultural, artistic or sports activities, contributing the recognition or publicity of the Turkey or its culture internationally, acting in favor of the matters concerning Turkey’s national interests.
  11. Hi hw21, unfortunately any time spent holding a Student RP or 'touristic' Short Term RP will not count towards the 5yrs.
  12. Excludung the fact of forged documents,which is prolific up there it's usually because the applicants either have filled in the application form incorrectly in the income section ,stating 0 ......&/or have their private health cover starting from an earlier date than the start of the RP, therefore the health cover would expire prior to the expiry of the residency .
  13. wbtcpip...i did state in the post above yours that it is not possible.
  14. I cannot confirm that ,as all the talk has been around the tourist applications. There's been no mention of any changes to the documents required for those owning property or married to a TC.
  15. There are major changes for those applying for Touristic RP's [ those renting or showing a Taahhuname] in Istanbul now. 157 deny any changes,also no new information is on any DGMM or GOC website,but it is happening . I've read of quite a few applicants having their renewals refused & given 10 days to exit Turkey after living here for years ,others after having paid the RP tax for 1 year & private health cover for the same period,only been allowed a 5 month RP. The reasons given for this tightening up are a Graham stated above. As for the 600tl stated on that article,i read that last week,but from the posts on Istanbul expat sites,it appears that the Devlet Hospitals are charging 200tl. This is the basic list of documents being asked for by most GOC officers in Istanbul. 1. Health report from a turkish government Devlet hospital ( approx. 200 TL) 2. Criminal check from Turkey. (*usually* asked for Renewals,not 1st applications,but may vary ) obtained from your local courthouse. 3. Criminal check from your home country ( apostilled in home country and translated into Turkish). This must be dated no more than 6 months prior to an RP application date 4. Bank statement from Turkey or your home country . 5. ”Turkiye’de kalis amacini aciklayan bilgi ve belgeyi”….a letter in Turkish explaining the reason to stay here longer.[ Renewals] 6. RP application form in colour 7. 4 passport sized photos 8. Health cover [if over 18 or under 65 years of age] 9. Translated & noterised passport. 10. Noterised rental agreement. 11..Landlords Tapu [a copy will suffice] This will require stamping [ tapu aktif kaydif ] at the Tapu office, to prove the landlord is still the legal owner of the property & a ‘belediyeder numarataj’ obtained from the Belediye offices . 12. Nufus letter [ for renewals].[ Optional ] 13 Original Receipts from the Bank or Tax office showing payments made for the RP Tax & card fee.