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  1. The RP Application computer system has collapsed. Maintenance will take place over the weekend 7th & 8th April and no online applications will be accepted until after 5pm on Monday 09-04-2018.
  2. You must leave showing your 'application document' & copies of payment receipts. If out more than 15 days you return showing a visa....You cannot leave showing a visa obtained here as it's only activated on arrival,not exit. This will not affect your pending application. Most PTT offices hold the package for 10-14 days,then it's sent to the GOC office your sent your documents to. Here it's held for a maximum of 6 months,then if not collected,the card is destroyed & RP cancelled.
  3. There have been numerous applicants both in my group & some expat sites stating this over the last few days.
  4. Hi Ryan,if your wife intends to purchase clothes here in Turkey to sell & ship abroad ,she will need to have a work permit ,register & pay taxes here..Before she can think of applying for an ''independent work permit'' she must have held continuous RP's for a minimum of 5 years.
  5. Certificate of No Impediment

    There is no longer a requirement for British nationals marrying in Turkey to obtain a Certificate of No Impediment (CNI) in the UK or a Turkish version. Now just an AFFIDAVIT OF MARITAL STATUS is required. Open this link for the latest info... https://www.gov.uk/marriage-abroad/y/turkey/opposite_sex
  6. Matthew, I would suggest you missed the PTT postie, or they couldn't find your property as it only takes around 3 days from when you receive the text to when it's in your area. You can try calling into your PTT with your passport & see if it's still there, as many PTT offices keep the package for around 10 days. If it's not there it will be at your GOC office.
  7. It's saying that there is no date/time available to make the automatic appointment. As you being in Istanbul cannot make your own appointment, it's generated automatically for you regardless, there's not much you can do but keep trying. 157 told 3 of my group members that there are no I.T.problems with the site at present. I know those who have got their automatic appointments in January are having to wait till August for their interviews.!
  8. Victoria

    It is extremely difficult to give guidance on the exact procedure as every country’s legislation is different. Please get detailed information from your country’s local registration offices or a lawyer in your home country. General requirements are.... The original final divorce decree (or a certified copy) with an apostille stamp obtained from the competent court’s Adli Yargı Adalet Komisyonu (Justice Commission of the Judicial Court) a translation by a sworn translator (attention: some foreign courts only accept translations signed by their own sworn translators) the original red marriage book or a certified copy. If you never had your Turkish marriage registered in your home country, there is no need for the divorce to be recognised.
  9. Hi Nicole,i'm assuming you are in Istanbul. If so,automatic rendevu is the norm there...You don't get the option to chose your date & time ,the system makes this for you. Applicants in Istanbul usually make a postal application for renewals, unless you have any changes on your application form from the last application. So you just need to print your application off and you should see the interview date & time automatically generated for you.
  10. Ikamet

    The postal address is shown near the bottom of the form you printed off, under the boxes showing the cost of the fees for tax & card.
  11. Ikamet _ renew

    Your BIG problem is that you are doing this on a phone..phones are made for calls & messaging..not internet use as many internet sites do not fully work with an android device...The DGMM state clearly that you should use a device that has browsers of either Google Chrome or Internet Explorer [Edge browser] & use either one to make your application.
  12. Ikamet _ renew

    Hi Sunh...you wont be able to print off the application until you've finished it,that includes getting to the last page & either booking the appointment or checking the address to send the postal application to. Then the 'print application' should be highlighted. Also how are you intending to send the printer the 'signal' from your phone to print the form?.Can you plug your phone into the printer?...The GOC state that applications must be made via a computer & printer . If using a tablet [ipad etc] & a wifi printer that 'may' work.
  13. Ikamet _ renew

    Hi,if you're having an interview,it's not such a big deal ,but you cannot fail to send the application form with your other papers if posting.
  14. Overstay - different case

    Hi, the allowance to submit missing paperwork is 30 days,so your application will have been totally cancelled,as stated in the DGMM website of documents required [within the front page of the online application site] ..I quote... '' 10. Missing document Directorate may grant additional time up to 30 days for completion of missing documents. Your application will be cancelled if you fail to complete missing documents within specified time... '' Yes you are now unfortunately classed as an overstayer, from the date your 90 days expired. You now need to leave Turkey & pay an overstay fine on exit & as you've used up your 90 days allowance on your expired visa,either stay out of Turkey for the following 90 days or return to Turkey asking at passport control for the Sartli Geris letter,where you promise to make an application for an RP within 10 days of entry... If you do this you MUST save that letter & show it at your RP interview. You will also need to pay all the associated fees again when making the new application.