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  1. Hi AFS,this is slightly complicated as your parents cannot register themselves at your property & they don't have the Tapu in their name,neither i assume do they have a rental agreement from you to show the Nufus officer. You can do one of two things here....either 'sell the property to them' so their names are on the Tapu or if you want to keep your names on the Tapu you & your cousin need to come over and at a Noters office get a Taahhname & state on it that they can live there & that you'll supply their finances to live here.This will allow them to make their next RP application too at the new address..

    90 days visa

    Hi,you will have to wait 90 days from the date you last left Turkey,which i assume was after the rejection of your RP application. When given the RP refusal you should have collected a letter allowing you 10days grace to exit Turkey without paying a fine on exiting. From that date you need to be out for a minimum of 90 days.
  3. The GOC state on their website..... As of November 2018, many GOC offices are starting to apply the following….. . Non Property owners, [ie tenants & taahhatname holders]….. Europeans and Canada and USA will get 1 year making a first application, renewals can be up to 2 years. . Non property owners [ie tenants & taahhatname holders]…from, Middle East and Asian countries will get a maximum of 6 months residence for first applications and renewals will be a maximum of 1 year. . Only property owners may get offered two years residency for first applications & renewals.
  4. To be honest,i've never seen that before,but the system does seem to throw up some random pop ups for different folk...some never to be seen again.! Yours may be showing that your application has been approved & these are the dates of validity that will show on your new card.
  5. There is no way to follow the status because as i mentioned before all the application website will say is 'under assessment' & if they phoned the helpline they would be told the same. It would seem there us no more information available than that on the system, until you get the phone text from the PTT stating the package has left Ankara & giving a tracking Barcode for you to go to the PTT website & track it's progress to your location.
  6. If you're outside of Turkey,how are you going to know if/when your RP card is being delivered to your property ? you'd get a text from the PTT to your Turkish phone stating the date the package left Ankara. This text you'll never recieve if not in Turkey,even if your Turkish phone is set to roaming. There is no way to check the progress as such. If you use the RP application site you'll just get ''under assessment'' & basically be told the same if you call the Foreigners helpline number. They hold no more information than that. By my reckoning you have an RP valid from the 25.12.2018 to 25.8.2020. You're just waiting for it to be printed and dispatched from Ankara ,but being out of the country won't help as you won't know if the PTT have tried to deliver to your address or if the package is sitting in a PTT office.
  7. As your applications had not been completed,so therefore not officially refused by the GOC,you cannot obtain the 10 day exit grace letters. You chose to stop your application process, so therefore you had to pay the overstay fine. Unfortunate for you,but 100% legitimate by the Immigration Polis.

    Short term tourist permit

    Hi kking, you can make your online application anytime within 60 days of when you wish the RP to start from. Your private health cover should be dated to start the day after the start date of your RP. Appointment dates are automatic now,you don't have a choice,it will be given to you at the end of the online application. Yes here in Bodrum it is a 2-3 weeks wait. The start date of your RP must be before your 90th day here & with the current I.T. problems with the online application site i suggest you start your application within the next week,as you may have to keep trying to fully complete & submit the application. No insurance company will forward date the start date of a policy more than 30 days. So in your case decide to have your RP start on the 24th Jan. organise your health cover to start on the 25th, get your policy in your hand asap then you can make your RP application.[ you'll need your policy details to fill in the health cover section in the online application form].
  9. TURKISH PENSIONS. Claiming your SGK retirement (emekli) money from the Turkish government. This is only possible if you’ve held a Work permit & worked in Turkey for a minimum of 5,000 days You must have formally retired from your position. You must not have made previous arrangements to have your retirement payment made into a retirement fund/superannuation fund in your home country (you can only have done this if the Turkish government has a reciprocal agreement in your home country).And, of course, you must have worked for an organisation that offered SGK benefits during the course of your employment. Start the application process by visiting the SGK office closest to your last employment location. Have your Turkish employment history printed off,then be guided by the SGK staff as to the process in your area.
  10. If you were here on a [e]visa when applying for an RP and your 30 or 90 days has expired & you wish to travel outside of Turkey before your interview , on exit at the airport pay the fine for overstaying beyond the 90 days.The Polis at passport control will take you to one side to an office to sort out the paperwork & fine [cash only! ]. Keep the receipt with you for when you return. Make sure you allow around at least an extra 45 mins .If you miss your flight ,it's your responsibility to book and pay for another. YOU CANNOT RETURN WITH AN [E]VISA UNLESS YOU’VE STAYED OUT FOR 90 DAYS.As per the 90/180 day visa laws in Turkey. So upon returning to Turkey at passport control show your RP application paper & bank payment receipts and the overstay payment receipt from when you left . Then ask for & sign the conditional entry form (SARTLI GIRIS) which they will give you, which is a form you sign stating you will apply for an RP within 10 days [although you have already made your application]..This is just a ‘workaround’ way of re entering .

    Shipping To Turkey

    OTV [VAT] @18% is chargeable at Turkish Customs for any goods imported that are listed as or deemed to be over 22 euros & it's been this figure since spring this year.

    One time visa entry?! TEK GiRiŞ ViZE HARCI

    If he is a Citizen of country who are allowed to enter Turkey with their national ID’s in accordance with “European Agreement on Regulations governing the Movement of Persons between Member States of the Council of Europe...then instead of paying the $US80 RP Tax , he will pay a fee of i believe around 400tl
  13. Yasir.... 1...You can cancel your application & apply elsewhere,but you'll have to start from scratch & accept any monies paid up to now will be lost.Also no doubt your private health cover will be useless too,so you'll need a new one dated to start with your new RP.....this is assuming you will still be within your visa date 30/90 days...after that time expires you must either have an RP application submitted or be out of the country. 2..If your application is rejected then you cannot apply for the same type of RP for 6 months. 3 You can give notice to your's best to do this in writing & have it noterised therefore making it a legal document. 4 If you have submitted your application & it's been accepted at your interview,it's too late to make any adjustments. The application is now out of his hands and being reviewed by Ankara. You'll need to make another application for the extra months .

    SGK Requirements?

    Hi AnjaL, this is true you have to have held an RP for at least one full year before being able to apply for SGK you have to be into your second year of RP validity before applying.

    UK Birth Certificate for short-term

    They were totally wrong in keeping any original documents issued by another country....they will insist on seeing the original, apostilled ,translated & noterised document BUT should only keep a photocopy of it. The British Consulate will not 'legalise' any document issued in the UK,so you'll need to send it off to the FCO,or any private apostilling company to have this done.