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  1. Mahmood,forget when you submitted your documents, you have to work from when you received the text as that will be around the time your application was accepted & i stand by my last comment.
  2. If you read the GOC website they state it will be delivered within 90 days, but in reality most usually come well within 60 days.
  3. You will no doubt wait a good while longer yet,maybe up to another 60+ days. The time depends on how busy the final check & card printing office is in Ankara . You'll get a text from the PTT when the card is despatched from Ankara
  4. Your passport must be valid for a minimum of 60 days past the expiry date of the Reidencey being applied for . So if you were applying for your 1 year RP to start tomorrow, it would expire 7/5/2020 and your passport expires 12/11/2019...
  5. It is possible to pay so as to not do the full time of conscription,. A Turkish friend of mine is doing such now ...15,000tl & just 3 weeks ''light duties'', but i'm not sure if you can buy yourself out once you've started your conscription.
  6. As a UK passport holder the cost for a 2year RP is $80 USD for the 1st year, $60USD for year two ,both converted to Turkish Lira on the day you pay the fees + 89Lira for the RP card. As for the special private health policy,this will depend on your age.,but will be anything from around 360tl 40years of age to 1000tl for 61-64 years.
  7. It's nothing to do with the handset, registered or not, this is in relation to the sim card. So if it's a Turkish one & was registered by a foreigner, then you must re-register yourself with the service provider of the sim card.
  8. I hope you don't object Ken, to save lots of typing,i've just copied & pasted relevant info direct from my files website...Please delete if inappropriate.. MILITARY SEARCH REQUIREMENTS COMING TO AN END IN MANY PROVINCES This at present only applies to property purchases in: All of Mugla Province as of August 2018 Aydın Aksaray Adıyaman Çankırı Çorum Isparta Kahramanmaraş Karabük Kastamonu Kırşehir Nevşehir Niğde Samsun Sinop Usak Yozgat (excluding land in Dilek Peninsula). This means property purchases & sales can be concluded within 24 hours in these areas. This does NOT include properties in any military zones. HOW TO ADD/REMOVE ANOTHER NAME ON A TAPU To add/remove a person or spouse to a Tapu (title deed) you will need to "buy/sell a share" of the property to/from the person. Please visit your local land registry office (Tapu Sicil Müdürlükleri) and inform them you want to sell a percentage of your property and add a new name to the tapu. You will need to pay a sales transfer fee of 4% – plus some additional administrative taxes. Example; If you sell 50% of your property, you will have to pay 4% of this amount in taxes. Please note; You can not sell a percentage of your property for any amount. There is a minimum amount you have to sell your share for, and your local land registry office will instruct you about the this.
  9. It appears that the Turkish Telecommunications Authority are having an update of all Internet & mobile phone details for all foreigners. ALL foreigners with a contract with these companies must re-register so the system can be updated. Other providers of home internet/phone & mobile phone will follow suit over the next few days, so keep an eye out for a text message from your Turkish home internet & mobile phone service providers. TURK TELECOM This morning i went to my area Turk Telecom office and re-registered my account for home internet & phone. The documents required are: Passport Residence Permit Customer (Abone) number I wrote my name & signed a new form of registration & that's it all done. Also regarding Turk Telecom & the text many subscribers received. The date of 2nd May to re-register by is just a ''hurry up'' date so you don't drag your heels. As with many Turkish Citizens, if they don't give a date & also threaten restrictions to their service, then many TC's would probably not bother or forget to do this. So as long as it's within May /early June there should be no problems. VODAFONE Just fill in the form from the link given in the mobile phone text message sent. TURKCELL Are the latest to send messages (my wife received hers this morning). Again stating that re registration is required. Passport & Residence Permit needing to be shown by 2nd May 2019. This can be done either by calling into a MAIN Turkcell phone shop or via the "Digital Operator" via the link shown in the text. Now Turkcell actually states in their text that if you do not have a Foreign National Identification Number (99****) your sim will effectively be closed, allowing for just emergency calls. Again, as with Turk Telecom giving this date may be for the same reason stated above, but you definitely have to have a Yabanci Kimlik Number to keep your sim open. It appears that anyone who originally bought a sim solely with their passport & no Residence Permit, may lose their sim & phone number, unless a Yabanci Kimlik Number (99****) can now be shown. The Digital Operator link given in the all texts seems to be causing problems for many folks ,so it's suggested that you simply go into your local service providers shop or office and complete the re registration there. I see by scrolling around some expat pages that some main service provider phone shops are trying to charge for this service. Please be aware THIS SERVICE IS OFFICIALLY FREE. Always use the service providers MAIN shop or area office.
  10. This can be obtained from the e-devlet website if you're registered on it ...... your local courthouse,issued free and within 15 mins....take passport & RP with you.
  11. Then i suggest if your FRP was refused ,when you return,just apply for a normal STRP rather than a Family one,this will save you waiting 6 months to make the same type of RP application [FRP] again. Hopefully ,fingers crossed] if you pay your overstay fine you won't be banned & you could return in a few days asking for the Sartli Giris letter at passport control on entry where you agree to make an RP application within 10 days of the entry date. ;-)
  12. Hi Kimba,may i ask ,is your wife here in Turkey,a foreigner or Turkish citizen?.
  13. Thank you Ken,much appreciated my friend.
  14. Hi,regarding your husbands application,when receiving this message you must go to your GOC office within 7 days of getting it. Although initially the GOC may have accepted the application,maybe Ankara found a problem,so as i say you must attend your local office immediately.Failure to do so may invalidate his application. My question is now you've been out for over 15 days,how do you intend to re-enter Turkey,as you cannot apply for another visa yet..
  15. Hi Lisaz,it is possible to have more than one name on a Tapu for a property. If for example three names were on the tapu,they would all own and be responsible for one third of the said property. It doesn't matter if it's a 70sqm apartment or luxury villa. As everyone has to have individual Residence Permits,the joint owners and their spouses can individually apply for their RP's as property owners, [as opposed to Touristic RP's] with the spouses if not named on the Tapu needing to show they are married to one of the owners by showing their apostilled ,translated & noterised wedding certificate.
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