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  1. AVEA registration

    Yes you can register it providing it was not cut off & the phones IMEI code blocked last time you were here.
  2. AVEA registration

    Hi Star,an imported phone must be registered within 120 days of your last incoming passport stamp,in order to use it with Turkish sim... If you've not registered it within the 120 days,you cannot do so until you have a new incoming stamp in your passport. The main cost of registration is 148tl tax.
  3. Procedure for Lost Ikamet

    This may vary depending on the requirements in your particular district . But the norm is... You will be able to get another card without any major problems, but the costs will be 63tl for a new RP card & 50% of the annual tax cost for the relevant RP ….extra required paperwork ,passport photocopy + 2 photos.. new Nufus letter etc, may be asked for.
  4. Timmy,unless you are under 18 or over 65 you'll need to purchase health cover before you make your online RP application,as you'll need to include the policy number on your application form. So if you leave you will have wasted quite a sum of Lira.. For just 2.5 months you may be better to just be an overstayer and pay around 300tl fine on exit at passport control.
  5. Hi Jakub,the health cover for RP applications is quite specific & if your policy does not meet the specific requirements of cover insisted upon it will not be accepted. Also the policy must have the below stated clearly,if it doesn't then the policy WILL be refused. ANY PRIVATE HEALTH POLICY PRESENTED FOR RP APPLICATIONS MUST HAVE THIS STATEMENT WRITTEN IN THE POLICY.“ İşbu poliçe 06/06/2014 tarih ve 9 sayılı ikamet izni taleplerinde yaptırılacak özel sağlık sigortalarına ilişkin genelgede belirlenen asgari teminat yapısını kapsamaktadır.”………………..MEANING…………………..“This policy covers the minimum coverage stipulated in the circular no 9, dated 06/06/2014, on private health insurance required to be taken out for residence permit applications.”.
  6. Bimcell

    I signed up in a Bim supermarket & if you've had your existing number with Turkcell in your name for 1 year or more it may be possible to have your number transferred,but this is at the discretion of Turkcell.
  7. Bimcell

    I've had a Bimcell sim for over 3yrs now here in Bodrum. They run through Avea,which is now owned by Turk Telecom :-( I've found coverage down here fine & their deals are quite good..I have the IDEAL package,@ 16tl a month on each top up,which gives me 2gb + calls,but no sms, but because i put 20tl each top up i get an extra 1gb & 500 sms extra FREE... You can top up in any Bim supermarket,on line or by phone.
  8. Internship with a Tourist Visa

    Hashaam,how are you going to prove to the Zabita that you are not being paid?. Even if you are doing a friendly bar owner a favour in clearing some tables for no wages, it will be classed as working. The only way you can 'work' without a Work Permit is for any Official Registered Charity. So for a 2nd hand clothes stall in aid of the street animals or Refugees, the organiser must register their project as a charity with the local Belediye before anyone dare work with them. We've had all this down here in Bodrum over the last couple of years.....
  9. According to the National Trafic Polis webpage , for cars [ not people carriers like Doblo,Connect etc] Cars 50kph in town 90 kph on highway 110kph dual carriageway 120kph motorway
  10. I personally cannot confirm this,but two of my surgery members in Istanbul had recently both been told by a GOC officer in Iatanbul, whenever you change address in Istanbul on an STRP (even if it is within the same district) you have to make a new RP application within 20 days of moving.
  11. Divorce

    As far as i'm aware in Turkish law regarding Turkish property,if bought before the marriage it stays with the owner,if bought after marriage it's split 50/50. I believe this still stands,but check with a Turkish Lawyer to confirm.
  12. You could phone the 157 helpline and ask for information from them regarding your RP application. I personally cannot see why you could not be married here. As regarding your overstay period....This taken from the DGMM webpage... Q...Will any punitive action be taken against those who exceed the durations of visa, visa exemption, work permit or residence permit for more than ten days? A...An entry ban order will not be issued against the foreigners who exceed the duration of visa, visa exemption or residence permit for more than ten days and arrive at the border gates to exit before a removal decision is taken against them.
  13. As far as i'm aware a maximum of 30 days...But could be shorter if the authorities deemed so.
  14. Hi Raven,yes that's true. By virtue of the fact you have submitted your online application,you are covered to stay in Turkey until your interview date,then again still covered until you receive your card if your interview is successful .
  15. Cost of Insurance..

    TEAM BROKER, contact: Talat OskayGSM +90 (538) 252 0811 (available via what's app too)Office +90 (212) 282 8326talat.oskay@teambroker.com.trThey will accept foreign Credit Cards for payment [but not on instalments ].....also policies for the Compulsory Insurance can be set up or renewed up to 60 days before the start date required.Below is a direct link to their online quotation page,http://www.policyforexpat.com/request-quote.php?id=46 Below FOR GUIDANCE ONLY is a list of ages & Annual premiums..from 2016.AGE WOMEN-MEN (TL)18-25..................... 32026-30 .....................43031-35 .....................48036-40 .....................53541-45..................... 70046-50..................... 72051-55 .....................97056-60 ...................114061-64 ...................183065-70 ...................3200