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  1. In most cases you'll need to show,the completed printed off application form,their passport + one copy, photos, Receipts for the tax & card payments & apostilled birth certificate for the minor. Not health insurance is required,nor finances to show. You & your spouse need to attend with your passports too. The fees are 50% of the normal RP Tax but the full 89tl for the RP card. Documentation required to be shown can vary depending on the interviewing officer.
  2. Ye but only up to 120 days,many users have had the phone IMEI number blocked long before that,as early as 30 says from switching it on with a Turkish sim inserted.
  3. You can use the other sim slot,but again the IMEI code of that sim slot will be blocked anytime between 30 to 120 days from when you switch the phone on with a Turkish sim card inserted. TBH a locked unregistered phone isn't worth anything here.
  4. The figures shown within that link are wrong....The residence Permit fee is $80 for one year ,also if you convert the card fee of $ 30 that equates to 176.50tl where the actual cost for the card is just 89 tl. As for the private health insurance the annual premium is age related so i cannot see how they can state any cost until they know your age. ..looks like a bit of a rip off.
  5. The Teblig Tebellug Belgesi informs you that you'll be contacted within 90 days regarding the success of your application. You should receive a text if and when it has been. If you wish to leave now ,then you'll need to pay an overstay fine on exit as your application has not yet been accepted. Bear in mind that when abroad you may not receive the text from the GOC ,so you won't know if your application has been successful or not.
  6. To me it sounds like his application has gone for a 2nd verification to a GOC manager and only if he passes the application will he get a text to call in to collect the form .BTW if he gets the letter he will also need copies of the 2 payment slips for the RP tax & card fee. He is covered to stay here by the fact he has an RP application pending. If he leaves prior to obtaining the form ,then as his application has not been accepted he will have to pay an overstay fine on exit. If the text is sent while he's abroad he almost certainly will not receive it,so won't know if his application was accepted or rejected. Next problem is re entering Turkey as he can't show another evisa as he's already stayed longer than 90 days so by the Turkish Immigration Laws must stay out for 90 days,But he may be able to ask for a Sartli Giris letter on return at passport control,which he & the Passport Polis officer both sign where he agrees to make an RP application within 10days...This is simply a workaround to return without waiting 90 days, BUT if his RP application has been rejected while he was away,then he can't enter with this letter either as you cannot make another RP application within 6 months from a rejected one.. Finally the other problem trying to return without a evisa is if the flight carrier ask to see a visa at check in,if one can't be shown then he will be refused travel..
  7. Those who apply for a Family RP are often foreign ladies married to a Turkish Citizen. In such cases it's normal for the GOC to want to see his wages slips for the past 6 months. If using savings only then they will expect to see that the required amount has been in their account for a while,again maybe 6 months & that they have enough to satisfy the FRP requirements which is around 25,000tl for each year the FRP will run,which can be up to 3 years if accepted. Health cover needs to be his SGK with you named on his cover.
  8. You were probably visited because the GOC officer failed to take a copy of your Taattaname & as you didn't have a rental contract with your name on it,the Polis were asked by Ankara clearing office to call to confirm you actually live where you stated you did on your application form. Info on obtaining a refund... https://yellali.com/advice/question/451/how-to-obtain-a-refund-for-your-residence-permit-tax-payment?fbclid=IwAR2nQZMZoL0GyiFDknqiHsbQW0cBT6d3bhoxpHnIkuxvHYXLRcC-SZmjpC4
  9. Star...go to their website & you can top up from there each 30 days using your bank card.
  10. I have had a Bimcell sim for over 5yrs...You go to any Bim shop with your Passport & Residence Permit + one photocopy of each .
  11. The Law changed in Jan 1st 2016 when our UK Ambassador met with the Turkish Authorities who changed the requirements for foreigners for the need to show a schooling certificate to obtain a Turkish driving licence. All TC's have to do this so they insisted foreigners do the same...This of course was going to prove to be a massive problem for many of the older expats as some left without exam certificates or since the 60's had mis laid them when moving to Turkey . After a day of negotiations an agreement was made that as long as the foreign licence holder obtained a fresh incoming stamp in their passport every 6 months,then they could continue to drive on their translated & noterised licence. as per Article 88- (Amended with title: RG-17/4 / 2015-29329) Go here, https://treaties.un.org/Pages/ViewDetailsIII.aspx?src=TREATY&mtdsg_no=XI-B-19&chapter=11&Temp=mtdsg3&clang=_en ….to find countries that are included in the Convention. If your country is NOT listed then it’s not possible to make a licence exchange.. The only way to obtain a Turkish driving licence is to take driving lessons & the test . USA is not part of this convention...so a licence exchange is not possible, American passport holders will need to take Turkish driving lessons & test to obtain a Turkish driving licence... Selim1984uk...no you can't keep your UK licence..it's sent back to the DVLA on issue of your Turkish licence. But if/when you re locate back to the UK you simply apply for it to be returned to you & you'll surrender your Turkish one to the DVLA. Against all the rumours in expat land,you can hire cars in the UK showing a Turkish licence.
  12. But of course it is,or i would have amended it....Just check for yourself on the 'Documents required' on the online RP application front page.
  13. Nour, BC's are not required providing they are with their parents or legal guardians. BUT the GOC officer is at liberty to ask for any extra documentation if he feels it's necessary.
  14. Hi Fada,i assume you are not a Turkish citizen,if so then the Family RP will only be valid until the expiry date of your Short term RP..So if yours doesn't have long to run,,with the extra paperwork involved it's not worth the trouble in applying for.
  15. Fada, you didn't get the temporary RP document/15 day travel letter because you application has not been officially accepted yet, it's been sent for a second verification. When you receive the text, hopefully it will state your application was evaluated positively [their wording not mine]. At that point you can go back and ask for the letter until your card arrives. This appears to be a quirk of the Istanbul GOC only.
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