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    UK Birth Certificate for short-term

    They were totally wrong in keeping any original documents issued by another country....they will insist on seeing the original, apostilled ,translated & noterised document BUT should only keep a photocopy of it. The British Consulate will not 'legalise' any document issued in the UK,so you'll need to send it off to the FCO,or any private apostilling company to have this done.
  2. Hi,yes this paper is common with applications within Istanbul. Often applications there go for a 2nd verification, so unfortunately there is still a slight chance it could be refused. Should that happen, they will send a text or e-mail stating this, but hopefully the text will state something along the lines ''the application has been evaluated positively''...I believe that's the wording used.
  3. Hi kenaness ,this is true, but the main change introduced earlier this year is that if not an investor or married to a TC [in which you can apply within 3yrs of marriage] ,you must be a property owner. You will not be accepted for n application if renting a property.

    E-Visa Kiosks Being Removed from Airports

    Surely like any other country Ken, no visa, no entry... It's up to the traveler to make sure they have enough time on their passport & have the relevant valid visas to enter... It's called ''doing your homework''
  5. If you try to insert a number of a passport that has not been used to enter Turkey with,ie renewed from within Turkey,then yes ,you insert the number of the old passport & expiry of the new one,then inform the GOC officer at your interview of the new passport number. Naturally you must take both old & new passports & photocopies to your appointment.

    Proof of residence issue

    You'll be lucky to get an answer from them. Officially for most operations covered by the Nufus,you make an appointment on line ,but for this you just turn up, take a numbered ticket & wait to be seen.. You will need to show your valid RP ,passport & a utility bill with your Tapu or rental agreement.. Once completed within their system, you will be given a document as proof of the address change – ‘adres değişikliği formu'. But the Nufus will not entertain seeing you & attending to this matter until you have a valid RP..

    Short term RP

    This from my files Karen...I believe the info is still current,but you could check with a lawyer. TAKING YOUR TURKISH CHILD OUT OF TURKEY. In a mixed marriage where the foreigner either the wife or husband may wish to take a minor out of Turkey for a holiday abroad. Q..Do i need to get written permission from my husband to be able to visit the UK with our son but without him [husband]? A..It is recommended…everyone has a different opinion about it but some folk have been asked a few times randomly and have a notarized letter , its easy to get. Its called a MUVAFAKATNAME ( letter of permission) and your husband can declare consent for you to take your son anywhere out of Turkey. The muvafakatname is only valid for 6 months (so you need to get it re-done every 6 months if you’re going to be travelling a lot!) Any Noter will do this for you but you both must be there and both must sign.

    Short term RP

    Hi Karen, although now you just make a declaration by ticking a box on your online STRP application form that you have the finances to support yourself for the duration of the RP validity, officially the requirements for Short Term RP applicants are that you can show [if asked] finances in savings or income to the sum of at least the Turkish minimum wage,which at present is 1608tl a month & again should they ask,they can ask to see a bank statement of up to 6 months prior of the savings/income.
  9. Graham, the GOC in Istanbul [only] for months now have not been offering any more than a 1yr validity for STRP for 1st applications or renewals.


    After spending ages hunting for a site that doesn't need you to log in via the new e-devlet system & need a Foreigners ID number,i eventually found this one to find your tax number,just by inserting your names & fathers name. I cannot link directly to the page you need only the main page.... So click on the link below...then scroll down the page ..on the left under the spyglass click on ' Diğer Sorgulamalar ' Next screen...the top line again... ' Vergi Kimlik Numarası Sorgulama ' The next screen is the one you need..fill in the boxes & click 'tamam'


    You don't need an RP to purchase a property here & as you've never lived here it's unlikely you ever applied for one , but you do need a Tax number,so that's what you're thinking of. If you have savings here your Turkish bank will have your tax number, will the tax office & they can find it for you if you show your passport.
  12. Elbrus,if your RP application was a renewal,then you can exit Turkey,paying an overstay fine & re enter with a new visa. If however you were here with a visa when making your RP application,then you will as above pay a fine on exit but need to stay out a minimum of 90 days ,as per the Immigration visa laws.


    Hi,you don't need an rp to purchase property,just a Turkish tax number & translated & noterised passport & 2 passport sized photos.
  14. Hi Alex, go back to the online RP application site,click on the type of RP you applied for then on that screen,click the 3rd box ''i would like to see the result of...''....... & insert the details asked for. This will confirm if your application is actually in progress or 'not found'.The pic. below is regarding a renewal,but the same i you click on 1st application. If 'in progress' then you just has to wait for the text from the PTT stating the RP card has been dispatched from Ankara...this can be anything from 2 weeks to 90 days max to receive. If 'not found'then it would seem your application may have been rejected.

    Applying for Turkish state pension

    Hi Mandy...This i've copied & pasted from my Work Permit file.... 13B]…..TURKISH PENSION AFTER WORKING IN THE UK & TURKEY. Q…If you’ve worked in the UK and paid taxes then relocated to Turkey & worked there & paid into the Turkish tax system ,is it possible to combine the UK & Turkish payments to obtain a Turkish pension?. A… Turkish Citizens can transfer NI contributions to SGK but only if they were Turkish at the time they carried out the work in the UK. That means most workers who acquired citizenship after relocating to Turkey will not at this time be able to. See the info in the SGK link below..