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  1. Thank you Ken,much appreciated my friend.
  2. Hi,regarding your husbands application,when receiving this message you must go to your GOC office within 7 days of getting it. Although initially the GOC may have accepted the application,maybe Ankara found a problem,so as i say you must attend your local office immediately.Failure to do so may invalidate his application. My question is now you've been out for over 15 days,how do you intend to re-enter Turkey,as you cannot apply for another visa yet..
  3. Hi Lisaz,it is possible to have more than one name on a Tapu for a property. If for example three names were on the tapu,they would all own and be responsible for one third of the said property. It doesn't matter if it's a 70sqm apartment or luxury villa. As everyone has to have individual Residence Permits,the joint owners and their spouses can individually apply for their RP's as property owners, [as opposed to Touristic RP's] with the spouses if not named on the Tapu needing to show they are married to one of the owners by showing their apostilled ,translated & noterised wedding certificate.
  4. They are not related at all...kargo is sending items in a courier van,boxes etc... .PTT is the name of the Turkish Postal Service, which covers money exchange,posting letters,cargo,banking it's own phone sim cards & much more. MAIL SERVICES Postal Services Notification Telegram Registered Electronic Mail Other Mail Operations Stamp and Philately BANKING SERVICES Money Transfer Transactions Account Operations Pttkart & Pttmatik Banking operations Collection Operations Payment Transactions HGS
  5. Hi MLG, you can tell he official that you intend to purchase a property,but it won't make any difference to your Touristic application,as you won't have bought it by that time...so just make your application, By the way you stated you'll make an extension application,thats incorrect you need to make a 1st application if presently holding a 90 day visa. As for the length of validity given for Touristic Residence Permit applications, most offices are now using the following... many GOC offices are starting to apply the following….. . Non Property owners, [ie tenants & taahhatname holders]….. Europeans and Canada and USA will get 1 year making a first application, renewals can be up to 2 years. . Non property owners [ie tenants & taahhatname holders]…from, Middle East and Asian countries will get 6 months residence for first applications and renewals will be a maximum of 1 year. Apologies for the large text,i copied & pasted the above from my files website.. As Ken said above,when you do move you must inform the GOC & Nufus office within 20 working days.. Here's the form you need for the GOC office to show regarding a new address,please download,print off then fill in to take with you. loss.name change.p.port form.xlsx
  6. Hi Kimba,if not banned , you just have to stay out as per the 90/180 day law...so that would be 90 days as you cannot have back to back visas. If you are banned [which is very unlikely] , then you can either appeal the ban via the Turkish Consulate in your home country,or if you decide to 'ride it out' you still have to apply to your Turkish Consulate at the end of your banned period for a special passport visa sticker to enter Turkey . This can take a while to be processed ,but if you attempt to enter Turkey after an official ban with an evisa you will be refused entry. But as i stated earlier, if you pay the fine on exit,there's very little chance you'll receive a ban, you'll just need to stay out 90 days as per the visa laws,then apply online for an evisa and return normally.
  7. If not banned on exit, if you pay your overstay fine,you'll need to stay out 90 days if previously here with a visa. If you were applying for a renewal RP application,then you pay & leave ,as stated above But you can return immediately with a 90 day visa.
  8. I've never ever heard of the GOC issuing any bans,this is only done by the Passport Polis on exiting at the airports. So your application has been rejected,now you cannot apply for the same type of RP, [ ie touristic] for 6 months,which means that if you pay your overstay fine [if leaving past the 10 days grace] from when your visa stay expired to the day you turn up at passport control to leave ,you 'should' not be given a ban . Attempting to return early and asking for the 'Sartli Giris' letter,will not help because as stated below unless you're able to apply for a different type of RP,then you must wait 6 months . Not contesting a rejection. If you do not intend to contest the result you must exit from the country within ten days from receipt of the rejection to save paying any overstay fee and then you cannot apply for the same type of residence permit for 6 months. If you held a visa when applying & it has expired,you must stay out of Turkey for 30-90 days as per the visa laws between Turkey & your country. If you applied for a renewal & your old RP has expired you still need to exit Turkey, but can return immediately with a visa.
  9. Lisaz,pre existing & chronic conditions are not covered by the SGK, this will not cause any problems in using this health cover for your RP application,but you won't be able to claim from SGK any pre existing/chronic conditions found/discussed at your medical. I assume you've held an RP for at least one full year before attempting to make your SGK application. Please look in your messages ....
  10. Hi Nima,this can be for one of two reasons,either they want more documentation from you,or it could be to inform you your application has been unsuccessful. But you must attend the GOC office within 7 days of receiving this message,or your application will almost certainly be cancelled.
  11. Surely Eglegal answered this exact question above for John Jenkins. I quote..'' The right of obtaining an official paper from a court have been exclusively granted to the lawyers. OR you can individually ask it by being present at the court. ''.

    Rent renewal

    When in the following ”Rent Increase Ratio Calculation Tool” link…. Make sure that under ” Rent Increase Rate:” the * is in this line…”Consumer Price Index (CPI) (Select for dates from 18 January 2019)”… before filling in your figures. https://kira-artis-orani.hesaplama.net/ The lease agreements in Turkey are regulated mainly with the Turkish Code of Obligations No. 6098 (TCO), dated November 1, 2011 Consumer Price Index (CPI) (Select for dates from 18 January 2019) which sets forth a specific section for leases of residential and business premises. If you pay your rent in Turkish lira, your landlord cannot legally raise your rent more than the yearly increase in Turkey’s wholesale price index.
  13. Ironically yesterday while here house sitting for friends in Fethiye, my wife needed to see a Doctor for a chest infection & the guy was in a private practice, Albanian with Turkish citizenship & was the first foreigner to be allowed to practice in Turkey. Strange that you can be a Doctor, but not Dentist or Vet...
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