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  1. Finding a Lost Tax Number

    Makes no difference ,foreign or TC....I've used it ,it does work if you fill it in totally in capitals. If it still can't find you,then ask your bank customer rep ,they will have it on their system.
  2. Finding a Lost Tax Number

    Finding a Lost Tax Number. https://intvd.gib.gov.tr/internetvd/template.jsp?page=IVD_VKNO Complete the boxes as below using CAPITAL LETTERS throughout. Soyadı = Surname Adı = Forenames Baba Adı = Fathers Forenames Doğum Yeri = change box to “YURTDISI”[ last option in the dropdown] Doğum Yılı = your YEAR of Birth (not D.O.B. ) Click on ‘tamam’ button below, and all being well you should get your Tax number. As the above site can sometimes be problematic,you can ask at the Turkish bank you use ,as they will have your Tax number on their files.
  3. Residens permit

    Hi Mona,you should always use a computer on W7 or W10. The browser they suggest is Internet Explorer. For months now there has been more success in using the Turkish version to fill in the form.
  4. Ikamet _ renew

    Hi Sunh,you can apply for your renewal anytime up to 60 days prior to expiry. When filling in your online application form, you'll be informed whether you have to post or make an interview....you have no choice in this matter.
  5. Getting married

    This could be out of date paperwork you've been given... What is stared below has been used by many ladies in the last year in my help group who are marrying here . https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-marriage-procedures-for-british-nationals-in-turkey
  6. Insurance and visa

    Hi Mona,by visa i assume you mean Residence permit,a visa is a totally different thing. 1 ] Since 2016 there are no restrictions regarding the amount of time you must spend in Turkey or time you can spent out of Turkey. 2 ] As you are over 65 you do not need to show the statutory health cover, but by having none you'll need to pay full price for all your medical bills.
  7. Getting married

    FOR BRITISH NATIONALS… There is no longer a requirement for British nationals marrying in Turkey to obtain a Certificate of No Impediment (CNI) in the UK or a Turkish version. Now an AFFIDAVIT OF MARITAL STATUS is required.[Approx £50]
  8. Hi Michael,first how long were you given to keep the car here?...did you enter with a 90 day visa or RP,& if RP were you given 2 years? As for the insurance,if the system is the same as insuring a Turkish car,then you'll have to pay a fine for non insurance,then take out a new policy.The fine would be determined by the insurance company,so you'll need to ask your Turkish broker for this figure.
  9. Purchace and register the phone

    You must complete the registration process within 120 days of your last incoming stamp in your passport. Once the handset is registered,it does not need registering again.
  10. Ending work permit in Turkey

    Hi Ellaine,if the WP expires naturally as opposed to be cancelled early,then you can either make an application for a Short Term RP or leave Turkey and return with a visa. Either way this must be done within 10 days of the expiration of the Work Permit.
  11. Purchace and register the phone

    Star,you only need to register a handset when you initially bring it into the country,once the tax is paid,it doesn't have to be paid by a new owner if sold on. If you buy from a shop here in Turkey,the import tax will have already been paid.. so no registration is required. Slip in a sim card and use . If you want a new smart phone many shops like Vatan even Migros & Kipa have deals every now & then. There are only 2 players out there now as far as service providers.....Turkcell & Vodafone.
  12. Purchace and register the phone

    You may be able to use an unregistered phone for 'up to' 120 days,but many folk have stated they have had their IMEI code blocked at 30 days,so it can be anytime. Once the phones IMEI code is blocked the phone is not usable at all with a Turkish sim inserted.If you intend to register an imported handset the registration process must be completed within 120 days of your last incoming passport stamp. If you intend to purchase a new or 2nd hand phone in Turkey from a phone shop or private sale where the import tax was initially paid then there is no need to register the handset. Avea is now part of the Turk Telecom group.
  13. overstayed

    James,the application number will not allow you to stay . You must complete the online application form, submit & either be given an interview date or informed where to post your application to , to consider your application entered into the system. This must be done prior to your present RP expiring. If you fail to do this you can't put in an application after your Present RP has expired.
  14. Dave,there is absolutely no truth in this. For example, Retired Turkish citizens who live abroad can bring cars in from the country they reside in .
  15. Residence Permit

    Personally,if not married to a Turkish national or citizen i can't see the sense in applying for a FRP, as the sponsor will by virtue of being a foreigner themselves only get a 2 year STRP which means the FRP will only be for the duration of the sponsors RP, ie 2 years. So it's easier for everyone to just obtain their own 2 year STRP's.