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  1. Hi Ken,i just watched the video on that site regarding importing a vehicle & found many anomalies ,there are things mentioned there that no longer apply, then i looked at the date of the site.... Revision Date : 30.10.2018 This link from my Surgery files holds the latest information on this topic. The top section is regarding importing for a max. of 2 years & the lower section is for semi permeant imports & putting onto 'M' plates. To bring a vehicle for up to 2 years costs nothing other than the Green Card insurance [if your present insurance does not cover Turkey ,as many d
  2. Very true Gorme. Officially only one person can get the property owner status,the other will be touristic. But if the 2 parties are husband & wife,the other party can still get a 2 year RP touristic validity by showing a noterised wedding certificate.
  3. Just to add to what Ken has written,make sure you bring over one of either schooling / college / university certificates.Without a certificate you will not be allowed to take the course.
  4. Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu spoke yesterday (16/04/2021) at the Evaluation Meeting for Combating the Coronavirus Outbreak. A warning to expats in Turkey, if you try to deceive the authorities during curfew hours by showing your foreign passport pretending to be a tourist, your residence permit or Turkish citizenship will be cancelled if caught. https://www.hurriyet.com.tr/gundem/son-dakika-bakan-soylu-acik-acik-uyardi-bunu-kim-yaparsa-ikametini-iptal-ederim-acimam-41790643?fbclid=IwAR31jWGMh4fC7I0_WH1WwcInpVW_JHI-SdJ4EOgN3H_tCELLV2oByABRhNc
  5. Postal applications have now finished .All applications are in person now in all offices in Istanbul.
  6. As a TC or foreigner you can only import one car into Turkey,if you wish to import another then the first one must be taken out .
  7. Near the end of your online application you'll be either given a choice of GOC offices to choose from or given just one to attend to. If you're not given the choice to make your appointment date & time,then one will be sent to you in the form of either a text or email[depending on the form of communication you chose at the beginning of the application], this then will just give you the one location they choose for you to attend .
  8. So you've applied for a Long Term RP after holding RP's for 8 years? In which Province are you applying in? What date did you submit your documents to your GOC office?
  9. Now nearly 3 weeks since i asked and your comment being in the past tense,i assume you have it sorted.
  10. hello , 

    I have a problem with my card in the printing stage, the application is accepted and I turned in the missing documents. how long will take to receive my physical card, as I have to travel to my home country and my visa has expired ( I applied to get the residence permit at the start of October)? 


    1. REDDERS


      It can be anything up to 90 days between interview date and receiving your card. Was tis application a renewal or 1st time application.? If a renewal you can exit showing your  İkamet İzni Müracaat Belgesi (Residence Permit Application Document) ,[proof of application ,allowing15 days travel] & if out longer ,return with an evisa .

  11. Evening Ken,your last couple of paragraphs are spot on. My reason for what i stated earlier was ,a close friend of mine rented a ground floor area,which was to all intents & purposes a 'studio apartment.' She thought no more until her visa time was expiring & made her 1st RP application. When at her interview & the GOC officer accepted her noterised rental agreement he then looked at her landlords Tapu to notice it was listed there as a commercial area,ie an office. At this point he stated that he couldn't proceed with her RP application until the owner got a 'change of use' on
  12. No Usama,i didn't forget,but there was no need to state that to answer your question. Like Ken here who owns this site,i too have my own site and files website and am well versed in RP's & WP application requirements. WP's are not only applied for by prospective employers,it is possible to make your own WP application ,for example for self employment but only after holding continuous RP's for 5 years.
  13. Hi Usama,just mentioning commercial property would be the quickest way of getting an immediate refusal of an RP as the officer would naturally think you're working or thinking of working and for that you need a Work Permit. Also the address & property you give in your RP application must be a habitable one [house or apartment] not commercial.
  14. Spot on Ken. My thoughts are that i have never known RP start dates to be 'backdated',so if there was an overstay and the fine paid without exiting Turkey,i was under the assumption that the start date of the next RP now being a 1st application,which that in itself would be no problem,would be from when the RP application was submitted. Maybe Jamie could confirm if the start date given was the same date as the old RP expired or the date he submitted his next application ,then we'd know if there would be a problem or not for a LTRP acceptance.
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