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  1. I too am in the process of applying,but this list from my files website from last year that a Surgery member sent to me..so you can use it for now as guidance. A GUIDE TO WHAT DOCUMENTS MAY BE REQUIRED FOR AN APPLICATION.: [ This WILL differ ,province to province] The list below is from when applications were made via the Trafic Polis, now it’s to the Nufus,so until the process & documents required can be confirmed, the list below should only be used as a rough guide. As of 3rd Jan 2020 please ad 23.73% to the fees shown below. 1 Photocopy of RP card 2 notarised translation of education certificate 3- 4 x biometric photos 4- Notarised driving license translation 5- Doctor’s report ..inform Doctor/Hospital you need checks for drivers licence[Approx 200tl]..if over 65 you may be required to have a hearing and eye test as well. 6- Blood type card 7- Criminal Record check ,from your local Turkish court. (free) 8- Schooling certificate 9- 134.00 TL Licence fee [to be paid at the tax office] 10- 915.70TL for car type licence [ class B] paid at the tax office..[ tax for A1 or A2 motorcycle category:+ 164.40 TL] 11- NEW OIV Tax 54.60tl. 12- Donation to Polis Foundation 25tl 13- Proof of address from Nufus Registry office [or the e-devlet website.]
  2. Nothing has changed at all. First you need to go to your local Nufus office with a translated / notarised copy of your foreign licence to get started,assuming the country that issued your licence has an agreement with Turkey. Go here, https://treaties.un.org/Pages/ViewDetailsIII.aspx?src=TREATY&mtdsg_no=XI-B-19&chapter=11&Temp=mtdsg3&clang=_en ….to find countries that are included in the Convention. If your country is NOT listed then it’s not possible to make a licence exchange.. The only way to obtain a Turkish driving licence is to take driving lessons & the tes
  3. If the imported vehicle is still on it's foreign plates & here on the 2 year import,no insurance company will accept you. You'll need to get Green Card policy for the duration. If you keep it here longer & apply to Turk Turing & pay the bond etc & have it put on Turkish plates etc,then all insurance companies will accept to cover as it will be on Turkish number plates.There are so many Turkish insurance companies here you'd need to just go round a few high street brokers with your Ruhsat ,passport & RP and get quotes.
  4. It is only postal for Istanbul city, no where else, but it's been postal for all types of application since April.
  5. Also ,if Ken doesn't mind me adding,if applying as 'not married to a Turkish citizen' the the 5 years of RP's must be as a property owner & every RP application status must show that. I've had members shocked when they apply & owned property for more than 5yrs to find out their RP 'reason for stay in Turkey' status was 'touristic' as if in rented accommodation,so make sure your RP applications are as ''owner of immovable property ''.
  6. You're correct Ken, that's what i mean in the file. Of course if your parents are Turkish citizens then naturally you 'inherit' citizenship.
  7. Hi Ken,things changing daily here with dates. This morning THY posted their flight destinations & start dates....Here's the American dates.. Chicago | 3 flights per week as of June 19, 2020 Washington DC | 3 flights per week as of June 19, 2020 Los Angeles | 3 flights per week as of June 24, 2020 Miami | 3 flights per week as of June 22, 2020
  8. Ken,tonight Turkey opened up it's borders Land,sea & air. So it will now be down to the USA to do the same to Turkey,then you should be safe with your latest flight date.
  9. I admit there are no lists from what you may call official sources but this is page 3 of 3 from the list that was in a few papers and online news sites from the Turkish Travel Agents association on the 24th May. All dates for flights at present are provisional, any date can change depending on the the virus situation & when Turkey wishes to open it's borders to each country. See the last entry #71.
  10. Provisional start date for flights to the USA published a few days ago was 1st September.
  11. I wish you luck Ken and i hope the leaked info to travel agents here are wrong as they show 1st September for first flights to /from USA.
  12. May i just add to this regarding obtaining an HES code,is that by far the easiest way is to use the text service,no smart phone required for this.. It's been discovered by one of my Surgery members who did get his H.E.S number, that the information on websites regarding application details for HES codes maybe incorrect for foreigners with an R.P. For foreigners with 99**** number [as opposed to TC's with their Kimlik number] it does NOT accept the last four digits of your Ikamet card serial number. But it does work if you use your year of birth instead. How To Obtain An H.E.S. Code with a phone via sms.... Go to your sms [messages], for recipient type in 2023. In the message box... Type in HES [in capitals]. One space. Put your full 99**** number. One space. Year of birth [not card serial no.]. One space. Total of days validity required. So for example...message .....HES 9901234678 1950 7 . Then tap your send button to receive the code within 30 seconds...[ i personally tried the above & it works ,the whole process completed within 4 minutes]
  13. Hi Alex,you cn import any age vehicle for either up to 2yrs or apply to keep it here permanently & putting it on Turkish foreigners'M' plates. To import for up to 2yrs & keep it on foreign plates ,you can enter on your 90 day visa exemption then when you have your RP go back to a border to extend the allowed time up to the expiry of your RP. If you wish to keep it here longer than the 2yrs and put it on Turkish 'M' plates then you must either be in receipt of a pension from your home country or have a Work Permit to work in Turkey. You will need to apply to Turk Touring to pay a financial bond ,be advised ,this might be as much as you paid for the car in your home country. [ The tax is calculated by the engine size and age of the vehicle]. To enquire about this you will need to email or phone Turk Turing to find this out [ Turkish only]. This will allow you to put the vehicle onto Turkish foreigners [M ] plates,tax ,MOT & insure it here, and allow you to sell within Turkey [ with restrictions] if required.
  14. Youngsters pick up another language much quicker than adults usually. Ask around locally regarding schools in your area,be it a state or international one. They'll probably wish to see their last school report from your home country at your interview with the head teacher.
  15. You've only got to look at any of today's Turkish papers,it's been mentioned in most of them.
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