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  1. Hello Ken, Just to let you know, i have gone through the process of getting my criminal record paperwork in Istanbul. Your info was correct, I turned up at the Emniyet Müdüriüğü complex and collected my paperwork. For anyone else needing to do the same process in Istanbul. It was the easiest dealings with Turkish bureaucracy I have ever had. the whole process took no longer than 20 minutes. As far as I can see there are two entrances to the building. If you were to arrive by taxi. the driver would probably arrive at the smaller entrance (One door in, one door out) If so, Once you've cleared se
  2. Ken, Thanks for the info, I will be back in Istanbul next week to sort out my paperwork. I will let you know about my criminal check.
  3. Also, do i need a criminal history check? If so where should i go in Istanbul to get it & will they give me it on the day or do i need to wait. Does my marriage certificate need to be notarized, or will scanned copies do?
  4. Could somebody please give me a full list of the required supporting documentation to support the renewal of a family residence permit please. I am married with 1 child. For instance, do i need to submit medical insurance for myself, my wife and my child or is medical insurance for myself all that's necessary?
  5. Thanks for the answers Abi and Jade. Abi, i have not got my blue book sorted yet. I was only in Turkey for a short time and had to go back to work. When i arrive back in Turkey on the 17th of January i will book an appointment time at the police office and get it sorted. It's a case of re filling out your paperwork and re submitting it. Jade, Thanks again for the reply! Out with the above valuation issue my dealings with the bank were really good. I can imagine that there are some real horror stories out there, but we were really lucky. We got our mortgage through HSBC and the man and
  6. Hello,Does anyone have any info on who to see to get a property valued please. I bought my flat 3 years ago and had it valued at the time by the bank. So the person valuing the property came knowing how much we were paying and how much our mortgage was and said "What you’re paying is what it's worth."I would like an independent opinion from someone that does not know what i paid for my flat. Oh and I live in Istanbul. Any ideas?
  7. Yeah Liza i think doughballs could be called dumplings in some places. They will always be doughballs to me though!! ha ha. Thanks for the info KKW i will try to get some from the butcher.
  8. Hi guy's i want to make dough balls ( good Scottish food ). But i don't know if i can get suet in turkey and if so whats it called!Thanks
  9. Hello ladyofleisure, is your property still on the market? If so could you send me photos please. My email address is [email protected] I live in Istanbul and i'm looking for a holiday home.....this sounds ideal.

  10. Thanks Cleo,Just knowing that applying via Germany is a quick process, is good news for me.
  11. Are you sure you need a passport for a new born baby?Good question FIL, and one that i didn't think off. Previously you could put your child on your own passport. Now a baby needs their own passport which lasts for 5 years.
  12. If you had family coming to visit you in Istanbul, and you wanted to go to a beach resort in the middle of their visit. However there were 5 of them, and no dates can be confirmed until nearer the time......what would you do? Paying expensive internal flight prices at the last minute is not on the agenda. Can anyone come up with a good solution, maybe the ferry to Avsa, or going to Ayvalic (don't know the best way to get to Ayvalic)....Anything else?
  13. Thanks Abi,I had found the pages that you linked this morning, while looking into the whole issue. It's not great that everything needs sent to Germany. I'm hoping someone has just gone through the procedure, and it's a fast and efficient process. The baby is due on the 10th Nov, and i want to fly to the uk on the 23rd Dec. This is going to take military timing!!! Also if my wife hasn
  14. Hi Guy's,My wife is due to give birth in early November, and i would like to get my child registered in Turkey as soon as possible after the birth. I would then like to apply for a British passport for my baby...... has anyone done a similar thing lately? I know it's a bit early now, but after living in Turkey for around 9 years, i know that not everything is smooth going. The reason i want to do things as soon as the baby is born is this... i want to be in the U. K for the festive season. What are my chances?
  15. Hi Guys,I am trying to find some contact details for a venue in Istanbul. It's called yeni melek performance centre, it's on Istiklal Cad I'm really having trouble finding some good details. I have a number 00902122449700 however it just gives an engaged tone. I would like to find out about booking the venue but so far i'm having no luck.Also if you know of any good live music venues in Istanbul could you add them to this link.Many ThanksThis is one to get your teeth stuck into Abi.......good luck
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