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  1. The promise to sell agreement should also be notarized,since this will be noticed in the Turkish courts when things do go pare shaped.Also l now advise buyers to take out a hypotek against the property.And if the seller refuses the hypotek,then you have your ansewer straight away that he has planned to dupe you.Since the seller doesn't have to pay for the hypotek then there is nothing for him to stop this going through unless he has something to hide.
  2. Once again,another scam has been planned to dupe the buyers."now",l remember in helping a person called Eddie that bought a offplan in Akbuk at a site called the Royal garden resort akbuk spa,and this has the same similarities.The buyer put a deposit down for it be completed in a years time and this was in 2007.The site has been abandoned and the papers got hold of him with the many buyers stolen money living in Spain.lt is very unlikely he will get his money back.But this is going through the courts.l suggest the best option for you to take is to write e-mails to the developer and see if he r
  3. noname

    3year Limit

    Just bringing up to the top.l really need to know if this is true or not,so l can reassure my friend whether he has a case to sue.he is worried and if there is a solicitor out there to give the advice.l will very much be grateful for your giftThank you
  4. l really need to know whether this is true or not.l have heard that after the 3 years is up without having the tapu.habitation certificate,you cannot take the builder to court.ln other words,,that is it and you are on your own after that.Can someone please confirm this.What does the law say about a time limit and the reasons why one cannot sue after this 3 year period.My friend is really worried about this,because he has found out the history of the place where the builder does not own the land and probably the landowner will sieze the property.
  5. Unruly neighbours are more common with apartments then with houses due to the close proxminity one has to share with and no one whats to share the blame for their selfishs acts,which leads to further conflicts.The condominium ownership law does give you rights over unruly neighbours if they do not stop the anti social behaviour on the others sharing the building.This law concerns everyone who lives in apartment blocks and must abide to this law,or face being heavily punished.Just recently new laws have been brought in to stop the ones making life so difficult for the neighbours in the apartme
  6. The so called protection for the enviourment with slogans like the green belt is really a tool for the shrewd persuader to exploit the public.l have seen these green issues in England and they have built to equivilant to the size of Liverpool around londons protected Green belt ever since it was enforced in the late 50's.Money has priority over nature,because of the power it brings to the authorities.l will never believe any authority stating the protection for the enviourment.They lie through their teeth to feed their selfish faces.They call this progress.l call it destruction on a massive sc
  7. Have you ever thought how a tick breeds.l am taking care of 3 dogs and found quite a few ticks on them gorged with the hosts blood.They look like rolled up chewing gum attached firmly to the hosts.Once they have had their fill,they drop off and lay about 8,000 eggs. l mean!,"WoW",that is an extra 8,000 more ticks to inflict suffering on the living.What l want to know is.What is the predator of the tick.Nature always seem to have a way of balancing the eco-system to work in harmony with the enviourment.But of course man could've played a part in breaking the link of natures balance by reeking
  8. Natalie,This is a good start in repairing the damage the criminal mind has left behind.The wagging tongue is the best advertisement for any business to take advantage of.But unfoutunately the bad businesses have tarnished the whole property industry with the same brush which resulted in the wagging advertising caution and to be aware.l have also been swindled conned lied betrayed etc etc and going through the proper legals should've made me feel everything is in order to protect myself.Far from the case.l lost a lot of money which was suppose to have been my life savings.lt is great to know th
  9. noname

    African E-mail

    l now use a different e-mail for my little game with them.l have just recieved another one and once again has got my brain in gear to kick ass. What is the worse ultimate insult one can send to these maggots
  10. Hello noname, can I ask you why you have become disenchanted with the idea of building a life in Turkey ?

  11. noname

    African E-mail

    Ahh,"Shucks",l weally want to have fun with them.l had it all planned on what was going to be filled in.l do have another e-mail address,or l suppose your good advice must be noted and just ignore.Daag Nab it.l just love winding up a swindler.But thanks anyway Abi.At least l know now that it was a plot to nab me again.Those African guys sure have a liking to me.l must have something that attracts them to me.Well it sure ain't me looks,thats for sure.l even scare myself sometimes when l look in the mirror
  12. noname

    African E-mail

    "OK",l have just received this e-mail and am quite suspicious of it.ls it a scam from Africa,or is it genuine from Yahoo[which is very unlikely]. Dear Valued Member, Due to the congestion in all Yahoo!users accounts, Yahoo! would be shutting down all unused accounts. In order to avoid the deactivation of your account, you will have to confirm your e-mail by filling out your Login Info below by clicking the reply button. The personal informations requested are for the safety of your Yahoo Account. Please FILL IN all requested informations. Username: ..................................
  13. noname

    African E-mail

    That is very interesting Sunny,because l also had one of those about 2 months ago..l think. So once again at that time l sent my personal details so to claim the huge winnings..."oooo".."Hoooo"..Luckey me. Also to exspress my thanks to Abi,for giving the much needed advice l need to stop these criminals giving me headache This is what l sent,but as always l never seem to get a reply back...l suppose they thought,l will be a plonker all my life and the winnings have gone to their chosen charity 1.NAME IN FULL:.Dr Theodore Plonker............................... 2.ADDRESS:.Ward 54 Bro
  14. noname

    African E-mail

    Abi,can you please tell me how to block their e-mail address.l am ignorant with computers.Thank you everyone for your good advice.l do get carried away sometimes,especially when it comes to people trying it on
  15. noname

    African E-mail

    actually,l did.l am beginning to regret it
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