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  1. Hi EmmaI am here! Hope you have settled in ok. If you want to meet for coffee email me [email protected]
  2. But scrapping over the border is an option I guess?
  3. Hi,I have looked at old posts but couldn't see anything on this... One of my ideas for when I move to Turkey is to drive in my car (reliable & big, but not worth much!). I would use it for the 3 mths (i think thats how long you are allowed) and then scrap it because don't want to go thru the rigmarole of import duty and it wouldnt be worth it. Or would I have to take it out and dump it or sell it? Maybe Bulgaria is full off dumped expat bangers???? Is this feasible? What do I have to do? When I enter i won't have residency but I could always fly in get residency sorted then fly back for car and stuff. Also I am a bit confused about insurance. My insurers cover me up to border and then I dont know what to do? I am sure i read somewhere you could buy 3rd party ins for when you go in Turkey , I think it said you buy it at the border, but wondering now if I dreamt it because i can't find where I read it1Thanks for all advice.sarah
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