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  1. Back to work today! Ready to get going!

  2. Hold Baggage today, finally!!! Took them 17 days to get it from Dover to my house. Hope they're not looking for a good report on the survey from me.

  3. Made it home , Good to here. Just have to kick this cold now

    1. Ken Grubb

      Ken Grubb

      Well we miss you already. Gecmis Olsun, Roy!

  4. UGH!! Catching a cold on last day...no matter what I'm on the plane in 12 hours

    1. Abi


      Good luck Roy and have a safe journey home

  5. Last Friday in Izmir...phone turned in.....out office permanently on.....Headed home on Sunday

  6. Last Day at the office....On a plane Sunday

  7. Good nights sleep makes the body feel better. Off to club for breakfast. Last Sunday in Izmir.

  8. It's amazing that no one from two multi million dollar companies can plan ahead, for a holiday and that hotel quests are now on day two of no internet in the hotel because we don't have usernames and passwords for the new month.

  9. Booked a cruise out of New Orleans on 9 July. Summer vaction with the family!!

  10. Stick Furniture gone.....settle up with landlord at 1500

  11. Shipments back to SC complete and gone....31 days till I see my babies!!!!

  12. Vehicle Shipment accomplished! Folks at Izmir VPC very helpful with EPA Requirements

  13. Car delivery =Fail. No EPA stoker

  14. Delivering car to port today. One more checklist item will be accomplished for return home. 37 days and a wake up

  15. Got orders....home on 16 Jan at 1828

    1. Ken Grubb

      Ken Grubb

      Good luck Roy, and Godspeed, you will certainly be missed.

    2. Abi


      Gosh Roy are you going back early or has that time just gone quickly?

  16. Last race of the season....watchin NASCAR

  17. skype is great,,,just talked with all the family,,,,,great to see them

    1. jonno


      we have heard skype has been taken over by vodaphone ..so not so good i would think if they make changes ..but we still have the choice with vicecheap and apparantly a much better service with reception and free calls to the uk

    2. jonno


      sorry typo ..voipcheap

  18. Great day of golf at Vita Golf Resort..Nice course outside Bodrum

  19. Great day on the Boat!!!!! Foca is such a great place to relax....Fish on the boat is the best!!!!

  20. Bringing one in is easier from what I have seen also. Couple of my peers have went through the process of buying and selling to other members. They have had to make multiple visits to the customs house and spent hours on each of the visits.
  21. Glad you made safe and sound. The city only gets better as you find your way around. Give a shout if you need anything.
  22. Welcome,This a great city with a good network of people helping each other. Give us a note when you arrive. I have sent PM with a number to reach.
  23. Welcome Litvanyali,Izmir is a great city. I am an American working for the USAF. You will enjoy this city. I am in Germany for two weeks, one week of work one for holiday. Let me know if I can help with anything. The one thing about this forum is that folks are here to help if possible. WelcomeRoy
  24. Welcome Tpabaysailor, I would suggest an International License. They are easy to obtain from AAA. ARound $20 Bucks as I remember. I work for the military and had to have either that or a Turkish translation of my license. The international License lets me drive in other countries as well. Which City are you headed for? Good Luck
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