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  1. Thank you, we are very happy with it. Just waiting now for some of our things from England to arrive.
  2. No we were not expecting any cash back from the house purchase.
  3. Hi Justin, I went to the bank this morning(with my Turkish step son as translator) to inform them about this. We went into an office in the bank and a couple of bank people looked at my account and then chatted for a few minutes. I was told that there was no danger of fraud, that the payment was made using my full name and the bank has no other clients with my name. It is possible that the payment was intended for someone with the same name as me at another bank. I should not spend the money yet but it is up to the person who sent it to put a claim in if it was sent in error. So that is it for now.
  4. I did try calling their English language helpline but they were unable to do anything and agreed that I must go to the bank in the morning.
  5. Today my Turkish bank account was credited with 8700 Turkish lira from Saudi Arabia. This was unexpected and I do not know anyone in Saudi Arabia. Could this be part of a scam(how would that work) or is it more likely to be an error? Any way I will go to the bank branch tomorrow to inform them that I was not expecting that money.
  6. There are two blocks on the site, each with twenty flats. Some flats are still empty. Once we have our new furniture I will post some photos of the inside.
  7. Some photos taken in the garden of my new apartment:
  8. Thanks Ibrahim, I spoke to my stepson about it and he was of the same opinion as you that it would be quicker and less hassle for us to pay to get the work done.
  9. Having sold my house in England and bought an apartment here in Turkey I have been considering what I should do with the remaining money. I am thinking of transferring some to my Turkish bank account to cover expenses and buying a car. The rest I think I will leave in the UK, some in my UK bank and the rest I will probably split between investment funds. I fully agree that setting up a business in Turkey is probably not a good idea. I lost money when I gave it to my wife to set up her own business, she was very enthusiastic about it at first but as Ken said " opening a small business is basically giving yourself a low-paying job with very long hours and a lot of work".
  10. In the newly built apartment we have just moved into both of the shower cabins leak. Talking to our neighbours most of the other shower cabins in the block are the same. A plumber has said that it is poor workmanship, he can do a fix for around 60 ytl that should be good for five years but a proper job would cost 1000 ytl. Is there any way we can get the original builder or their subcontractor to pay for the work? Or is that not worth considering?
  11. Thank you REDDERS and Goreme1990 for clarifying that for me. I will try to get a new RP application in this week.
  12. So if I am using Skype on an android phone I do not need to do anything? Can I leave my UK sim card in the phone or should I remove it?
  13. When I moved to Turkey earlier this year I was living in Antalya, I moved to Mersin this month. When I was having a check up at Yenişehir Hastanesi yesterday one of the admin people said that I would need to change my residence permit to correctly show the city where I am living. Another admin person said that it was not important. Does anyone know what is actually required?
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