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  1. No problem with the residence permit. It is just annoying that the house sale in England is taking so long to complete, when it should have gone through weeks ago.
  2. I have been sorting out my residence permit, all forms filled in online and sent. I have been given an interview date in a months time. Because my wife is Turkish and past retirement age it appears that I do not need any additional health insurance and will automatically be covered by her insurance. My main problem now is that the completion of our house sale in England is taking a lot longer than expected. Our buyer is ready and waiting to move but their buyers solicitor keeps coming up with questions, that has been going on for the past six weeks. Once the sale is completed we can start looking for somewhere to buy in Turkey.
  3. I will be returning to Turkey at the end of this month. My wife is a Turkish citizen, I am a UK citizen, how much will I have to pay for my residence permit and health insurance.
  4. One thing that I noticed in Turkey was that antibiotics and maybe some other medicines are prescribed in injectable form, either for self administration or for parents to give to children. I was quite surprised by this as it is not something that is done in the UK, except in hospital. When I was ill last year I was prescribed a course of injectable antibiotics which were administered by my wife. Does anyone else have experience of this? My wife said that it was standard practise.
  5. Thanks, that looks like the plug that goes into the phone, so it may just be a matter of buying a new phone cable for Turkey. I will have to research this a bit more.
  6. I have a couple of BT dial phones that I would like to bring with me when I move to Turkey, these are fitted with UK standard, post 1980 British Telecom plugs (BS6312 431A). Will these just plug into Turkish phone sockets or would an adaptor/rewiring be required for them to function?
  7. As I mentioned elsewhere I intend to return to live in Turkey later this year. I have some furniture, antiques and tools that I would like to get shipped to Turkey if possible, does anyone have any experience of shipping companies?
  8. Having left Turkey in 2012 to care for my mother in England and eventually started the UK visa application for my wife, we may give up on that and return to Turkey. Last year I became quite ill and had major surgery in March this year from which I am still recovering. With my current health there is little chance of me returning to work in the UK and very limited chance of meeting the financial requirements for my wife to get the next stage of her UK visa. It looks like selling our UK home and moving back to Turkey would be the best option. I hope to come to Turkey in July once I have been certified fit to fly. We will be looking at buying somewhere in the Antalya or Side area.
  9. Any documents you have been asked for that are not in Turkish will need a notarised Turkish translation.
  10. You will also need to provide notarised Turkish translations of all your documents.
  11. These links may be useful: https://tr.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/child-family-matters/marriage/ https://www.weddingsabroadguide.com/legal-requirements-for-getting-married-in-turkey.html http://yabangee.com/getting-married-in-turkey-frequently-asked-questions/ http://apostille-legalization.com/marriage.html https://yellali.com/blogs/article/105/getting-married-in-turkey-and-what-you-need-to-know
  12. Just an update. We are still waiting for my wife's spouse visa to be approved, the Turkish consultant we employed said that we should get the visa sometime in January. The spouse visa is for 30 months, my wife will then need a 30 month extension to that visa before she can apply for the Indefinite leave to remain – ILR (settlement) visa. We were actually married in England in 2006 and lived there until 2009, I am trying to find out if that time will count towards the qualifying period for the ILR visa. Over the last few years getting a UK spouse visa for someone from Turkey (or any non EU country) has become increasingly difficult, expensive and bureaucratic. If that gets any worse we may, in a few years sell up in the UK and move back to Turkey. It seems that the British government now views visas as an extra moneymaking opportunity with no regard to the difficulties people are suffering. Home Office makes thousands in profit on some visa applications
  13. My wife had her UK spouse visa interview on Friday 27 October, apparently it went well. I had spent some months in Turkey but my residence permit was ending so I returned to the UK last Monday. We decided to pay a consultant in Istanbul to help with the visa application so hopefully everything will be OK. I actually overstayed my residence permit by a couple of days as I was not medically fit for travel. Our consultant said that it is not worth paying extra for the priority visa service as in her experience it makes no difference to the time it takes. It is usually around two months to grant the visa. On the advice of our consultant I took all the supporting documents back to England with me to post to the Sheffield visa centre, as the post service from Turkey is slow and unreliable, she said she has had post from Istanbul to Sheffield visa centre take as long as a month to arrive.
  14. If you do intend to get married in Turkey make sure that you have the correct permits and paperwork . I am British and intended to get married in Turkey but my local registrars office in the UK was in the process of moving to a new location so the paperwork was delayed. In the end we had the wedding party in Turkey, followed by honeymoon in Cyprus and actually got married in England six months later.
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