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  1. Thanks for that information. I will track my paperwork to be sure things are progressing. The person I spoke to last week at the Legalisation Office in Milton Keyne gave an estimated two weeks to get the Apostilled document back.
  2. I found that my birth certificate was not acceptable as it needs to be legalised/Apostilled. At first I thought that I could just order another verified copy from the registrar in England and have that Apostilled and sent to me in Turkey. However on talking to someone at the Legalisation Office in Milton Keynes there is apparently no procedure for the Registrar to send a copy of my birth certificate from Reading to Milton Keynes. I have to send my original certificate from Turkey to Milton Keynes where it will have an Apostille stamp applied and then sent back to me in Turkey by secu
  3. Last week left our Mersin apartment on Thursday afternoon headed to our new place in Antalya. We drove half way and stopped at a hotel where there were only two other guests. On the way to Antalya we went past some of the biggest greenhouses I have seen - used for growing bananas. We arrived at Antalya on the Friday afternoon - to another hotel as our furniture and goods were not due to arrive at the new apartment until Saturday morning. The removal company decided that because access was limited they needed three more men to do the job so we paid for that. Everything was in and f
  4. COVID-19 update for March 22 Total identified cases 1236 and total deaths 30 Turkey seems to currently be coping better than the UK which has a total of 5,683 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 281 deaths.
  5. I am a British man married to a Turkish woman. We had intended to marry in Turkey but at the time my local UK registrars office was in the process of changing location and so delays meant that they did not manage to provide the certificate of no impediment document I needed in time for my travel to Turkey. This certificate of no impediment document is required for the official secular civil marriage service in Turkey, as far as I am aware it is a requirement of international law, so you would need the German equivalent and a Certified Translation in Turkish. We were still able to hav
  6. COVID-19 update for March 21. In Turkey there are currently 947 known cases and 21 deaths. The Ministry of Interior today announced a curfew for those who are over the age 65 or chronically ill. That includes both me and my wife Zuhal as we both have asthma and hypertension. It was also stated that starting from midnight, restaurants and dinning places are to be closed to the public and are only allowed to offer home delivery and take away.
  7. Turkish government reports on the number of COVID-19 cases and number of deaths but not as far as I can see the location of the cases or deaths. As of Friday 20 March there were 670 identified cases and 9 deaths, with all deaths being pensioners. It is not officially confirmed but our taxi driver yesterday told us that two of the deaths were in Mersin (where I currently live) and were taxi drivers. This makes sense to me as many Turks who have taken retirement continue to work part time as taxi drivers. I will be taking a short online course on SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 from The London School o
  8. I do not know about the Philippines but people from the UK require a Certificate of No Impediment to get married outside the UK to a foreign national.
  9. In the summer my stepsons played tennis at Sports International near Mersin Marina. I do agree that for younger people there is not much to do in Mersin, we may be moving to Antalya this year as my older stepson has been offered a job there and it seems to be a more lively place than Mersin.
  10. In 2017 had to overstay on a tourist visa by two weeks for medical reasons. I had had influenza followed by secondary bacterial pneumonia with pleurisy. I spent five days in hospital in Istanbul, the hospital consultant said that I was not medically fit to fly for at least two weeks past the end of my visa. He gave me a covering letter explaining that. I showed the letter as I was leaving and did not have to pay any fines.
  11. Those sheep are the survives of Kurban Bayramı, the flock was around two thirds bigger before.
  12. That could work Ken, farmers in South Africa are using chilli to keep elephants away from crops. https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=6173684 https://wildtech.mongabay.com/2016/09/hot-stuff-improving-chili-fence-effectiveness-protecting-crops-elephants/ Here are some of the sheep outside our site, the shepherds usually bring them here a couple of times a week, usually around dawn.
  13. Yes there are some blocks going up near by. Hopefully the land across from our living room will be left undeveloped. I quite like seeing the sheep taken there to graze a couple of times a week.
  14. About the worst international shipping story I was told to me by a friend who moved to Islamabad, from Leeds. Their shipping company went bust between sending off the cargo and filing the paperwork. Their cargo arrived but was held in Karachi for nearly a year while things were sorted out.
  15. Our goods from England arrived this morning. The furniture lift truck came at around half eight and the shipping container arrived at nine. The shipping container arrives. Unloading onto the balcony. The apartment is now full of boxes most of which still need sorting out. My wife started off saying that the container was not full, so we could have brought a lot more from Bristol. As the balcony and living room filled up with boxes she was wondering where we would put everything. Our cat was delighted at seeing all the boxes and he
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