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  1. Another update on the delivery of my goods from England. We had a message this morning from the consultants in Istanbul saying that we needed to provide another signed form to the local customs office in Mersin. It has to be the actual form, not a print out of a scan. They are posting this form to us for me to sign, it should arrive Monday or Tuesday. So that the customs office know that it is my signature I had to go to the notary office today, with a translator and my passport, where I had to provide on another form six examples of my signature(witnessed by two people) to take with me when I go to the customs office with the form they are sending me. [edit] Oh i almost forgot, we also had to send the Shipping company $500 for demmurage[sic] deposit.
  2. My younger stepson has started a university course and we thought he could do with his own transport. I did offer to get him a 200cc or 125cc motorcycle but all he wanted was an RKS Pollo 50cc scooter: I am quite tempted to get myself a motorcycle, though I am not sure my wife would be happy about it. A friend is considering moving to Turkey on retirement and has said that if he does he will buy himself a Royal Enfield 650cc Interceptor.
  3. Thanks for the information. The company I booked the shipping through in England said that they would organise delivery to our address in Mersin.
  4. In 2017 I was in Turkey on a tourist visa. Towards the end of my stay I became ill with influenza and developed serious complications that required a five day hospital stay. I was told by the doctor that I was not yet fit to fly and that to do so could be life threatening. I mentioned my soon to expire tourist visa and was told needed to overstay my visa until I was well enough to fly and that the hospital consultant dealing with my case would provide a letter stating that I had been medically unfit to fly. When I was leaving the country I showed the letter to the person checking my passport and there were no problems.
  5. I did not need a translated and notarised copy of my passport for my residence permit. However I did need that for Turkish customs to clear my goods being shipped from England.
  6. Our goods form England are due to arrive in Turkey by mid October. We had an email last week from the Turkish customs consultants in Istanbul who are dealing with our goods being shipped from England. There were some forms to fill in and instructions to get some of my documents verified for customs clearance purposes: a notarised translation of my passport and a notarised copy of our TAPU (property title deeds) and a power of attorney for use by the consultant dealing with the import. We had instructions to first email scans of the documents to the consultants in Istanbul for checking before posting the actual documents. Monday we went to an internet cafe and printed out the forms, then went to the Notary, with a translator to translate my passport to Turkish, the power of attorney to English and get notorised copies of all the documents made. On Tuesday, after dropping stepson#2 at university we again went to an internet cafe to scan and email the documents. Wednesday morning I got an email from the customs consultancy company saying we had made a mistake and sent them the wrong power of attorney form and that we must send the correct form as soon as we can. Stepson#1 called the consultancy company to point out that we had only used the form they had sent to us, so it was their mistake that we had the wrong form. The woman at the consultants said she was very sorry, they had been very busy and she was too tired and had sent us the wrong form by mistake. She emailed the correct form. We then had to contact the translator to meet us at the notary office to get the corrected paperwork sorted out. We have also sent copies of the receipts to the consultancy company to claim back the extra money we had to spend because of their mistake. The consultants have emailed to say that all documents are now OK and once the shipment arrives in Mersin we must take the documents to their Mersin office for them to deal with and that there may be storage fees to pay while customs clearance is being organised. Hopefully it will go smoothly now.
  7. That's the idea, I think a dark coloured car would get intolerably hot.
  8. I no longer have a UK address so will have no problem giving up my UK licence. I will still have to get my UK licence translated and notarised. I can not change the licence yet as apparently, for some reason, I need to show an exam certificate and I am still waiting for cargo from England, which includes my college certificates.
  9. Nothing special, it is a six year old Astra turbo. It cost somewhere between two and three times what an equivalent car would have cost me in the UK. The equivalent price for Turks must be much more given the lower average wage in Turkey. To change the ownership of the car both we and the seller had to go to the Notary Public where the change of ownership paper was filled out, the money(cash) noted and given to the sellers. We got all the tax and insurance sorted out and new licence plates issued on Friday. My stepsons will be doing most of the driving, but it seems that for a fee and some other documents I can swap my UK driving licence for a Turkish one without having to take another test.
  10. Just a quick update on this. I had an email from the bank this morning to say they had at last found the cause of the problem and that it was an error on their part. I had to go in and sign the paperwork saying it had been resolved. The money has now been refunded to its rightful owner.
  11. Thank you, we are very happy with it. Just waiting now for some of our things from England to arrive.
  12. No we were not expecting any cash back from the house purchase.
  13. Hi Justin, I went to the bank this morning(with my Turkish step son as translator) to inform them about this. We went into an office in the bank and a couple of bank people looked at my account and then chatted for a few minutes. I was told that there was no danger of fraud, that the payment was made using my full name and the bank has no other clients with my name. It is possible that the payment was intended for someone with the same name as me at another bank. I should not spend the money yet but it is up to the person who sent it to put a claim in if it was sent in error. So that is it for now.
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