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  1. Hi, I have finally acquired some decent information from a reliable source that works at the Turkish Consulate here in London. These are the words of a man of 20 years in the business. I will be meeting him tomorrow as I have an appointment at the consulate, and I will ask him to produce this information on paper. 1) Can I Import A Car Older Then 3 Years? YES !!! This has been the norm of QnA’s here and the truth behind it is, YES you CAN import a car older then 3 years into Turkey. The rules are: The vehicle has to have been less than 3 years of age when you BOUGHT it - NOT when you plan to import it. So for example, I purchased a late 1998 Volkswagen in early 2001, which means it was less than 3 years of age when I purchased it, this means I CAN import this vehicle to Turkey. When it comes to paying the importation tax, it is only taxed on the value of the vehicle of the country you are importing it from. So let’s say a 1998 vehicle is valued at £1,000 here in the U. K, they tax you based on this value alone, not what it is valued at in Turkey. He also mentioned something alone the lines of that it is possible to bring vehicles like motorbikes, jetskies, boats etc over to Turkey WITHOUT paying any taxes at all, so long as you keep them off road and not use on public highway. I never questioned him about this as I was not interested. However, for the forum, I will ask him to produce all the relevant information for me so I can scan it and upload it for all you guys to see. I am pretty sure some time ago someone had to sell of his private collection of motorbikes because he thought he couldn’t bring them with him. Granted he wouldn’t have been able to make use of them on public road.
  2. Hi, (sorry for all the questions) I have been told that once my 6 month vehicle limit is up, all you have to do is drive it to Cyprus and bring it back and the 6 months is reset. WHAT?! I know this has to be incorrect information. An old friend of my father told me this and he said his done it himself several times and he just did so recently 3 months ago when he stayed in Turkey for over 6 months. This HAS to be incorrect. I've been searching for information like this on and off for years and I know for a fact that you can only keep the vehicle in Turkey for upto 6 months of every year, which means you have to keep it outside of the country for at least 6 months before bringing it back. So what is he talking about? PS: I have a British, Turkish and Cypriot citizenship. (Same as the guy telling me this. incase it is relevant somehow.) BONUS QUESTION: (important) Is it possible to drive two cars, one to Cyprus and one to Turkey, and then swap them over every 6 months? (do the same rules apply in Cyprus in regards to foreign drivers/cars?) If so, then this should work, right? That way both cars stay in each country for 6 months of every year. All the advice I can get is appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Hi, I have a few questions on work permits and costs etc. I was born in the U. K and have lived here for 23 years. I have a U. K passport from birth however I also own a Turkish citizenship (kimlik) from Turkey as my parents are Turkish and they had one made for me around 10 years ago. I have been reading up on work permits and vehicle allowances and to my understanding, if you are a foreigner you can bring your vehicle in to the country free of charge for as long as your permit allows. - By owning a Turkish kimlik, does this exclude me from my foreign status? If so, can I hand in my kimlik and drop my Turkish status?- My family own a now successful business in Turkey, can I get a work permit by "working” as an employee for the company?- How long is a permit allowed, and is there any costs for bringing in your vehicle under this permit?- And finally, is there anyone in the U. K I can get in touch with in regards to these kind of things in the future? Thank you!
  4. Hi. I'll be driving to Turkey in the next few weeks and will be staying there for 5-6 months and driving back. I purchased a years road tax in November at a cost of £460, I also renewed my car insurance 2 weeks ago at a cost of £650. My question is, once I get to Turkey and get some boarder insurance, can I call up my insurance company in the U. K and have them cancel the insurance (giving me a refund of unused days) and also sending back the road tax via post to my brother to send off to the DVLA and have the tax refunded too? I'm assuming U. K road tax & insurance is invalid in Turkey. This way, I would save 6 months worth of road tax and 6 months worth of insurance which should equate to around £500. A few weeks before I leave, I'll ask my brother to buy road tax at the post office and send it back to me before I set off. After that, I'll just buy some insurance online. If do-able, then £500 (1,400TL) saved! I'll be one happy bunny!
  5. Hi. A few weeks ago while watching the news, I heard that the laws of importing vehicles where changing and that as a foreigner you would be allowed to bring one vehicle to Turkey with you tax free, and keep it there for ever, under the conditions only you will drive it. Is there any truth to this? I've been hearing this rumor around for a while now and only catched a glimpse of it for a split second on the news. My second question. If there is any truth to this, what happens to the license plate of the car? Currently, I have a treasured classic Mercedes with a private license plate attached to it. Will I need to change these to Turkish plates once I when bring the car to Turkey? Also, lets ignore the above for a second, and hypothetically assume my car is brand new and I imported it and paid the tax on top, what happens to the GB license plates? Will they be removed and replaced with TR plates or are you given the option to keep them attached? Thanks!
  6. A little different, but I was wondering if anyone could name me as many of the cars they could think of that was used by police anywhere between 1950 and 1990? After 1990, if I'm not mistaken, they pretty much stuck it out with Tofas Dogan's. I do know of a few they used back in the 80's, I think they were these little Renault cars. But does anyone know where you would be able to find a detailed list, or even list some of the top of your heads?
  7. Hi, sorry I forgot to mention, this happened to me in Eskisehir, Turkey. I was just curious as it came to mind and wanted to find out the truth behind it.
  8. Hi, I was driving my fathers friends Mercedes the other day, when I was pulled over. The officer said that it is illegal to have front tints on the drivers side window, I plead my innocence that the car never belonged to me so he gave me a slap on the wrist and let me go. Whats strange is, I thought having 30% tint on the front drivers/passengers side was perfectly legal... Does anyone have any more detail on the subject of window tinting in Turkey? (I refuse to ask tint stores as they'll just say "forget it, it's fine." Seen as they slap on 100% tint on cars, they obviously don't care.)Regards.
  9. Hey, Just thought I'd pop in to say that I'll be driving from London - Istanbul then to Eskisehir in September or November this year. I was wondering if anyone wanted a ride? I drove there with my father once, and the silence was from hell. I mean, how long before you run out of things to talk about, right? I couldn't image what it would be like driving there on my own this time, so I thought maybe someone might tag along if they were planning on leaving for around sept/nov. I don't want any money or anything (unless you plan to move your whole house into the car boot dragging it down and killing my wallet having me stop every 10 miles for a fill-up ) so a little bit of extra weight shouldn't be a problem. Let me know and we may be able to arrange something. Regards.
  10. Question: How would the word "Organize Sucu" translate into English? + How is it used, like in a sentence... Also, is it common to use these two words together when describing an event?
  11. Thank you all for the replies. The only reason I asked is, I watched the movie Organize Isler and was wondering if that is the "general" term used to refer to Organized Crime. If it's really Organize Suclar, then I leart another thing today. Any ideas why the film makers chose Isler, over Suclar? Was it to make it sound flashy or something? Thanks saffron for the post. I know I spelt them wrong, its just I don't have a Turkish keyboard at present
  12. Hi, what is the most commenly used term to refer to "Organized Crime" (i.e The Soprano's style of crime.) Is it:A ) Organize Isler / Isleri / IsB ) Organize Suclar / Sucu / SucI watched the movie "Organize Isler" and I was wondering if that was the correct translation to Organized Crime. Also, which is the most commenly used out of the two to refer to Organized Crime and why? Regards.
  13. Aww, tough break. I really wanted to bring my Mercedes over there, I took real care of it up intill now and its become a classic. I don't want to sell it, and I really don't want to leave it outside my house here, and expect it not to get trashed over time. Grghh... they'll do what ever they can to oppress people./rant.
  14. Aww, I see. Just to clear a few things up:1) If I where to purchase one of the cars above, would I still need to freeze money out of my bank account? Or is that just does that rule just apply the original owner who owned it before?2) My father is in Turkey, and has been there for 3 years, we also own a family business there, and he still owns his British passport. Would he qualify to purchase either one of the cars? - If he did purchase it, would I be able to drive it, using my British passport, or is it only permissible for my father to drive? Regards.
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