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  1. Hi , sadly I decided to stay put as we again visited Turkey and I was given more horror stories about the schooling from locals and ex pats. I just hope that we have made the right decision
  2. You're an absolute angel Fil , thankyou so much
  3. Wow thankyou for your honest reply. My husband is Turkish so my girls do know some Turkish, and I am English so they are fluent in English. My husband's parents have said the same to me, that they paid for tutors to come to the home and give back up lessons were and when needed.( We have two girls th eldest is olive skinned with green eyes with chestnut brown hair, the other is white but tans well and easily with almost white blonde hair and bright blue eyes!!!) I'm never quite sure how much is being sugar coated for me. I've heard all kinds of horror stories about 35 kids to a class the Teacher being stressed and just shouting at the children constantly , that the qulifications gained are useless elsewhere in the world, that the exams taken in one school the same paper will get A and in the other school get a C. I would like my girls to have options of choosing where they would like to work in the world , even though secretly I would prefer they are always with me!!! Can you clarify for me what age the children start school at please? I've also read that it's acceptable to take my children out of school at Christmas time etc to visit family in England, so long as they don't miss 50 days of school a year, is this the case or did I misunderstand? Will I be able to cope with helping the girls with their homework? I'm hoping it's basic at first!!! Thankyou again I've been making myself sick with worry , we aren't currently living in England and it's due to work permits etc where we are that we may have to relocate soon, my husband is point blank refusing to return to England so Turkey is our only option. I feel very frustrated and upset , I love Turkey and have a good command of the language myself , my in laws are lovely aslo so there's nothing stopping us except the schooling. Thankyou again
  4. Hi everyone, I've been trying to find out how much it would cost to send a six year old to a private school in Fethiye. I've emailed the schools and posted elsewhere but I'm nt getting too far. The state education system sounds appalling and quite frankly terrifies me....... I have another daughter who is 3 and a half so we are hoping it's nt ridiculously expensive. Can anyone recommend any schools in Fethiye region please? Many thanks...
  5. Hi I'm a qualified nurse and am considering working as a nurse in Turkey. I understand that to do so I must be a resident but I am unable to find out any other details! What are the wages and hours like? What is the role of the nurse in Turkey? Can anybody enlighten me please? Greatly appreciated Thankyou all x
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