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  1. Thank you Sunny for rapid respond to me! There are some things really not clear to me. And first of all I want to understand it. I checked taxes, from the table. As long as I understand, it's for regular Turkish nationals. But we heard, turkish worked out of Turkey and purchased car there, than he/she can get some, let's say, discounts from this tax after bringing it to Turkey. And if I have residence permit based on marriage documents and car registered on my name, can I bring it Turkey and can it be tax free? We're checking Renault Coleos, 2009 year, 2000 engine. It cost in Ukraine from 23000 usd up to 29000 usd. In Turkey: 70000 - 77000 trl, it means 47000 - 52000 usd (exchange rate from hurriyet). Difference high, but will tax and other payments eat it or not, we don't know for now. And if we purchase car on my name and bring it to Turkey, to purchase on my husband's name second one and bring it too - no chance?
  2. Hello everyone! I'm Ukrainian and have Turkish husband. For now we live in Ukraine, but in couple years time planning to move to Istanbul. Right now we're in buying car process for me. That's why I have questions, how to organize this process better, not have problems in future for bringing this car to Turkey. Iste, my questions:1. What tax I'll need to pay, if car will be registered on my name. And will it be possible to make it tax free? I found information for retired or work permit people, but it's not my case. I'll have residence permit based on marriage documents. 2. If car will be registered to my husband's name, what tax we'll pay in this case. We heard, that people, who worked abroad more than 3 years can have some lower tax payments. (He worked out of Turkey more than 5 year)3. What is registration process and how much it can cost, if registered:- on my name,- my husband's nameInformation, what can help:I'm going to apply for residence permit based on marriage documents (certificate we've already registered in Turkey, and also have international one). Car new -2009, 2.0 engine. Such car cost in Turkey 2 times more expensive, that's why we're checking options to bring it with us. If somebody can help me, I'll be really glad very much. Or maybe, just direct me where I can check this information. Thank You and waiting for answers.
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