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  1. Hello,My name is Fabien. I'm french and I'm doing my best to write in english so please, don't pay attention too much to my mistakes. I arrived in Istanbul two days ago and I will stay in Karakoy almost 7 to 10 days more. My problem is not to import a car from France or UK to Istanbul but to "export" it. I explain... I'm running a small company called LOST EXPLORERS and specialized in adventure tourism. This summer, we organized as a TEST a run from Paris to Istanbul with microcars and mopped (50 cc per person and 125 cc for two is the main rule) between Paris and Istanbul. The name of this adventure is THE MICRO RUN. We arrived a few days ago at the bulgarian and turkish borders and as you certainly know, the turkish customs have written on my passport that I came with a car. In the idea, I would prefer to send back the car to France in a container by boat to a port like Le Havre or Marseille. Do you think it is possible ? I guess yes. But what about the customs ? As I understand, I cannot go out from Turkey without my car. Do you think they will let me shipping my car by boat and flying back by plane to France ? If you have any information or comment on the subject, feel free to write. Thank you in advance. FABPS : if you want more information about The Micro Run, please visit the website of the project : www.themicrorun.com
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