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  1. The link below is related to sleep problems which may cause the condition. its known that poor sleep can cause many health problems but lack of sleep may be due to the illness.. double edged sword.http://www.fibromyalgia-symptoms.org/fibromyalgia_sd.htmlI know a lady who has this condition as well as arthritis and she is in a lot of pain and doesnt get out of the house much as she feels exhausted. Another customer I was talking to recently told me she suffers from this and a symptom is poor memory and I had to repeat a lot of information back to her and remind her of what had happened on her account/telephone calls made that she couldnt recall. It sounds dreadful and I really hope I dont get it.
  2. dondurma

    Off Plan Buying?

    Completely agree with Cukurbagli - just read whats on Turkish Living website to be put off buying Off plan for good.
  3. Sunny - thats a fab name - you are right about my nickname. I chose it as I love to eat Turkish ice cream on a HOT sunny day!!
  4. Im so envious of the mild weather in Turkey! you are all enjoying, Im sick to death of snow now and have just cleaned the driveway and path, although it was good exercise, glad to be indooors now!!
  5. Altinkum is where the bars, restaurants, beaches are (Altinkum means gold sand) and is the touristic area. There are lots of houses here too which mainly tourists buy but many Turks live here. Didim is the name of town centre where you find the weekly market, a number of mosques, but you generally know when you have hit it by the number of Turks, traffic, normal bric a brac shops/curtain shops, ironmonger (like the ones you see in Mamaris centre near the covered bazaar) and signs in Turkish! There are some good turkish lokantas in Didim centre, the most well known being Sehir Lokantasi a dream for vegetarians! Didyma is the ancient greek name for Didim in case you see this sign around e.g. at the Temple of Apollo on the outskirts of Didim.
  6. hi Emma,I have lived in both Altinkum (although it was 15 years ago) and visited every since and lived in Marmaris until 2007 for a few years. You will find Altinkum so different to Marmaris. Altinkum centre is where the touristic area is and the name of the older town a few kms up the road is Didim, where possibly your boyfriends relative lives. You could join absolutely altinkum website and get tons of advice and information about the area. For me the positive aspect of Altinkum is its close proximity to Izmir and Bodrum, plus lovely quiet places and lots of history to discover. The negative of Altinkum is it is really quiet in the winter compared to Marmaris but we are all different so you may like this. Good luck with your move. You can send me a private message if you want to ask specific questions.
  7. There are too many "Guarantees" for my liking:-6% Guaranteed Rental Income for 5 yearsGuaranteed Buy Back 5 years after completion of 150%So you are going to get 30% of the purchase price back in total after 5 years. From what I have read on other websites about rental guarantees, most builders don't pay up and the owners end up taking legal action. Assuming the builder still exists after 5 years... Too many promises from companies which may not be around after a few years.
  8. Congratulations Mem - thats fantastic for you and a great promo for Turkey too. Where are your olive groves, or is it a secret??!!
  9. I love food in general so Im easy to please! Im not a vegetarian but I love going to Lokantas and trying the different vegetable dishes, especially dolma and anything made from aubergine. If anyone is in Marmaris behind the bazaar there is a great Lokanta called Meryem Anna. Also I love manti with garlic yoghurt (its like a tiny ravioli). yummy yummy. And pide and iskender kebab. The list goes on and on!
  10. There are some reputable Emlaks left but they seem to be few and far between. Most property owners in Altinkum are recommending re-sales as opposed to Off Plan, as are some agents, when the paperwork is in place i.e. Deeds and ensuring that Habitation Certificate known as living permission is ticked on the Deed. Off Plan is too risky in my view because of the economic climate in the world.. you could be waiting years for the project to be completed and there are also dodgy Lawyers, not just developers/estate agents, out there, who claim to keep your money in Escrow but haven't done so. On the plus side you could negotiate a good price if you are aware of market conditions. If you do buy, you should only give a small deposit e.g. 5%, with a contract drawn up by a Lawyer, translated for you, notarised and the Estate Agent can put a Lien on the property called an Ipotek, to stop the seller using the Deeds in his name as security for a bank loan. However there is a charge for this depending on the value of the property which you would need to pay. You should pay the outstanding amount on receipt of the Deeds duly checked as correct. Those are the basics. I'd take time looking for the right property, renting is a great idea as you get a good idea of which area you would prefer to buy in, plus if you find the right deal you can move quickly.
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