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  1. thank you very much for your reply Meral
  2. Hello all it's been a while since I've been here hope everyone's doing fine. my question is bout living in turkey and paying taxes. I am an author who publishes ebooks online in the US and would like to know how that would work. would i be required to pay taxes in both places? Thanks in advance for your help. Rebekka
  3. thank you ever so much for your help
  4. thank you very much sunny and steps work for me as I'm a Brit/Yank mutt lol, so this Konak place is not far from swissotel i take it!
  5. thank you for replying, we are going to be there soon and are interested in residency so i wanted to get a head start by finding out where everything is also since you're the Izmir expert is the swiisotel the best option for someone who wants to be in the middle of everything? Thanks in advance
  6. Is it possible to get the physical address for the tax office in Izmir as well as the foreign police bureau there, thank you in advance
  7. rebekka

    Domestic Flights

    I was planning for July i checked sunny's recommendation and she's absolutely rightit could be because i'm trying to do it from the US
  8. rebekka

    Domestic Flights

    that's hilarious:) ok that's just not right how could they inflate a price so astronomically jeez, thank you for the link i'll go sit in my corner now
  9. rebekka

    Domestic Flights

    this is my second time posting i've been more of an observer than a participant i'm affraid, please bear with me, why are the flights between izmir and ankara so expensive i just priced them on expedia and other sites and the cheapest was $600 for a 1 hour flight HELP
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