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  1. Hi everone Does anyone of a good rental agency in kusadasi. İ have a 4 bedroom villa in ladies beach for rent. İf any one knows of any one i would be gratfull.thanks
  2. So sorry to hear about skinny As a dog lover myself it breaks my heart when i hear of anything bad happening to dogs but at least you gave him some happiness before his time was up. Glade to hear that your dogs are fine though İ have seen your photos of them and they are lovely. Rest in peace skinny.
  3. So, so sorry for the passing of your friend, my thought and prayers are with you at this time.
  4. mybobo07

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    Congrats on your engagment, and welcome to the forum i am new here also and newly married (may 20). This is a great forum and everone is so helpfull you will have no worries at all about finding information on anything.
  5. sorry head all over the place today thanks sorry not with it today, :blink[1]: Anyway getting back to your question when you get your coni it is only valid for 3 months from the date it is issued so you will have to get married by this date if your date for wedding goes over you will have to apply for a new one.
  6. hey no problem, sorry but i dont understand what you mean about coni? just drop me a line what it means and i see what i can do for you. look forward to hearing from you.
  7. hey,As far as i can remember he can get them from the town you are living in but i think it depends on where you live some are more helpfull than others but it is easy enough to get. Just a tip for you i would get all paper work togeather then get it translated all togeather it really does work out cheaper. Anything else you want to know just drop line.
  8. hi i got married this may so here is what my fiance had to do: He will have to get his family paper i.e. the same as our birth cert. he will have to get it translated into english.he will have to get blood test done but you will also have to get this done He will also need a letter of freedom to say he is free to marry. There is another paper he will have to get but i cant remember what it is but if you go to the register office in turkey they will give you a list of requirment that you will need this is probley the best thing to do.hope this is some help to you if you need any other help just let me know. Wishing you the best in your forth comming marriage.
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