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  1. Thanks - you have been a big help. I think personally that our builder is doing what is best for us (he used to live in the UK) and I sincerely believe that he thought that the land would have been developed by now and we would not have the need to apply for utilities from down the bottom of the hill on the roadside. I think at this point I will need to have a meeting with the other people involved in this property and see what the best course of action would be for us. Obviously we would like to see it up and running but if this has to be put on hold for a while then c'est la vie. There is a property just along from ours (never anyone there) but their pool is filled with water and I am assuming they have utilities - not sure what they have done though as whenever my husband has been to the property, their property is empty. Thanks for all the information though - it helps a great deal.
  2. Thanks all for your comments. You are right that we bought a plot of land on a hillside and in fact the developers (when they bought the hillside) went to the trouble of finding out if we had bought the land legally as we have prime location. There are only a handful of plots that got sold prior to them buying the hillside. I never thought of solar power to be honest but this might be an easier way. Yes our builder has advised us that we would have to bring in the transformer and then people would have to pay us to connect to us. He has already had the electrical engineers project plans, and permission of connection of power completed but cannot afford to obtain the transformer and cabling etc. I think the best way forward would to be to find out how much the rest will cost or to find out what the cost of solar power would be. To be honest when we bought the plot and signed the contract we were maybe a bit "green" to the way things are done in Turkey and over the past 3 or 4 years we have established that it is nothing like the UK! We just assumed that once we had signed the contract and once the Council had given permission to build that there would be electricity and water available to us. Our solicitors are a nightmare. They have had our money for 1 year to apply for military clearance but have only just confirmed (via our builder) that this has come through. I have made investigations about making a formal complaint about them once this is all finished but to be honest with you I have been advised that all solicitors in small areas know each other and nothing will come of the complaint. Can anyone shed any light on - now our military clearance has come through, what now happens. If we agree that the snagging has been done to our expectations, do the Deeds now go into our name and then the dealings with the solicitors are finished. Can we apply for our own habitation certificate once we are ready to turn it from a stone building into our holiday home. Does anyone have any experience of what would be the chances of selling the property at this point in time? I know I have a lot of questions but it is very difficult not knowing how things go out there.
  3. I bought a plot of land on the same hill that the company who Ricky Hatton bought from has their land. It was one of very few plots of land that was bought up on this hillside before they come on the scene. The property is now built (very well by all accounts) - it is two 2 bedroom apartments on their own land with their own large swimming pool. As the recession hit last year, the building works slowed down in Turkey and I have been advised by my builder that there is no access to water or electricity as our side of the hill has not been developed by the developers as yet and therefore they have not applied for electricity cables and transformers etc on that side of the hill. He has given us a quote for obtaining the same ourselves. He has paid out for artesian well (which will be shared with another property), its pump station and the 300m water connection pipe. He has also paid for the electrical engineers project plans, and permission of connection of power but cannot afford to pay out for the rest of the cabling and transformer etc. I am now in a situation where "I think" I wait until the hillside is developed or I pay for the rest of the works to be done myself. It is a lovely property and we have been advised by two builder friends that it has been built well but we are so frustrated about having to plough more money into this property. The roads are yet to be developed as well so it is very much dirt track. How can someone build a property on some land and not ensure that there will be electricity and water - it is effectively uninhabitable without the same. Any ideas anyone? Trying to get information of someone to contact, i.e. the council or planning department to see when the developers are thinking of asking for the electricity and water mains to be run up and connected is like trying to draw blood from a stone. Do I leave this property sitting waiting as an investment and get someone to manage it to ensure that it is not broken into or do I pay out to have the works done which in this climate is a very risky thing to do with your savings as nobody knows what is round the corner with their jobs. Help please!
  4. Sorry for the delay in replying. I have just contacted your recommendation as the property is now finished - finally - think I jumped the gun last year a little! Are you recommending Ozan as someone who you and others you know have used in the past?
  5. @lawyernazThanks - do you have website for Smart Properties?
  6. Can anybody provide me with the name/website of a property management company covering the Bodrum area who is either being used by themselves or a trusted and reputable company who provides a good service? Also any recommendations on companies you have used for furniture packages would be greatly received.
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