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  1. Am I right in thinking it is 110kmph for a car? I read conflicting info - Wikipedia says 110km other sources say that is so only if carriageways are separated by a metal barrier. What about the thousands of kms of new-ish inter city dual carriageways that only have a very dangerous looking v-shaped concrete rain gully in the middle?
  2. Soon. So I'd appreciate a straight answer if anyone knows the current state of play.
  3. Last time I drove along it was a mish-mash of old single track road, bumpy dirt road where they were still constructing it and new dual carrigeway that looked to be wearing out almost as fast as they were building it. What stage have they got to now?
  4. or would I need a local prescription. If so do I pop along to a Doctor as a tourist? (cost?) I'll be in Turkey for 90 days and am not sure until I see my GP if he will prescribe for my full time away - especially if it is available abroad. I found this list which appears to indicate that it is available - just search the page for Turkey http://www.drugs.com/international/naproxen.html Aleve seems to be another main name for it..
  5. Thanks sunny, that's impression I get. Not exactly tourist friendly is it? The KGS card was bad enough, Last year I arrived at the north end of Izmir unaware of needing one, Had to reverse out of the toll lane with a queue behind me - that was honking fun - Park up in the laybye on the opposite side to the office and brave the torrential rain that had persisted all morning. It soaked my trousers in seconds and the wind made mincemeat of my brolly. Crossing a multi-lane highway in poor visibility and trekking off the long way down to the office was even more fun. The rain stopped just as I
  6. As a tourist with my own uk car does this mean I can be ignorant of all this - which I certainly was until I stumbled upon this thread - and drive straight through with impunity? p.s I have a kgs card from a previous visit. Haven't a clue how much is left on it, how do I find out? I may be driving from Denizli to Bergama using the Izmir motorway, what is the cost for the entire stretch?
  7. I am touring around, what should be the cost and is there any difficult rigmarole for registering before using. I asked one Turkcell shop but language difficulties left things inconclusive. Seemed rather expensive at 140 lira for dongle plus 40 for top-up.(is this a tourist price?)
  8. Thanks for confirming, I just filled up with Motorin.What vehicles are this euro-dizel for? There are plenty of stations selling it, indeed the garage I went to motioned me over to a euro-dizel pump as soon as I pulled in, before I said I wanted normal. Can it also be used in a recent low sulphur diesel car?
  9. Thank you for clarifying. My handbook states en 590 (european norm) I just found this on the web So now, normal diesel in Turkey is o'k for recent cdri models. I'd not seen euro-dizel pumps before and was wondering if that was the en590standard and the normal was the old standard. As you point out euro-dizel is something different. I don't have a special inlet.
  10. normal or euro diesel?I have recent uk model diesel car and will have to fill up imminenty.
  11. Oh well!Maybe you don't notice how highly restricted the Turkish internet is because you are used to using proxies and other means for accessing youtube etc.We kept running into police or jandarma roadblocks all over the place, pulling all motorists over.Is turkey opening up or going more hardline?The EU don't seem to be too impressed on many points.
  12. When I visited, I couldn't help but notice how open the internet was. I also appreciated the great care that had been taken to protect me from sites with more than one X in their name. Travelling around the road network as a tourist it was also very gratifying to see how helpful and attentive the gentlemen in blue and green were toward motorists. A leisurely Sunday afternoon's drive back from the beach would not have been complete without stopping at some point to produce our photos and exchange pleasantries. I'd like to visit again as we had a very good trip and with the exception of one o
  13. Thanks a lot sunny, as usual they charge a hefty whack for crossing the international boundary.170-
  14. In mid MayI needing help with prices, I'm travelling (curently in turkey) with ad hoc routes and schedules , I don't speak Turkish and the online booking form I have found wants all my life and credit details before coughing up a price.
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