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  1. 88 Yes Old and WOWEE!!! ...

    Thanks Ken... yes, quite a remarkable lady is my Mum. When I asked her not so long ago how she managed to be so fit and look so great for her age, her reply to me was ... 1. I believe in God 100% and go to church every day to pray. 2. I try to do a good deed every day that nobody but me knows about. 3. I have a bath for about one hour every night and massage my body all over after. 4. I have used Baby Lotion on my face and body all my life ... if it's good for the baby, it's good for me! 5. I get up every morning at 7.30am and am busy the whole day long. 6. I take an interest in other people and watch the news avidly, paying attention to what's going on in the world. 7. I play chess once a week. 8. I love my 5 x children and 9 x grandchildren and every day at least one of them is with me for a meal which I cook - and I love cooking. 9. I always have a positive attitude - it helps in all sorts of situations - So there you have it ... the secrets of growing old gracefully Ken.... x Angela in Side x
  2. Side and Manavgat Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 56/100 My Time 525 seconds  
  3. Microwave wanted in Side please...

    Yes Fener ... I looked at microwaves on LetsGo but the plain white ones that were not digital and with just 2 knobs - which is what I wanted - were only in Ankara or Istanbul - nothing at all in Side or Manavgat - and as you can see from my post above, I have bought a new one from Vestel earlier this week. It works very well and looks nice too. Good that it has a 2-year guarantee as well and was only 300 TL. x Angela in Side x
  4. BEWARE of this horrible man!!

    On a positive note though ... there is one excellent Emlak in Side ... Kale Emlak which is owned by Cengis who works there full time with Ann who is English and has lived in Turkey for over 20 years ... however, Ann still rents although she is an Emlak ... that should tell us all something eh?! x Angela in Side x
  5. Promenade going through Old Town Side soon

    Here is the story about the promenade and a video of the demolition that is happening now ... http://www.haberci07.com/side-de-yikim-zamani/26075/ ....And how it looked before they knocked everything down ... https://www.facebook.com/groups/2179...group_activityAnd this is Side recently on a sunny day ... https://www.facebook.com/groups/2179...group_activityx Angela in Side x
  6. Microwave wanted in Side please...

    Well, I had no response on this Forum whatsoever and I really don't want to continue using my current microwave because it has quite a lot of rust under the glass plate within the actual microwave - and I don't want germs or eebie jeebies getting me ill. So, today I went on the dolmus to Manavgat and looked at several microwaves. I finally bought one at Vespa for 300 TL which includes a 2-year guarantee. It was heavy, so I got a taxi home and that cost me 30 TL. x Angela in Side x
  7. Microwave wanted in Side please...

    Does anybody have a MICROWAVE for sale in good working order in Side? Please state price in TL and if you can deliver. We live in Mirage Residence which is near to the Anadolou Hospital in Side. Thank you. x Angela in Side x
  8. 88 Yes Old and WOWEE!!! ...

    Here's a recent photo of my Mum with my brother Paul - her son of course - and Robbie, my nephew = her grandson. She looks more my age, 67 years old, than 88 ... don't you agree? x Angela in Side x
  9. 88 Yes Old and WOWEE!!! ...

    So, about Mum...1. She will be 88 years old on 28th November this year.2. She runs a 4 x bedroom house single handed.3. She has the most beautiful little garden I have ever seen, with colourful flowers in bloom the whole year round.4. She still drives a car every day.5. She has 5 x children and 9 x grandchildren.6. She is Roman Catholic and goes to church every morning with her friend Mary who is 93 years old ... Mum drives them both there.7. There is always someone staying or coming by for a meal and Mum is a great cook.8. She was born in Switzerland and speaks Swiss-German as well as English of course.9. She came to England as an au pair girl at the age of 19.10. At that stage she could not speak a word of English but is now totally fluent.11. She met Dad at 19 and married him and had me at age 20, with 4 more to follow.12. She colours and cuts her own hair and has not been to the hairdressers for 40 years.13. She puts on make up every day but just mascara and lipstick and occasionally some foundation.14. She has a one-hour bath to soak in every night.15. She sends me an email every evening because 6 months of the year I live in Turkey and the other 6 months in Cardiff with my partner Mike.16. She looks amazing and most people think she is my sister ... I am 67 years old.17. She wears her hair up in a French Pleat at the back which she does herself every day.18. She is an English size 10 - petite at 5ft 1ins and fit and strong.19. She wears high heels ... yes, even in the snow and ice! She totters about quite nicely thank you!20. SHE HAS NOT SEEN A DOCTOR FOR 45 YEARS!!!!I think she deserves a medal from the Queen ... but if she can't have that, well ... I have just entered her for the competition by Edwards Holidays in England to win a free trip to Holland, which would be fantastic! Thank you for taking the time to read about my incredible Mum. Her name is Paula Reardon. My name is Angela Paula Reardon. My fingers are crossed for her! All best wishes, Angela - in Side now just for one more week x
  10. Furnishing a new flat

    Firstly, make a list of ... how many beds you require ... how many sofas ... how many tables and their sizes ... and chairs ... balcony furniture ... etc.... then take a look at these websites = 1. https://www.newhomeinturkey.com/furniture.html 2. https://www.ikea.com.tr/en/# 3. https://www.alibaba.com/premium/furniture.html?src=sem_ggl&cmpgn=898909324&adgrp=45298977819&fditm=&tgt=aud-345134855925:kwd-297753855118&locintrst=1012764&locphyscl=9056864&mtchtyp=b&ntwrk=g&device=c&dvcmdl=&creative=211863558189&plcmnt=&plcmntcat=&p1=&p2=&aceid=&position=1t1&gclid=CjwKCAjw7MDPBRAFEiwAppdF9Apzu6NlmwCl8A8yzWHdN4Ok4bWFrFjGNm-JfYbcpZfuV5Axg4Z2WhoCw5IQAvD_BwE 4. https://www.antalyahomes.com/furniture 5. x Angela in Side, Turkey x
  11. Promenade going through Old Town Side soon

    I have just been told that all the properties to the right of the current path by the sea will be demolished - going up to East Beach and beyond through Old Town Side behind the Apollo Temple - but all the properties to the left of that path will remain. x Angela in Side x
  12. Promenade going through Old Town Side soon

    Good morning FenerEniste - I don't know any more details as yet. Even Joanne who lives and works in Old Town Side at her Guven Hotel does not know. She cannot make any reservations for next year as she is unsure whether her hotel will still be standing. I presume the government will pay compensation to those hotels and bars and restaurants that do get demolished ... at least that is what happens in England in this type of a situation. x Angela In Side x
  13. Promenade going through Old Town Side soon

    Yes I agree with you Ken. Also, I think it will bring in many more tourists to Side. I have only had one negative comment from an English lady who lives in Side and loves to chill out on East Beach ... she reckons the promenade will ruin her peace and quiet at East Beach. In total, the promenade will be about 15 kms I think. If I am correct, that means it will be the longest on the Mediterranean. Who would have thought it 12 years ago when I first came to Side and we had no promenade whatsoever in those days ... I used to just walk on the beach.... x Angela in Side x
  14. After all the rumours I have been hearing about the extension of the Side promenade, I have had it confirmed by Joanne of Guven Hotel in Old Town Side - a lovely typically Turkish b and b for only £12 per night and no single supplement - they have a log burning fire in the winter there too. So ... the promenade is not only going to go further along to Kumkoy, but also throughout Old Town Side and along East Beach. Joanne did not know when the work would begin but it will not be long, she reckons. Stones Bar, Paradise Restaurant, Guven Hotel and others along there behind the Apollo Temple will all be knocked down and the promenade extended there and all the way along East Beach too. I wonder if the Turkish ladies with their head scarves and pick axes will be doing it again whilst the men supervise, having their chai and chats with one another? x Angela in Side x
  15. Kimlik Time

    I had a Residency Permit for 10 years and so I thought I could go and get the Forever One but NO NO NO! I was apparently 2 days over for being out of the country ... so now I do the E-Visa with 3 months in Turkey, 3 months in UK, 3 months in Turkey, 3 months in UK ... it is so much cheaper and less hassle. Last time I took out the Turkish health insurance which is a necessity for getting any RP even for one year, the very cheapest one I could get was with Ankara Sigorta and it cost me 1,850 TL. On top of that I had to show a copy of my Tapu, a stamped letter from my bank stating how much money I had in there, 4 x biometric photos, copies of my earthquake insurance, etc etc. I had to go to 5 x government buildings in 2 days. It was a nighmare and very expensive. If you have property in USA, why not do the E-Visa route like I do, with 3 months in each country. It is so much easier... cheaper too of course ... x Angela in Side x