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  1. something is too complicated in the explaitons so I will follow simple way. If the judge divorced them in turkey and if he is turkish he can go to identity branche of goverment in any city with the divorced paper from judge than he can get his identity. He can take his identity no married. BECAUSE ıf judge finished and he got divorced THAT MEAN = everything finished , no need to get any docuemnts etc. No doubt.If not divorced yet , of course he can not take identity as no married he has to wait to finish judge process.sorry but if he divorced exactly in turkey and if he is saying I c
  2. do you know how many KW you need ? or write to me what for will you use that I calculate how many KW you need
  3. Dear Friend ,Firstly you dont need a lawyer because lawyer dont know that job and you can not trust them about process. You need to find an advicors who is in that sector ( selling-buying-cooperative system )how many flat you get ? it is depend to your area + flat types + construction plan ( how many flats - how many blocks total ) . My opinion you get more than 2 flat. BUT I told you you need to find someone who has in secotr. I can offer Mr. Cafer Cakir. He did cooperative more than 20 pcs in many years. He know very well your kind jobs. He is honest person and certified public acco
  4. Turkish flag in law1. you have to keep clean2. you can not use it as underwear or on untidy clothes etc.3. you have to keep it in good places. 4. you can not use it a teared.IF the flad is too old , too dirty , teared etc. you can not put it in dustbin. You have to destroy it completly because nobody must not step on it , see in bad position. Generally if flag is too old and if not possible to keep in depot they destroyd it completly than buy a new flag.
  5. good experimence... I want to add only one point. if you buy any material you must inspection yourself or you must find out someone who will inspect the shipping for you. I have 10 years business experimence between usa and turkey so you will keep in safe your business if you have an inspector. I know a boy he is trustable and has very good knowledge in textile. he speaks english , I can give you his information if you need... ( I am in marble-travertine business )
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