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  1. Thamkyou all,i think the best bet is a Turkish pension,any good recommendations?
  2. Hi and thankyou for the info,do you know if he could still pay into a private pension if he still decided to live in Turkey ?
  3. Hi to everyone and hope you all had a good easter.Can anyone give me advice about my soon to be Turkish husband being able to get and pay into a Uk private pension after we are married,im guessing he would have to get Uk citizenship first?Maybe there is no possible way he can get a private pension in Uk,really wiould like to know.THANYOU XXX
  4. Do you have to pay these taxes if your house is a leashold property?
  5. Hi and thankyou so much x
  6. Hi everyone,i saw a post about having your documents translated, for getting married in Turkey,in the uk via the consulate but i cant find the post.Can anyone update me with this?
  7. 1,coni(me)2 fainces (turkish) birth cert3 photocopies of... passport,id(for him),4 passport sized photographs of both.4 local hospital for blood tests,are we referred to there from local consulate(bODRUM)or can just go?5 take all above to consulate in izmir(we are in Bodrum),translated and stamped.6 go to local belediye office,with all documents, to book marraige date.
  8. Hi and a big thanku,i am getting my coni in uk etc but im not sure whether to get it now to marry in may or 3 months before the wedding date as i know its valid for 12 months but many saying it will only be valid if u get get it within 3 months of the wedding date,valid for 12 months or not,confused.
  9. Good morning,again so confused,i had an email from the turkish consulate saying the coni is valid for 1 year but website saying i must get it within 3 months of the wedding date for it to be valid
  10. nataliewest


    Still not sure about coni,its valid for 1 year but some website saying u must get the coni within 3 months of the wedding date,im so frustrated.Any help please?
  11. Good morning,thanks again for ur advice. I need to rattle ur brains again tho,sorry.The advice given about the coni is so confusing.I now know its valid for 1 year but some website are saying you cant actually get the coni untill 3 months within your wedding date,any advice?
  12. Thanku so much for the information,its really helped.Does he have to get these documents from his home town or can he get them in the town where we live now?
  13. Good morning,im aware of the documents taht i need to marry a turkish man in Turkey but can anyone tell me what my fiance nees to do in Turkey,so we can get married?
  14. nataliewest


    Just received an email from the Turksih consulate stating that the coni is now valid for 1 year.
  15. Just travelled back to uk for family visit and travelled from Bodrum airport, cafe sera charges 8tl for a small tea and,wait for it,28tl,for burger and tea(no chips with that) Maybe do as i do and take ur own drinks and food ?
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