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  1. alvilldr

    Joke Of The Day

    I'm not sure whether to laugh or to be repulsed. :blink[1]:
  2. alvilldr

    Incirlik Photos

    Beautiful photos! Looks like y'all had a great time.
  3. alvilldr

    Incirlik Photos

    Wow Steezus! Those photos are amazing!!! Hopefully I can get over there in a few months to see it all myself. After I read the stuff about possibly being stuck in the dorms I did some more investigation and kinda figured I might be able to get into the unaccompanied officers' housing. I guess I've moved up in the world a little since my days as an airman-no-stripes. LOL!It's officially been 11 business days since the job announcement I've applied for closed. I haven't gotten a rejection letter or email yet ::knocking furiously on wood:: so my application package seems to have made it past the computers and should be with the hiring agency. The HR folks here say that no news is good news, so I'm just waiting now.
  4. alvilldr

    Ginger Biscuits

    Ok, I'm feeling kinda spoiled now since my 1.19 kg bucket of Quaker oats costs less than $2 here and ginger is a year-round commodity in the Super Wal-Mart. I actually just got some ginger the other day to try to dehydrate and make candy out of. Maybe I'll make biscuits instead.
  5. alvilldr

    Incirlik Photos

    Great pics!!! I'm so anxious to get over there and see things for myself. I should hear something in the next week or two (even if it's 'leave us alone, crazy lady!'). I just read the topic having to do with base housing. I'm gonna have to find someone to bring with me if I get that job. I can't be living in a dorm again!
  6. alvilldr

    Something Men Will Neve Understand.....

    I just heard from my friend who had the lazer treatments in Belgium. She said they worked great and that she only needed 2 more treatments when she moved back to the States. She went recently to get another treatment, but now she's growing more hair and thinks she'll now need 3 more treatments. I just read an article about it the other day that said if ?? (volts, watts, amps, something invisible that has to do with electricity/energy) was not set properly for your hair type that you could end up with more hair than you went there with. Or it could just have no affect at all. I think I'd be pretty pissed off if I paid an outrageous price for nothing or worse growing more hair!
  7. alvilldr

    Not Another Blonde Joke!

    A friend once told me a story about the first time her mother made Thanksgiving dinner. The cooking instructions said to thaw the turkey, wash it, and then some other general cooking instructions. After this poor lady thawed her bird, she put it in the sink and washed it with dishwashing liquid! LOL! Bless her heart, later in the day when the dinner guests arrived she put the roasting pan on the table and removed the lid. All that was left was a carcas. All the meat and fallen completely off the bone! She started crying and her guests started eating. They said it was some of the best turkey they'd had (certainly the tenderest!). LOL!!!
  8. alvilldr

    Something Men Will Neve Understand.....

    Have any of you girls tried that new kind of laser hair removal? I knew a girl who tried it, but never heard the results. SUPPOSEDLY after about 5 treatments you're not supposed to grow hair there (where ever there is) again. She had it done in Belgium for about 70 Euros, but here it's about $500 for each treatment.
  9. alvilldr

    Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

    LOL! That's great! Kids really do say the darnedest things.
  10. alvilldr

    Turkish Postal Service

    Good grief! I really wish I'd read through this topic before I dropped something in the mail for Ben last week.
  11. alvilldr

    Boat Launching Techniques

    Wow! That's one way to do it, but I bet they don't try it that way again.
  12. alvilldr

    This Is Mind Blowing!

    All those numbers make my head hurt. LOL! I'm glad someone could explain it, even if I'm too tired to understand it.
  13. alvilldr

    Confused Now

    I'm sorry to laugh about your shopping snaffoo, Saffie. I only laugh because that sounds like something that would happen to me. Is there any way you can return it?
  14. alvilldr

    How True !

    ROFL! Wow! That pretty much sums up what's going on in politics these days!
  15. alvilldr

    Historical 'facts'.

    I don't know about the historical accuracy of any of those sayings, but they sound as good as any others I've heard. By the later medieval period maybe they had been reduced to mere dogs, but Odin had a pair of large wolves named Freki and Geri. He also had Hugin & Munin (his Ravens) and Sleipnir (his 8-legged horse). Odin was a god of battle and of the gallows, among many other things, so having wolves and ravens were practical animals (since ravens and wolves are both carrion eaters). Odin also was a sky god (having usurped the position of cheif god from Tyr in ancient times). One of his ancient names actually means "Terrifying", like a bad storm.As for cats, one of my professors was obsessed with cats. LOL! He actually wrote a book about cat worship in the ancient world. According to Dr. Engels, cats can sense when it will rain. They show us this by washing behind their ears. I think he said they had something like 9 or 10 senses as opposed to our 5. Ever since Dr. Engels told us the thing about them being able to tell when it's going to rain I've been watching my cats. I've not really noticed them cleaning their ears any more or less when it's about to rain than they do any other time, but it sounds like a cool thing to be able to do.