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  1. I was told within 3 months! But with the paper they give you, you can still leave the country and travel.
  2. What do you mean by that? Why won't they be dealing with this anymore? Is there gonna be a new law or something?
  3. Hello all! So I've just returned from my appointment and things went so smoothly, I'm still shocked. Last year I had two rent contracts notarized, one for the emniyet and one for me. This year I gave my copy with a letter signed by my landlord saying that the contract had been extended one more year with the same conditions. The policeman first said: 'I need the new contract.' But then he read the letter and accepted both. The difference this year is that the payment is now in Bostanci, not in Kadikoy anymore. I took a cab and paid 14tl each way from the emniyet and back. Make a copy of the receipts after you pay! I asked if they would accept a notarized copy of a kira soslemesi and he said yes btw. Hoping it won't change by next year. The policeman spoke great English btw and he was really friendly! The taxi drivers were also very kind and honest. In Bostanci I didn't even have to wait 2 minutes to pay. I might be in a parallel universe, or the Twilight Zone. But not complaining! Thanks again to everyone for your help!
  4. I see... My contract expires this July and it was signed and notarized last July. Tomorrow my landlord will sign a letter to say the contract has been renewed until July 2016. I hope the emniyet will accept that. If not, I'll have to look into that kiralik ev form thing. And barring that, well, it's 400tl to the emlak! :/ Wish me luck!!
  5. Thanks for yet another suggestion, you guys are awesome! The letter thing sounds nice, and I could make copies of last year's notarized contract, it's true! At this point I'm afraid that whatever option I choose, the emniyet will refuse it and then I'll have to get in touch with my landlord again, etc etc... The stress of renewing the RP is getting worse each year. :/
  6. I am in direct contact with the landlord actually. I call him when there's a problem, etc. The emlak thing is only for that contract. I'll use the form you mentioned, seems way easier then! But again, just to be sure, I go to Nezih (for example) and ask for an 'emlak ev form' ?
  7. Thanks again for the new answers! I know I'm getting ripped off, but my rent is kinda low for my location and size of the flat, so moving isn't really an option for now. Kiralik ev? I can find the forms anywhere?! Then yes, if we both sign it and notarize it, then it should all be a-ok, right? When you say any stationary, so Nezih would have that?? I ask at the register? And (sorry, lots of questions!) would the emniyet accept this as a rental agreement thing?
  8. Thank you so much! I think I'll have to bite the bullet and pay the 400TL by borrowing the money from friends. :/ Hopefully by next year I'll actually be living with my girlfriend!
  9. Wow, thanks for that! I do live alone, but I could maybe ask my girlfriend to vouch for me and say that I live with her! However, I am guessing her address is under her dad's name, will that be a problem you reckon? Also, it would mean that the address where I live now will have to be changed in all my documents, no? Or could she say that she lives with me, but at my address even though her kimlik has another address? Guessing not. :/
  10. So today my issue is with the rent contract/agreement I need to bring to renew my RP. I did not get a new agreement but now that I am asking for one, my landlord and the emlak are asking for 400TL! This not only seems extremely shady and possibly illegal, but I also can't afford this. So, the questions are: Is it normal to pay that much for a contract, which would normally be my right to have? Is there another way to prove that I live here? Would just a letter from my landlord, signed and notarized be enough?
  11. Thanks for all the replies. I am now in Istanbul and I will write about my moving experience, maybe it could help someone who will be in the same situation I was! So, my friend and I rented a car in Prague. We were NOT supposed to take in into Romania, Bulgaria or Turkey, but we decided to ignore that. Nothing happened to us, but it was foolish, I agree. Second thing is the car we rented was too small to fit all my things in... Anyway, we drove from Prague to Istanbul. We heard that the road insurance in Serbia was mendatory and cost around 120 Euros, so we decided to go through Romania. Big mistake. The roads there are bad and it took us a loooooong time to drive through. In the end we made it to Istanbul. It took us 3 days. Romanian and Bulgaria customs were a breeze, they checked the car's papers (thankfully they didn't see the car wasn't supposed to enter their countries) and the passport and customs were easy (my friend has a US passport, me a Swiss one). Entering Turkey was not complicated but it took us over 3 hours at the border, it was the high-season and very VERY crowded. I was worried about my things (the car was completely packed) going through customs, but it was so crowded and they were so stressed that I was just waved through. No worries at all! So, we made it, it was easy. All we bought were freeway stickers/vignettes for the countries we drove through (except Slovakia because we were there only for about 40mins and we decided paying for a vignette was pointless). Anyway, that was it. Driving was easy and pretty fun. But... as I mentioned earlier the car was too small, so I had to go back to Prague (!) for the rest of my things. You CANNOT rent a car in Turkey if you want to leave the country, for insurance reasons. That was NOT cool. So finally a friend lent me his car (after going to a notary public to officially have it in writing that he is lending me the car). At the Turkey/Bulgaria border, I had to get a 'green card' which is a paper required for the car. Then I drove back to Prague, this time going to Serbia. You do NOT have to pay road insurance. In fact the Serbia freeways, customs and custom officers are all great! Avoid Romania, go through Serbia! The problems I had were at the Bulgarian and especially Hungarian borders. My passport is Swiss, the car was Turkish, registered to somebody else than me. Plus it was completely empty. So I was accused of smuggling heroin and the car was thoroughly searched! It was a nuisance but since I had nothing to hide, all in all, it was almost fun... :birgits_coffee[1]:I stopped to sleep for a few hours and 30 hours after leaving Istanbul I was in Prague. Then I loaded the car and drove back to Istanbul, without stopping. No problems at the borders, again! Plus this time there was nobody at the Turkish border, so it took me barely 10 mins to cross. And that's my adventure. All I want to say is: driving is long, but it's cheaper than a moving company (yes, even though I had to drive back and forth, with gas and all, I saved money. The cheapest quote I had been given was 3000 Euros!!!)... And now I'm in Istanbul, enjoying life! :)I hope this helps! If any of you ever read this and are thinking of driving to Istanbul, don't hesitate to ask me questions!
  12. Thanks for your welcome! :PI just want to precise the fact that the van will then be returned to Prague and that I will enter the country with my Swiss passport (I'm not Czech), in case that changes anything...
  13. Hello! I will be moving to Istanbul from Prague at the beginning of July. The moving companies' quotes are too high for me and I was thinking of renting a van and move there myself. My question is related to the customs at the border, what's the worse-case scenario? I've read that if the belongings are under 1500 Euros, it's ok. I will have NO furniture, just a lot of books, some DVDs, some glasse and plates and pots and pans and a laptop computer (an old one)... Will I be able to get into the country? Thanks in advance for helping me!
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