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  1. You don't need a teacher for ielts, just go to their website, get to know what activities are in the exam and do the sample questions on the website. https://www.ielts.org/ https://www.cambridgeenglish.org/exams-and-tests/ielts/ If you want more practice questions there are plenty for sale online. That is a much more cost-effective way to take ielts.
  2. In theory it is possible to see all your sgk contributions through edevlet.
  3. As far as I can see from various internet sources foreigners can receive sgk pensions. For example: https://www.dunya.com/kose-yazisi/yabancilar-da-emekli-olabilir-mi/381724 http://www.lebibyalkin.com.tr/mevzuat/haberler/2017/yabancilar-da-emekli-olabilir-mi.html http://www.resulkurt.com/?artikel,11068/yabanci-uyruklu-calisan-turkiyede-emekli-olabilir-mi/sezgin-ozcan http://www.sadettinorhan.net/yabanci_sosyal_guvenlik.html They all say more or less this, that foreigners now have the same rights as Turkish citizens in this respect. Sosyal güvenlik hakkından, yaba
  4. I'm surprised at this as I know some foreigners who are getting the pension. But I don't know whether they have citizenship. Legally speaking I don't see how they can refuse anyone who has made the necessary contributions. Do you know anyone who was refused on these grounds ibo? And can any of our legal eagles explain why?
  5. There aren't any English-medium schools in Antalya. Private schools have a large number of English lessons (12 or more) but all the other lessons are taught in Turkish. Your child is young enough to learn Turkish really well, whichever school they attend. State schools can be quite a tough prospect depending on the area. Your child will encounter prejudice, coping has a lot to do with personality, reactions will vary a lot from great warmth and friendliness to hostitlity. Private schools may be more capable (but maybe not more willing) to deal with that. In my opinion none
  6. I think we are entitled to the pension, but it is quite difficult to make enough payments.
  7. This is controlling, manipulative behaviour, not insecurity.
  8. Associate degrees are vocational qualifications. There are currently two and a half million students taking associate degrees, including my daughter. Associate degrees are the qualification held by many staff in hotels and catering, hospitals, kindergartens, government offices and many other places. Associate degrees require lower scores in the university exam than 4-year degrees. If you are not a Turkish citizen, I can't think of any reason why you would want such a degree, as the jobs they lead to are done by Turkish people and are not open to foreigners.
  9. Does he know what the debt is for?
  10. I don't know whether this is the same type of situation, but a few years ago we received letters (from a lawyer or some kind of agency I think) demanding payment of any debt we may have to a given business and mentioning some large sum. It might have been recorded delivery even. A lawyer advised us just to ignore them. He said that agencies or lawyers could buy up debts from a bankrupt business and then try to collect any payment due. They would send out hundreds of demands to everyone who had been a customer of the business, regardless of whether they had any debts. It all seemed a total wast
  11. It is internet banking so nothing to do with the branch. If you want proof that the money is where you put it you should be able to get a dekont for the initial transaction and some kind of a printout for the account balance.
  12. Star

    Hello fil

    When ı use internet banking and write the IBAN NAME ADDRESS AND PHONE of a specific person, after submission it goes to another page and write the IBAN and the name I exactly wrote before. How could I know that the IBAN ıs correct for that person sınce the bank does not control ıt automatically maybe!

    Or maybe I dont know and it first control the IBAN and if there is any problem it returns the money to the account after a day maybe?



    1. Fil


      Different banks have different ways of doing it. For one of my banks the name comes up automatically in the second window after I have provided the iban. That might be işbank but I'm not sure. My wife has a ziraat account and I know it is always a big bother to use their internet banking because nothing is clear and user friendly.All I can suggest is be absolutely sure that you have the name right. I would triple check.

  13. Was the 4 per cent offered for Turkish Lira or another currency?
  14. I don't really recognise the Turkey you describe, Matthew. The conservative Turkey you describe may apply to a bit more than half the population, but that does not apply to the lifestyles of a lot of people here, particularly in the big cities. I do not think most people are set against divorce as strongly as you describe. According to a google search there are about 130,000 divorces a year in Turkey, which is not a small number. There are about 600,000 weddings a year. Aso, whilst people like to say how important family is to them, the reality is sadly often different, and many fami
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