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  1. Can you tell me what you mean by monuments? Because I don't like statues, and museums, but I do like mosques, old quiet streets, yali, or wooden houses, and regional foods, etc.. With the added information, do you think Bursa should be included, or skipped? I don't like concrete, cars, etc... Badirma as a city is supposed to be unattractive (industrial?), but there is a erdek peninsua there, from google satellite it looks hilly, maybe nice? You been?
  2. If I go to Iznik, then I cannot take the ferry to Bandirma?
  3. I'm a little unsure on the route I should follow after leaving Istanbul? My options are:1) taking a bus to Iznik, then Bursa (as I've heard it's a scenic ride, and not so lengthy - Is it really true it's a scenic ride?2) ferry to Bandirma, and bus connection to Cannakale, or direct bus connection to Cannakale (from Istanbul) - only reason I could think for doing this is getting to Aegean sea - nearby to turkish islands G
  4. Turkish foods master listI have been working really hard in editing, and building a list of the very best of Turkish foods. It's a little messy, because I don't know which foods taste best in which regions? I have some of them listed next to their preferred cities (the best cities to try that particular food), but I think I need more advice. Also, I'd be happy if you added any more items to the list, or help me to move around mis categorized items. Thanks-BREAD: Tandır Ekmegi, Chorek, G
  5. perhaps we should move the thread to a more popular spot?
  6. The Best of ISTANBULWHAT I'M LOOKING FOR: Memorable/dramatic scenery, landscape photography, or specifically where to find the best (viewpoints, vistas, city views, natural views, panoramas, sunsets, etc..) Also looking for hikes/hilltops/lookouts, and other amazing, breathtaking views? Lovely/charming streets, cute villages, hidden nooks/places? Specialty/unique regional cuisine/gastronomy (at places where local's eat @ local's prices (5-10USmax). Here food must be made with love, and regional favorites are specialties. Also the fewer tourists - the better. What I've got so far... Blue mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topakapi palace, Shahzade Mosque, Sulemaniye Mosque, Ortakoy Mosque, Ibrahim Pasha Mosque, Fatih mosque, Mehmet Paşa Mosque, Iznik Mosque, Cihangir Mosque.
  7. ok but it needs to become a sticky then because nobody is going to find it at the end of this thread. http://www.eslbase.com/schools/turkey
  8. I wasn't talking about members of this forum, i said the other forum. Members on this forum answer very quickly, but this kind of information isn't Google friendly, otherwise I would have found it by now. It's the kind of thing an english teacher, or an English language center knows. Since the only Turkey english teacher forum isn't answering, I have to ask on other Turkey related forums, like this one. But it's ok, forget it now. I have found somethings. thank you.
  9. There is no language problem, I am an English teacher. And if you remember, I asked for email addresses to language schools. I contacted British Council, they say we don't teach in Turkey anymore, and Ministry of Education is public sector, I think. ESL cafe doesn't have what I need, just a forum like this one to ask questions, but many members seem tired, or cynical, and don't answer forum posts in a friendly way.
  10. eslcafe is a good forum and job links, but it doesn't post directory of language centers by country, or city.
  11. I chose Istanbul because it has the most opportunities, and I will not accept peanuts, as I am certified, and experienced. In Spain, I received 15-18euros/hour, and I was happy with that. What kind of peanuts are you talking about in Istanbul? I would think Istanbul pays more than other Turkish cities (for language center work), since it's the most expensive. Also, I want to experience nightlife, and I have other reasons as well for choosing Istanbul. The rest of Turkey can wait for a holiday. Istanbul is for working. And I prefer the language mills, because public sector is not for me.
  12. Directory of EFL schools in IstanbulI am looking for a webpage listing the entire (or close to it) directory of English language schools in Istanbul? I prefer to find email addresses for these schools. Please exclude universities, international schools, or state schools. Thanks.
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