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  1. kandj

    Boat Trips From Bodrum

    Thanks again for the info. Don't think we'll go to Kos this time. I think there are loads of things to do around Bodrum and the surrounding area and it seems a bit churlish to go to Turkey and then swan off to what is basically another country. Having said that, we have bought a place around Bodrum and will doubtless succumb to Kos at some time in the future - only not on the quick ferry, if it's as bad as you say.
  2. kandj

    Boat Trips From Bodrum

    Sounds quite interesting. I hear there's also a floating nightclub that goes around the area till the early hours - we'll probably avoid that one!
  3. kandj

    Boat Trips From Bodrum

    Thanks Sunny - we went down there earlier this year and saw the hundreds of boats. That's part of the problem I guess - so much choice of where to go and who to go with. But as you say, at least it's a buyers market.
  4. We're staying around the Bodrum area for a week end of June/beginning of July and were wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a nice boat trip. There are five of us (three teenagers) and all good swimmers, so it might be nice to go somewhere we might be able to dive off the boat (providing it then doesn't sail off without us!). Not looking for anything too expensive (no private yacht type stuff) and I guess the teens might get a little huffy if there is anything too historical to take in (as they will all have finished exams and will doubtless want to tend to their badly bruised brain cells!). I was going to add that somewhere picturesque would be good, but having been there a couple of times already it would be pretty hard to find somewhere that wasn't! Any suggestions would be welcome, along with a rough price maybe.
  5. Hi Littleboots,Just as a matter of interest have you asked your English Agent if the full
  6. Hi Littleboots,Just a thought - you say:The English agent is still selling their properties Have you tried going back to the English agent and talking to them? If they are still advertising properties from this developer then it is not going to do their business much good if you start naming and shaming them on forums like this. After all, this smacks of conspiracy to defraud. Are they a member of an official body that you can appeal to? Have you thought of writing to watchdog on BBC? Or maybe Holiday homes from Hell, also on TV?Maybe a few avenues you could explore if you haven't already.
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