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  1. [HI Dilek, I was shocked to read your story and experience you had with Omega Shipping Company. We moved to London, UK from Wisconsin last August 08 using Omega shipping for transporting our personal items . We are still having unresolved issues with Omega. Do you know if there is any class action going against them? It seems there are few people who had bad experience with Omega. Our paper work was filled in incorrectly and it was never shown to us till our stuff arrived. Some of our stuff arrived damaged even though it was supposed to be wrapped (it never was). Our price was also higher than quoted. They told us we had full 20feet container and when the container arrived, it was not even close to that. Our stuff was scattered all over the container and the local UK delivery agency was shocked when the container was opened by our house. We took tons of pictures, etc and sent it to Omega. Hillary Crammer ensured us that all would be taking care of and corrected. There were other issues i.e. not returning our phone calls or e-mails, not giving us certain paperwork on time, not explaining insurance policy etc. Nobody even bother to apologize for the damage to our stuff. Well, we are still waiting for our compensation and it is very frustrating. I also do want to WARN ANYONE TO STAY AWAY FROM OMEGA SHIPPING turkeyforum.doc
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