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  1. I think it depends where you are based & at what level ranking wise as to mobile phone usage..my now husband had access to his mobile (old style one at the time) although officially it was forbidden initially in his 1st 3 wk training. After being transfered to his FT post he used it...often..or we probably wouldnt be together now! I wouldnt encourage helping to pay for anything for him in Turkey at this stage ...let him do his miltary service & if your relationship survives throughout then you know you are meant to be together ;-) having said that my phone bill was huge over 6m so i
  2. I wanted to revisit this post as for the 1st time since i fell in love here i feel hope again and this emotion inspires me...Hope for Turkey & hope for the future generations in Turkey that they can read anything, write anything & share anything without fear. When i originally thought about the books i may or may not have read while being in the UK i guess i didnt realise how reading/writing really means personal freedom...just the fact i could dream i would be a writer or an Artist or act in films about anything or anyone...the open possibility of my future i took for granted as a giv
  3. so bloody true..i blame my English teacher she was always messin´ with my mind & then i didnt even mention the RE lessons i took at GCSE & A level our lessons were total holocaust & 2nd world war overload..in my opinion.. i mean many of us were in tears lesson on lesson...ok need to know info & all but was really intense and mind blowing for an already half depressed group of teens ... oh and aids ads my god they also totally blew a fair bit of us away..does anyone else remember the tomb stone?!...i mean i cant have been the only one who thought jesus whats the point!! thank go
  4. a book that totally turned my teenage angst into an even deeper sadness for the world was Z for Zachariah It actually deepened my already dark thoughts and somehow didnt help me see much light at the time....also had some personal life experiences that made it darker but maybe its my character to see the bad in things...(interestingly saw there will be a film adaption of this book!!). Ive always been told i see the bad side and think too dark but i see my self as a realist...nothing inspired me to come to Turkey as such..i wanted to go to Egypt but my friends encourage me to try Turkey 'it
  5. id love to be a fly on the wall where sex ed is concerned in households....or even schools or medical arenas, i bet the use of the morning after pill or overuse of it even in married life is an issue...im not a medical practioner but i am very interested in whats available to young women married or otherwise in Turkey. I also told my partner back in the days to get tested for whatever as i had just had a checkup at the end of a relationship to set my own mind at rest. We also had tests i recal at a local hospital in order to get married...all of which i thought a good idea (but i think was to
  6. who needs new when u can find nearly new /2nd hand :-))) its how i feed my wardrobe on a budget....oh how i miss the uk charity shops soooo badly!! ebay also priceless :-)
  7. ´confused & struggling´ now u said ..what would it be like further down the line...sounds like somethings not right to me...if not right now i doubt it ever will be. Anything that needs over justifying by yourself isnt worth fighting for in my opinion. U may feel love for him but as someone mentioned above actions/honesty priceless in this situation. Why would someone want such complexities in their life? even just being in love with someone outside your own country is complex enough let alone dealing with someone with such a complex past. good luck :-)
  8. hes not only funny hes handsome!! nice combo..hilarious. thanks for link Fil.
  9. hi again, i have only Taught in the sticks in Turkey, never a big city although i used to in London where i am from, i didnt meet many ambitious students who were goal orientated, maybe only 3 that i clearly remember. I also taught adults ,young adults and children and the adults had busy lives and were often sent by employers so were cramming in lessons and often had to put work/family before learning/lessons so attendance was random, the younger students were dead tired from being sent to dershane constantly to pass exams and many of the younger children were out of their depth as noone at
  10. oh no leos...the most trouble and intense moments i have had in he past and actually am still having is with this sign!!! i didnt have time to look at link above but i am a Gemini and a rather typical one at that....
  11. wow thats a good wage if after tax...in the sticks u get bugger all i think. I would say classroom management isnt always the main issue it maybe the students poor home study skills or the unrealistic parental expectations or for example the students lack of lateral thinking ....if you dont speak any Turkish i think this is more ideal as your brain will just work in one language and thats what you will teach! I think some Turkish students who have had Turkish English teachers will have a shock when they hear accent changes and have to speak just in the one language in class... If they have bee
  12. Sunny put me on the list for being there is spirit...i so need a trip over there again to test if i have any brain cells left after having my son...it seems not..or so im reminded on a daily basis!! anyway by 8.30 i cant even spell my own name...presuming u drink while playing id be alseep under the table by 9!! :-))
  13. i so wish i had time to reread this topic as been a while :-))) but my son has worn me out as ever hence not posting much......well we r still going strong me & my husband and he is still as hard working as ever and i can say i was lucky :-) dont know your set up but wish u well Danielleat. Emreoz where is that comment you would add ......just curious :-))))
  14. hello back, great reply again thank you...really settles my nerves. BUT now i have been given two other offers in one week and now i am totally confused! I think i have to go with the creche options in the end as i cannot afford to pay for childcare if i take anything else..... The main issue i think is that parents dont pay much here in our area for daycare so wages are low..but in this case there would be a dual purpose to work. I do want to say though however and i know we had a thread on this in past years that Turkish children often (to me anyhow) seem to be the sit tight when told and
  15. Hi Fil as ever your replies always get my mind going in a good way as to what to think, look for and consider..thanks for that. I also think the social factor is the main reason i would even consider to send him PT from 2 yrs old...also that i want to work maybe in the same place he attends... i didnt expect to breast feed this long so this has been one reason we have been tied to each other in some ways longer than i would have liked...he doesnt venture far from me for this reason. I am very curious and almost ready to try to experient with distance apart and wonder will he love or loath it!
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