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  1. this might be worth a look at: http://www.mfa.gov.cy/mfa/mfa2006.nsf/All/...0? OpenDocument#If your country you are national of, is NOT a contracting member of the relevant Convention, then the said certificate can be legalised with an Apostille by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus after paying the relevant fee (CY
  2. Have you tried contacting the Turkish embassy in Moldova? Turkey Embassy , Moldova Str. Valeriu Cupcea, nr. 60 Chisinau Moldova Phone: +373-2-509100 +373-2-509110 +373-2-242608 +373-2-245292 Fax: +373-2-225528 Email: [email protected] I also found this site, http://www.visalady.com/apostilles.html which states :- Apostilles can be obtain from two sources; first, the state of origin or second the country where the document is to be used. For further information on your document please contact International Visa Service at 1-800-6627-1112. hope this helps
  3. would love to help if only i knew what they were LOL
  4. Ive scanned the net for info on this but found nothing, if i fall across anything i will let you know
  5. DIVORCE PROCEDURE FOR A MARRIAGE REGISTERED IN TURKEY: If a marriage between a Turkish and a British national was solemnized in the UK and then registered in Turkey or if a marriage between a Turkish and a British national was solemnized and registered in Turkey, regardless of divorce degree that may be a obtained in the UK, a suit of divorce should be filed in Turkey as well. To this end the following steps should be taken by the foreign national: * A solicitor in the UK will give Power of Attorney to an appointed solicitor in Turkey. The Power of Attorney should be apostilled by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office. * Upon receipt of this Power of Attorney the appointed solicitor in Turkey will commence with divorce proceedings. You may also contact the British Consulates in Turkey * above copied from the Turkish consulate London site*
  6. hi Debbie,Im looking into one way flights atm to, THY fly direct to Birmingham and I think Manchester, from Istanbul though. KLM do indirect flights to just about any airport of your choice via Holland but they are more expensive, again from IstanbulI work for the NHS so a little qualified to say that IMO you might be better off under Turkish care if you can work out your health ins. I know that I am covered by my FIL's health care plan but I dont know how it works or to what extent. I wish you all the best with your very HARD choices, I know that you will do whats best for you X
  7. OK OK here is what i have in sunny *cough* Devon http://news.bbc.co.uk/local/devon/hi/peopl...000/8447878.stm
  8. Does anyone have any suggestions as to the best companies/deals for one way flights FROM Istanbul to UK at this time of year? if you do please pm me
  9. hi debs,I did everything in about 3 days and we were married in a week, so no 'special' trip needed It was also
  10. both me and my hubby had the money and gold pinned on us. witnesses can not be close members of the family
  11. prpldrgn


    my CONI had no 'use by' date on it but they like you to produce it within 6months to the conselate. Scotish CONI's are about 3 months i think
  12. you will also need one photo each for the blood tests. You just call into the hospital, you will also need to get the health cert stamped, but this is Free of charge
  13. I looked into this but found it much cheaper and quicker to do it in turkey as i ment me travelling to london
  14. Actually, passport translation depends on where you marry, I had to get mine done and spent more precious time running about Isatnbul to do so might be a good idea to find out this before hand. As with most things in Turkey it all depends on the place However i dint have to get a translater as the registra spoke perfect english Two weeks should be plenty of time as log as your well prepared. I had all my documents translated in Istanbul, from starting the ball rolling to the actual day was about a week, that included printing of the invites, buying the dress, blood tests, everything. FYI CONI done in the uk. 21 days. Photos for the marraige book and blood tests 30YTL - we need 5 of both the bride and groom but we had 12 and one large one for that price ready in 45 mins check out the amount where you atttend to marry as i think this differs place to place Blood tests 75NTL - for this you need passport or ID and one photo. Took about 20 mins. You then have to get the health papers stamped at the hospital office . no charge Passport translation 15YTL there are many offices that offer this service, Then you have to get the passport stamped at another office 42.64YTL like i said check out if you need this done at your chosen venue British conselate for translation CONI, your birth certificate, your passport, his ID or passport (decree absolute or death certifcate if either of you have been married before) This cost
  15. prpldrgn

    Im Back !

    thanks guys n gals, as you can imagine i been a bit busy since returing to the uk, trying to get the house sorted ready for hisarrival..... still no news on the visa front, but not panicing .....................yet
  16. No translator was needed in the office in Istanbul we married in as the registra spoke perfect english :lol:However, I did need to get my passport translated and the translation stamped at a cost of 45YTL so pays to check if the office you intend to marry at wants this.
  17. prpldrgn

    Im Back !

    Thanx guys n gals. Of course I let you know heck if it wasnt for the support and information here we wouldnt have been as well prepared :oKeep all your fingers and toes crossed for Emre's visa application, It went in on the 7th October so we are chewing our nails off waitng for a responce.... Hope the reams and reams of evidence was enough...... *paces up and down trying not to track the application for the 48274238534 time today* LOL
  18. prpldrgn

    Im Back !

    Well Hello again folks Im back after a few busy months. Well we finally made it Married 4th October, 4 months after we planned but got there in the end. First Emre's grandmother became ill, then my father so things we delayed a little. Our 'little' wedding turned into a bit more.. 23rd Sept visit to the british conselate to start the ball rolling.25th Sept bloods taken, wedding booked, room for the 'Kina Gecesi' (henna night) booked28th Sept 200 invites collected from the printer and sent29th SHOPPING (yuk) wedding dress, kina dress and all the trimmingsin between times meeting and greeting all my new relationsI still cant believe that we managed to plan it all in a few days and it all go without a hitch The pressure was on, but we had soooo much fun
  19. prpldrgn

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    welome Maz I recently married (4th OCtober) so anything you want to know just ask ( and yes im back folks )
  20. they say there are no bad dogs but bad owners.... agreedDogs are domesticated animals, its the fault of us humans that they have gotten to a wild state but where they still depend on us.. Strays. (cats and dogs) we dont have here in the uk because all are picked up and rehoused or put to sleep if they cant find owners.. controls on breeding, all strays are spayed and neutered. We are lucky enough to have animal shelters for unwanted pets to, not like many countries where these poor creatures just get dumped. agree with alice - maybe feral animals learning to attack before they are attacked? Feral animals are a problem, but Turkey is not alone. Even in the UK unwanted pets have been on the increase, many shelters getting ful because people can no longer afford to keep them due to the economics. The strays do need to be humainly culled, the sick ones esp., the people need to be educated, prosecuted for cruelty, and some kind of provision to stop the stray population growing . Unfortunalty this takes money and Im presuming it isnt high on the priority list. What ever anyone can do to help the cruelty problem in whatever way is a bonus.
  21. well done!!! I think everyone knows it's not right. maybe being 'caught' will make him think twice next time
  22. cant pm you Sussexguy so heres the site as promised.


  23. I think it depends on your experiences, I have seen many people feed the strays and treat them well, Turkish and foreigners.
  24. I have no idea how you would confront a animal abuser to be totally PC But you have two allies here Apparently TURKISH ANIMAL PROTECTION BILL 2004 Under the 5199 Animal Protection Act enacted by the Turkish parliament back in 2004, municipal administrations have the primary responsibility for the welfare of homeless animals. Accordingly, all municipalities are responsible for ensuring the right to life, health and nutrition of all homeless animals that live in their area of jurisdiction. In this sense, there is no such thing as a homeless animal. Any dog or cat not owned by a private individual is considered to be owned by the relevant municipal authority under the law. I guess your first point of call would be to contact them as to how you go about addressing this issue According to the spirit and overall teachings of Islam, causing unavoidable pain and suffering to the defenseless and innocent creatures of God is not justifiable under any circumstances. Islam wants us to think and act in the positive terms of accepting all species as communities like us in their own right and not to sit in judgement on them according to our human norms and values. Prevention of physical cruelty is not enough; mental cruelty is equally important. 'A good deed done to a beast is as good as doing good to a human being; while an act of cruelty to a beast is as bad as an act of cruelty to human beings' and that: 'Kindness to animals was promised by rewards in Life Hereafter.' (Mishkat al-Masabih; Book 6; Chapter 7, 8:178.) Hope this helps
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