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  1. Auction of properties to commence November 20/ 2017. More details of Auction and procedures here : http://www.londonlegalint.co.uk/about-us/our-team/
  2. There is NO Happy ending to this. The Builders of Golden Beach Complex Didim Design Group went bankrupt as a limited company. Golden Beach Complex Landowner was ordered to pay the monies back to Buyers but had other debts that took priority. This is in dispute in Turkish courts still at Ankara. http://old.voicesnewspaper.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=5526 http://www.turkishliving.com/forums/altinkum-forum/19442-golden-beach-complex-124.html
  3. The situation you are in is becoming more common by the day in Turkey.You will need to contact others buyers from Royal Garden resort and spa and seek legal advice.Do your homework and get a solicitor from out of town.We as a group of 55+ are using a turkish solicitor based in London,UK, Miss Burcu Orhan from www.londonLegalInternational.co.uK is attending court tommorrow to try and get our Tapu for our purchase's on Golden Beach Complex.You will do best to get as many buyers together as possible.Look on www.turkishlivingforum.com and www.AbsolutelyAltinkum.co.uk forums for more buyers on your
  4. Hello Cynthia. I have walked around Golden Beach Complex tody. The Complex is still NOT finished. There are 55 units left to sell. Didim Design Group are still in charge and doing there best to sell remaining units. The landowner of this project has now agreed to issue Tapu's to each individual buyer whos has paid in full. You will need to speak to Solicitor Burcu Orhan who has offices in Istanbul,Izmir and based in London 0044 02077499191 UK.This lady is helping process buyers Tapu on GBC. You can PM me if you need more details.
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