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  1. So sorry for your sad news. Kind regards.
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    Im Back !

  3. I think you will find that the bus will almost certainly be a night journey so you won't see much at all
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    .... or husbands Mr. C..x
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    Go to the website I mentioned before. Hosted by Sirin from here. You will find every answer to every question and some you didn't even know you wanted to ask. There are hundreds of girls doing this right now and I have yet to see such confusion over a CONI. You do not have to be married withing three months. I think you are reading something wrong, but how long do you intend to be in Turkey for your marriage? xx
  6. Are you getting your coni in UK? If so it is with the registry office for 3 weeks and then it is valid for your marriage in Turkey which you can then do immediately you arrive here. Just get all your papers up together and then go to the Consulate (mine is Izmir). They will tell you everything you need to do and point you off to all the right departments. You can do it in a day but if they are really busy you may have to return the next day. If your coni is from Scotland it has a shorter shelf life,If you are doing it here, in Turkey, you do it at the Consulate and it has to be posted for three weeks (for bans same as UK). You have to have been resident in Turkey for 3 weeks before you can apply for it, so you will either need to be living here or on an extended holiday. As for your boyfriend he gets his birth certificate (nufus kayit ornegi) at his local government office. He needs his kimlik and all relevant details and they will fax his home town and it is usually back in a couple of days. There is no need for translation if you are marrying in Turkey. I know it seems a lot and a bit scary but it is the simplest proceedure ever. I am sure Ben won't mind me saying that you should take a look at Sirin's site which has tons of info and peoples experiences..http://turkishlove.yuku.com/and the ladies will straigten it all out for you.. Rosie..xxTranslation oh his documents I meant
  7. I so used to love the time I spend at Dim Cay. But boy was that water ever cold.
  8. Strangely I have been scouring for days now for ginger..... I guess I will have to wait til my next visit to Izmir as there is none to be found here... and I so wanted a ginger cake....... but those biscuits sound delicious....xxxxxThanks for sharing.....xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  9. I like the Benimo I think it is... little, biscuit base, marsh mellowy filling, chocolate covered and coconut bits... I quite like the jammy dodger look a likes with the pink fillings as well....xxx
  10. Yes they will be off to the vets..... I searched on Google and found it was safe to bathe them in Johnsons baby shampoo, which I have done for Paco and he is clean for now.. don't want to do it with Gypsy as she is so small. The carpets are all coming up tomorrow and are off to be cleaned and hopefully I can keep on top of it... They are such a joy and Paco is so like Charli..... Thanks for your words guys....xxxxxx
  11. You may remember how I found my beautiful Charli dead a few weeks ago... Well this week Ali came home with a kitten and on the same day my neighbours son found an abandoned baby and bought it to me. I was happy to have them as I was ready. Does anyone know if you can treat fleas in very young kittens as I have just discovered that the larger, Paco, has them.. and I can really do with out the baby, Gypsy getting them as she is very small...
  12. oohh more Debbie.... They are lovely....xxxx
  13. That's ok then...... I think what really is a very simple proceedure becomes something out of all proportion when you keep on reading about it... I am totally relaxed about it all but you wait until I am doing my running around in a few weeks. Blistering heat, Izmir and in the middle of August. What are you wearing then Angi... have you got it all planned? Can't wait to see the pics..... xxxxxxx
  14. How lovely Angi..... Mine is looming on the horizon...... Someone correct me if I am wrong but don't you have to be resident in Turkey for three weeks before you can get married.... Sorry Angi.... but I am almost 100% certain this is the case... xxx
  15. As you mostly all know, I live in Foca. It is a small place and not much goes on without you hearing about it. I met up with a friend today to go to the market and have a coffee and she was really upset. Last night, about 3am she couldn't sleep so she was out on the balcony with a cuppa, as you do, when she heard what she thought was a gun shot. Not being a shy and retiring type she set out to investigate and found the dog wardens. They had just destroyed a lame b*tch who has been around town for about four months and was no trouble to anyone. They had a further three corpses on their pick up. I do appreciate, I guess I do anyway that they have to do it but it makes me so sad. Having ' adopted ' three stray puppies who ran together, only by feeding them etc.. I couldn't take them home... I was a little worried to find them down to just the two.... I think I know why now.
  16. Yes hello and welcome. You will get so much help and more here..xx
  17. Thanks for that topic and congrats on your wedding.... I am about to enter in to the marathon of getting married. We are a long time couple and very lazy but have decided to make it formal in case one of us dies.... how romantic.... but we have kids to consider and stuff.. so hey ho... We had some friends recently get married at their pansyion so i think you can do it anywhere.. just maybe costs a little more. Good luck to anyone else on this journey..... I am sure we can be a great help to one another in times of happiness or otherwise. Happy days to you all..xx
  18. Cheers CarlyWe actually have a house here together and I have my own Turkish bank account plus several of the bills in my name so it should all be ok. I have only kept up the 90 day visa run because I have a house in the UK and because I have used it as an excuse to go Island hopping on occasions! Did you have a big traditional wedding or are you a quiet gitl like me...xxxx
  19. Funny you should say that Debbie because I could find no reference to it being needed in order to marry so I contacted Izmir and was told that it is not necessary prior to marriage. Which is good news as it is a saving I can use. I wish I was the woman from bewitched so I could just twitch my nose and have it over and done with... xx
  20. Nergdesign... Congratulations on your marriage and thank you so much for providing the info. Not to difficult or expensive then... just an awful lot of patience needed, which I guess I can manage. Thanks to everyone else as well and Debbie for the link. Happy days...xxx
  21. Does anyone have recent information on what it currently cost for a UK citizen to marry a Turkish partner please. I am permanent in Turkey so will take my Cert of No Imp. in Izmir and run around like a headless chicken for a bit, but I just wanted to get an idea of cost in my mind. Have been with my partner for a long time and because he works more than me I have been delegated this job... I just want (or I should say we) to do the job and get on with life... so a very small civil ceremony, wearing jeans and a t. shirt is the order of the day.... if I get my way that is. Thanks in advance. xx
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