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  1. Lovely pics as always.I make that journey quite often and it never ceases to fill me with joy.. the views I mean... not the journey..xx
  2. So sorry for your sad news. Kind regards.
  3. hunnybunny

    Im Back !

  4. I think you will find that the bus will almost certainly be a night journey so you won't see much at all
  5. hunnybunny


    .... or husbands Mr. C..x
  6. hunnybunny


    Go to the website I mentioned before. Hosted by Sirin from here.You will find every answer to every question and some you didn't even know you wanted to ask.There are hundreds of girls doing this right now and I have yet to see such confusion over a CONI.You do not have to be married withing three months. I think you are reading something wrong, but how long do you intend to be in Turkey for your marriage? xx
  7. Are you getting your coni in UK?If so it is with the registry office for 3 weeks and then it is valid for your marriage in Turkey which you can then do immediately you arrive here. Just get all your papers up together and then go to the Consulate (mine is Izmir).They will tell you everything you need to do and point you off to all the right departments. You can do it in a day but if they are really busy you may have to return the next day.If your coni is from Scotland it has a shorter shelf life,If you are doing it here, in Turkey, you do it at the Consulate and it has to be posted for three
  8. I so used to love the time I spend at Dim Cay. But boy was that water ever cold.
  9. I doubt it..http://kaskillers.wordpress.com/Page down for English....xx
  10. Think they are all the same to be honest... Captive market and all that...xx
  11. Strangely I have been scouring for days now for ginger..... I guess I will have to wait til my next visit to Izmir as there is none to be found here... and I so wanted a ginger cake....... but those biscuits sound delicious....xxxxxThanks for sharing.....xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  12. I know two Brit citizens, female, married to Turks and living in UK who claim to be receiving a Turkish pension.... are they telling the truth do you think... they are late fifties.Since I will be married to a Turk by the end oth this year and reside permanently in Turkey I am curious as to how I stand... Not something I have give a lot of thought to really...xxx
  13. I like the Benimo I think it is... little, biscuit base, marsh mellowy filling, chocolate covered and coconut bits...I quite like the jammy dodger look a likes with the pink fillings as well....xxx
  14. Yes ... one of my favourite sayings is 'It's not what you wear but the way that you wear it'.
  15. Nail varnish remover is like neat acid and hairspray is like glue...I will keep thinking...One thing I will say tho is that the market is good for buying really cheap stuff for knocking about in summer when you are not to bothered about what you look like.... xxxxxxxx
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