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  1. Hi, welcome to Turkey Central, sorry to hear your story but it happens a lot. I think the key phrase in your post is "he never lets me forget that I shouldn't get attached". It sounds to me that you should end it now. Is there a significant age gap between the two of you? If he is embarrassed about being with you that could be a cause, or it could be something else like size or height, anything significantly different about the two of you could be a cause. Are you friends on social media, has he got any photos of you on Facebook for instance? If not then could he be hiding his relationship with you from his family and friends in Turkey? There are many stories on our Turkish Dating forum , you should read them and see what other women in similar situations to you have said.
  2. Hi Oncebitten and welcome to Turkey Central. I hate hearing stories like this. No this is not how your husband should be treating you, it is controlling in the extreme and abusive too. Yes there are quite a number of Turkish men who behave like this and there is a strong movement in turkey to stop it but in the home where nothing is seen by outsiders a lot of it seems to be going on. I think your best bet is to follow your heart, get yourself and your daughter out of here and go back home.
  3. I think the first thing to establish is "where does she live at the moment" and "has she ever lived in or visited the U.S." An email to your brother with a few questions should be enough to establish what she doesn't eat. As Ken says, where she is from in Turkey will establish some idea, the eastern Turks are more religious and likely to be less worldly, the western Turks more used to interacting with people from European and western cultures. Of course that is not hard and fast advice, there are a lot of people from the east living in the western coastal districts and cities. Turkish hospitality is legendary, his girlfriend is very unlikely to feel at home and the best you can do is make her feel welcome, don't worry about trying to discover all the social etiquette. Like me, Ken has lived in Turkey for years and neither of us would claim to know what to do or say in every occasion, let her discover the way you live, that might be more interesting for her.
  4. Hi Crystal, welcome to Turkey Central. If you read more of the topics in the Turkish Dating and Romantic Relationships forum you will find that over the years we have had a lot of posts asking this kind of question. In reality there are some Turkish men who have married women of other nationalities and some of the marriages work out very well. Unfortunately there are also a lot that don't work out. A lot of Turkish men are domineering and controlling and act like your boyfriend, There is a big problem with the way women are treated in Turkey and it is unlikely that he will change, you will either have to submit to his demands and attitude or find somebody else. It doesn't sound to me as if he really will get a divorce. His demands are only likely to get worse and if he really does get a divorce and you marry him I think you will end up being desperately unhappy. I'm sorry that my answer is so negative but from what you say about him it sounds as though you are already unhappy with him, there are a lot of nice men in the world, why not find one who will suit you better.
  5. Are you referring to what we know as a Tax Code? If so you ask for it at the Maliye (Finance) department in your area.
  6. Good idea Pete, it's always best to talk to the bank when that sort of thing happens. Could save you from a lot of legal trouble.
  7. Hello Fada They mean that the tapu needs to be signed, stamped and and a document called a "tapu kaydı" given to you. All this is to prove that the tapu is really in your name. They might just stamp it with a new date or they might issue a new tapu. I just did this with my tapu about six weeks ago, just go to your tapu office and they'll do it, mine took about an hour and cost me 11 lira and I was given a new tapu too.
  8. The problem is that your passport expiry date is too soon. Your passport must expire at least six months after your residence permit will expire.
  9. Hi GebzeRM, welcome to Turkey Central. The only Gebze I know of is in Kocaeli, is that where you are? Away from the southwestern area of Turkey and in the more rural Anatolian areas you are unlikely to find much alcohol for sale openly in shops. Many restaurants are alcohol free too. The only thing I can suggest is go to a larger town when you have your residence permit and buy a few cases to stock up with. I made my own wine for a few years quite successfully but my vines developed some sort of disease.
  10. Yes there is a low pressure system over the Mediterranean between Libya and southern Greece moving eastwards. It will move east north east to cross the coast of Turkey. High winds, heavy rain and the possibility of waterspouts/tornadoes are forecast.
  11. Welcome back Pete, I'm glad to see you. Chris
  12. There are as many ways to block a phone number from calling you as there are makes and models of phone. If you do a google search on "block someone from calling my ********* phone" you will find lots of answers. Insert the make and model of your phone and delete the asterisks. Hope this is successful for you.
  13. Hi Deandreo, welcome to Turkey Central. Interesting question but I think we need more information before anybody can make an educated answer. 1. Have you actually met in real life or is this an internet love story? 2. How long have you known each other? 3. How much time have you spent actually in each other's company? 4. What, in your mind, is the best outcome for this situation?
  14. You need a current driving licence and usually some form of photo id of the licence does not have a photo.
  15. Hi Sean, as Ken says I live in Kaş, well to be accurate, in a village a couple of kilometers inland behind what is known as the sleeping giant (uyan dev, the cliff overlooking Kaş), but pretty much all my shopping and socialising is down in Kaş town. The winters are slowly becoming less dead during the day because a few more people stay in Kaş all year round but evenings are very quiet unless you're attending one of the organised events. We have a free cinema that shows international films with Turkish subtitles and Turkish films often with English subtitles. I can attest to the Kaş trance effect, I've seen it happen to Ken quite a few times and his end of a conversation dwindles to a complete stop quite often. Kaş is surrounded on all sides by nature, the south side being the sea. In the cooler months there are many walking trips organised around parts of the Lycian Way or particular areas of historical significance. You should come for a few days in late September or October and have a look around.
  16. The website for Kahramanlar Turizm ferry is http://www.meisferrylines.com/ and for the Meis Express ferry is https://www.meisexpress.com/en/home, tickets can be booked and paid for online on both. It would be a good idea to chech the availability of the Meis - Kaş option. Yes it would be nice to catch up over a drink.
  17. Yes, they run almost every day In summer, there are also Greek boats coming to Kaş. I'll find out the other info.
  18. Hi SneeSnee, welcome to Turkey Central. The areas that you are interested in are well populated and the dogs are liable to be friendly . Most goatherders with big dogs will be up in the higher areas (yayla or high pastures) at this time of years, it's cooler and there is more for the goats to eat. I would advise you to carry a mobile phone and have someone local that you can call in an emergency but I think you will probably find that everyone you meet is friendly. Although at the moment we are not having particularly hot weather it is likely to become a lot warmer soon, daytime temperatures could be reaching 45C so make sure you carry plenty of water and wear a hat. Hope you have a great time and interesting walks.
  19. Yes of course, you're right, it'll be the same as the phone end of the cable that goes into the wall socket. Easily obtainable here, you get one included in a modem setup box.
  20. H Pete. As far as I remember the plug on a BT phone is a bit bigger than here and with the release clip on the side. Here's a pic of a Turkish plug, 1cm wide with the clip on the top. I think the UK plug to connect the handset to the dialing unit is similar to this but not the one to go in the wall socket.
  21. Good luck with that Pete, and geçmiş olsun.
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