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  1. I would recommend you to read a lot of the other posts in the Doing Business section. There are pitfalls and problems that you can avoid.
  2. You're being taken for a ride. No it is not a Turkish custom. Edit: Not only is it not common practice but you won't be legally married, don't do it.
  3. What was a busy main road past Konyaaltı Beach has now had a traffic calming upgrade and crossing the road is much much easier and safer than it was previously, lots of trees, traffic lights, car parks etc all over what was the main road so absolutely no problem to walk along there and cross the road.
  4. That's a good bit of information Omer, that answers Lonesome Cowboy's question perfectly thank you, I might try that myself too.
  5. Hi Kid, the trouble with a cheap version of Windows here is that it's likely to be a pirate or hacked version and will give trouble in the long run. This isn't going to answer your question specifically but I was in a similar position last year but the laptop I bought already had a version of Windows installed that started the first time I started the computer and then wanted to update itself. It was an Acer computer from Hepsiburada.com. Unfortunately I was such a cheapskate that the computer had insufficient memory to load the updates so on my desktop computer I downloaded and and made an in
  6. I expect you can access this THY website from there Ken but just in case here's the link HES Code information I've heard that for international arrivals, even those with onward domestic flights, do not need the HES code.
  7. Hi Dona. I paid online last year and I used the link from the application site if I remember correctly, can't be absolutely sure where the link was but I think it was on the last page. It worked fine for me. Could you say exactly what is not clear to you, that would help us understand the problem.
  8. Hi Omer, according to THY, International flights will resume on 10 June and Domestic flights on 4 June. Quarantine rules may apply for passengers travelling from certain countries.
  9. Well done Pete, hope you enjoy living in Antalya. No doubt when Ken gets back he will get together with you. Güle güle otursunuz as they say.
  10. Hello Sokoya, welcome to Turkey Central. I don't have any idea about enrolling your daughter in a school either but we have some members here who do so your question should be answered soon. I would say that most of your Nigerian friends are wrong, from what everyone here says children learn Turkish (or any new language) very quickly so I wouldn't worry about that.
  11. According to the Turkish Government Q&A page " Question: After I had stayed with my private vehicle for 730 days in Turkey, I re-exported my vehicle. Without staying abroad for a while, can I enter Turkey with another vehicle registered to my name? Answer: You have to stay abroad for 185 days. It is not possible for you to bring your vehicle again without staying abroad for 185 days even if it is another vehicle. HERE is a link to that page. In your case you can substitute "scrapped" for "re-exported"
  12. All foreigners with a Residence Permit who have a vehicle have a plate with the middle letters beginning with M eg. 07 MA 456. The first two digits correspond to the Province that you live in. I live in Antalya Province so mine are 07, Istanbul is 34, Ankara 06, Mugla 48, etc etc. The second two digits are M for Misafir (Visitor) and another digit that "should" correspond to the year the vehicle was first registered, but not always. The third digits are just the next unassigned number in the series. You will also see on the roads some vehicles with a three digit middle sect
  13. Including translator costs (variable) reckon somewhere between 150 and 200 lira. If transferring from Turk owner to Foreigner (or vice versa) there is also the cost of a new registration plate, usually less than 50 lira . Immediately upon transfer you should also get insurance, the old routine of the previous owner's insurance covering you for a couple of weeks finished last year.
  14. Hi VincentC, sorry to hear about your situation, if you are a British citizen you should ring the British Consulate Contact Centre on 0212 334 6400. If you are not British you should contact the Consulate applicable to your own Nationality. Hope you can find some help.
  15. Hi Mirolol, welcome to Turkey Central. I can't help with your first question but I will ask a Turkish friend. I found the series with English subtitles HERE
  16. Hi Tez, welcome to Turkey Central. I copied this from a WhatsApp message sent to me a few days ago. It was in reference to moving from one apartment in Izmir to another apartment in Izmir. It may help you, I don't know how, or who you should contact but it looks to me as though you have been caught by the introduction of the movement regulations. I have sent a message to the sender to have a look at your question and see if he can help. "If we decide we still want to move in May, we will have to get permission from the provincial office of the governor and the police will have to move us
  17. OK now I understand the need. I think the best thing would be for you to go to the New Zealand Consulate in Istanbul with copies of the relevant pages of your Passport and ask them to certify them. ADDRESS New Zealand Honorary Consulate General in Istanbul, Turkey Inonu Caddesi No 48/3 Taksim 34437 Istanbul Turkey TELEPHONE (+90) 212 244 0272 FAX (+90) 212 251 4004
  18. Are you having to send a copy of an identity document? If that is the case then I see the reason to certify it. When do you think you are going to go to New Zealand? You do realise that nearly everywhere in the world has closed their country to visitors for the next few months?
  19. If your passport is in Persian and English there should be no need to have it translated. I was assuming that it was in only one language and not English. I do not understand why you have to have it certified then.
  20. Yes a notary public is what a noter is called in English. You will get your passport translated then get the noter to certify it.
  21. Hi John, welcome to Turkey Central. We have been advised that all GOÇ offices are closed until 6th April but if you have the application completed and sent off and confirmed then you can stay here till the interview.
  22. Thank you for that, that's a very nice post and we will help if we can. As I am over 65 I am now confined pretty much to my house and garden so helping others online will be a pleasant distraction from my normal day to day activities.
  23. Having your RP renewal interview must feel a bit of a daunting excursion to be making, I must say I'd be a bit reticent about it too but good luck with it. I feel for all of the people who have to have meetings like that as well as all the shop staff and others who are still working.
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