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  1. Hi Vu8, welcome to Turkey Central. I have sold two houses in Turkey, both a few years ago now. The Estate agent who was advertising the first property for me guided the buyer through the process and we both signed the contracts at his office, he then came with us to the TAPU (Title Deed) office where we signed over the property and he received his new TAPU. After that we went back to the Estate Agent's office and I received a large bundle of English Pounds. With the second property the buyer and I were friends so we went to the TAPU office, signed over the property then sat in a conv
  2. Hi Michelle, welcome to Turkey Central. Well you will be among the select few living here in Kaş. The best place to look for apartments are the two or three Facebook groups where people advertise sales and rental of everything from furniture to cars, motorbikes and accommodation. Prices of apartments have risen recently and availability has risen too because of the new builds in the Çerçiler area (the upper part of Kaş). March would be a good time to start renting because a lot of people are looking for ways to make some money after the lean months of winter and the crowds from Istanbul and An
  3. That probably should be posted prominently on every government building, school, hospital and every bridge over every road in Turkey.
  4. Sorry I have no idea of the answer to your question, I just wanted to wish you the best of luck with your project, hope it's very successful.
  5. Meral I wouldn't be at all surprised if he made it up, in my village it seems to be the normal thing to do if you don't know the correct word, or reverse the vowels
  6. Uskur is a ships propellor or screw, çift uskur is twin screw. Haven't got any closer yet but I will. Edit; also found uçkur - waistband or belt. I asked a retired Turkish schoolteacher of both Turkish and English from Ankara and she'd never heard of oşkur.
  7. I would recommend you to read a lot of the other posts in the Doing Business section. There are pitfalls and problems that you can avoid.
  8. You're being taken for a ride. No it is not a Turkish custom. Edit: Not only is it not common practice but you won't be legally married, don't do it.
  9. What was a busy main road past Konyaaltı Beach has now had a traffic calming upgrade and crossing the road is much much easier and safer than it was previously, lots of trees, traffic lights, car parks etc all over what was the main road so absolutely no problem to walk along there and cross the road.
  10. That's a good bit of information Omer, that answers Lonesome Cowboy's question perfectly thank you, I might try that myself too.
  11. Hi Kid, the trouble with a cheap version of Windows here is that it's likely to be a pirate or hacked version and will give trouble in the long run. This isn't going to answer your question specifically but I was in a similar position last year but the laptop I bought already had a version of Windows installed that started the first time I started the computer and then wanted to update itself. It was an Acer computer from Hepsiburada.com. Unfortunately I was such a cheapskate that the computer had insufficient memory to load the updates so on my desktop computer I downloaded and and made an in
  12. I expect you can access this THY website from there Ken but just in case here's the link HES Code information I've heard that for international arrivals, even those with onward domestic flights, do not need the HES code.
  13. Hi Dona. I paid online last year and I used the link from the application site if I remember correctly, can't be absolutely sure where the link was but I think it was on the last page. It worked fine for me. Could you say exactly what is not clear to you, that would help us understand the problem.
  14. Hi Omer, according to THY, International flights will resume on 10 June and Domestic flights on 4 June. Quarantine rules may apply for passengers travelling from certain countries.
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