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  1. If you call the hospital again ask to be put through to her room, or if you have her mobile phone number call her on that, she will be allowed to use it if she's just waiting for an operation. I'm very suspicious of her not being taken care of without shelling out big bucks first, those prices are very high. Be careful with your money.
  2. Hello Stein, welcome to Turkey Central. Sorry to have to say this but.... You've never met him but you think you're in love? What would you say to a friend who told you that? You're not in love and you're not in a relationship. You are Penfriends. You are incredibly naive and this happens all the time, usually in order to get money out of someone. He probably mutes his calls because his WIFE will hear, not his parents. Stop deceiving yourself and find someone in your country, you do not need to look elsewhere. If he hasn't asked already he will probably ask for help paying some large bill that has just come about, maybe his mother or father has to have an operation and the family can't afford afford it. His sister might have her phone stolen and not be able to afford a new one...the list goes on. Try asking him to pay for a ticket for you to come and meet him.
  3. Here's the Daily Sabah article, posting Christmas cards might need a couple of visits to the post office. https://www.dailysabah.com/life/holiday-card-alert-whats-up-with-the-post-in-turkey/news
  4. If you use the Turpex system at the post office it's 155 lira (today £9) for an ordinary letter in an envelope.
  5. Update, Monday 29 Nov. Well there have been a lot of behind the scenes messages and phone calls going on in the last couple of days, the upshot of which is that an article will soon be published in Daily Sabah, probably both in print and online. I shouldn't pre-empt the publication but I will say I have been educated by the options available and ways round the restrictions and there should be normal service (pretty much) available for Christmas cards and presents, having said that for parcels to arrive on time you should be sending them very soon.
  6. I discovered the reason for the restrictions in postal services. I sent an email to the Daily Sabah to see if they knew about it and could maybe investigate. I got a very nice email back and this is what it said: Dear Chris The PTT office in Kaş explained that mail to foreign countries are shipped through cargo flights and they might be subjected to restrictions due to COVID-19 pandemic. Restricted countries are announced on the notifications webpage placed under the corporate menu of PTT's website (in Turkish language). https://www.ptt.gov.tr/Sayfalar/Kurumsal/Guncel.aspx#ptt_duyurular The most recent notification on the website is dated Nov. 11. However, the staff explained that a recent corporate notification issued on Nov. 24 (not uploaded on the website) restricts mail deliveries to large number of countries, including the U.K. and Germany, probably over restrictions affecting cargo flights. As DS, we are inclined to probe further through the PTT general directorate in Ankara, and might prepare an article on mail & cargo deliveries in Turkey and COVID-19 restrictions. Kind regards, Sinan Öztürk News Manager It makes me wonder why the staff don't get to know the reasons.
  7. Yes you're right it doesn't make sense. I also wondered if it could be related to the financial situation here but can't imagine how. I went again yesterday and tried to push for answers to other questions but got nowhere. There was a situation last December when a mail stoppage between quite a lot of countries, Turkey included, was related to the corona virus, the Guardian had an article about it. No doubt we'll find out in due course.
  8. Hi Meral, I asked a few more questions today, no more real information but their guess is that it is pandemic related. Very frustrating to not be told why
  9. I went to the post office in Kaş this afternoon to post a letter to UK, just an ordinary letter in an envelope. However the young lady behind the counter told me that they are not accepting letters going to UK, Germany and some other countries. I asked if letters from other countries will be delivered here (I have a post office box) and she didn't know. When asked why this is happening she didn't know, they had just been told not to accept the letters. Whether this is just Kaş or Turkey wide I don't know but if it continues Christmas cards from Turkey will be very late this (or next) year.
  10. I wonder if this is a new system that has been introduced
  11. 265 TL is 27.5 American Dollars this morning, you're not going to get much (if any) health insurance cover for that. As Ken says above, check the wording, I would also check exactly what cover you get, it sounds to me more like a simple death policy which is cheap at your age.
  12. You are aware that 10296 lira is $1,072 are you? Do you really think this is a lot? Did you buy insurance in America?
  13. You can ask Turk Telekom to install fibre optic lines but don't expect it to be installed just because you asked. Here in Çukurbağ near Kaş there has been a campaign to get fibre for years, it finally got installed about six weeks ago. No doubt there is a plan for the installation but they are currently working on installing it throughout the country. Because you are in the city you may be lucky and not have to wait too long, I wish you luck.
  14. Current SGK fee is 858TL per month as Redders says. That 107.33 is for a Turkish worker. Translated from the page in your link "The premium amount to be paid by people whose income is above one third of the gross minimum wage is 3% of the gross minimum wage. For this reason, the premium amount to be paid by those in this scope for 2021 is 107.33 TL per month."
  15. Yapı Kredi bank gives you free banking if you pay 2 or more regular payments by direct debit (otomatik ödeme) each month. For the first one or two payments of utility bills when you get here it is not worth the hassle trying to avoid commission charges, the amount you save will not be worth it, you won't even save the price of a beer. And to be quite honest if you're that worried about not getting ripped off you should seriously consider whether you really want to leave the U.S. You are going to have to pay for some help one way or another whether you want to or not.
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