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  1. Yapı Kredi bank gives you free banking if you pay 2 or more regular payments by direct debit (otomatik ödeme) each month. For the first one or two payments of utility bills when you get here it is not worth the hassle trying to avoid commission charges, the amount you save will not be worth it, you won't even save the price of a beer. And to be quite honest if you're that worried about not getting ripped off you should seriously consider whether you really want to leave the U.S. You are going to have to pay for some help one way or another whether you want to or not.
  2. Try this https://www.google.com/search?q=jobs+in+turkey&newwindow=1&source=hp&ei=kmpcYbClJMPW-QaRvZ_ADg&iflsig=ALs-wAMAAAAAYVx4ogXcUgcBKfriO_hr1MA6F4B2be6u&oq=jobs+in+turkey&gs_lcp=Cgdnd3Mtd2l6EAEYBDIFCAAQgAQyBQgAEIAEMgUIABCABDILCC4QgAQQxwEQ0QMyBQgAEIAEMgUIABCABDIFCAAQgAQyBQgAEIAEMgUIABCABDIFCAAQgAQ6CAguEIAEEJMCOgUILhCABFDxFVihIWCFVGgBcAB4AIABiAKIAYMGkgEFMC4yLjKYAQCgAQGwAQA&sclient=gws-wiz Just click anywhere on the blue text. But also click on the link (the bold text) in Ken's post above, there is a lot of information there, read it.
  3. Hello Jonathan, welcome to Turkey Central. Once you have found a work contract we can help you with advice about the town that the work is in or finding somewhere to live etc etc. Turkish employers do not look at Turkey Central to find employees, you will have to look at places where job adverts are posted. Try searching for "jobs in Turkey" on google.
  4. If it suits you a far better idea would be to come and rent for an extended stay, between 6 months and a year including a winter. Look around, talk to various people and talk to various estate agents. What you pay in rent you will save in being more aware and better equipped to negotiate a price. Just to come and buy is very risky.
  5. Yes you have reset your 8 years. Now your 8 years starts from the day you got your current RP. You should apply for 2yr RPs from now on and not be out of the country for long. Check the length of time you can be out of the country and not classed as an interruption.
  6. Sorry to hear about your mail problem Adrianus. If you live in a small village the local post office will probably not deliver to you. The best thing you can do is ask at the post office for a Post Office Box (Posta Kutusu). You will have to pay for it of course but they are cheap, you will then have a regular service and you will have to check the box to see what is there on a regular basis. Before I had a post office box I used to have to check at the local mosque where the incoming mail was thrown on the floor by the door.
  7. It's probably a word only used in Cyprus and maybe only in a very small area. there are many different dialects in Turkey too, when people from Ankara or Istanbul come to the village I live in they can hardly understand the local villagers. In England people in Devon or Cornwall can hardly understand the people from the north east, each region has it's own way of speaking and it's own words even though they would all say they are speaking the same language.
  8. Paypal does not allow accounts Turkey. I don't know about Payoneer.
  9. Depends how important to you the various criteria are. Nobody else can answer that for you, it's your money and your decision.
  10. Hello Farah, welcome to Turkey Central. Thank you for your post, you are obviously have a tough time wondering what to do about your situation with the Turkish guy you are corresponding with. Sometimes men from other countries will try to get money from European or Western women and sometimes they will try to get a visa to enter the country. The first thing you should realise is that you will not be in love with each other until you have met face to face and have known each other for a while. All you have at the moment is a Pen Pal, nothing more. Before you make any commitment to meet this guy I would suggest that you read through a lot of the posts in the Dating and Romantic Relations forum, there you will find a lot of posts from women in exactly your situation and unfortunately a lot that ended badly. Clearly you miss having a man in your life but you should be very careful about finding another.
  11. The full guide to changing your registered address is here
  12. Essentially yes. However: You don't have to wait until the conclusion of the Residence Permit before you buy a property though, you can buy one before that if you want to. And You would be advised to submit your Citizenship application while having at least a year's validity remaining on your Residence Permit, the Citizenship application can take a long time.
  13. You can apply for a Residence Permit while staying in rented accommodation and you can apply any time during your tourist visa validity but it is advisable to apply sooner rather than later. You can still have a Touristic Residence Permit while owning a property but if you want to apply for Citizenship a Real Estate Residence Permit is preferable. It is advisable to rent for a year or two before buying, you will then have time to learn the system and look for a place that suits you, there are many pitfalls that you will avoid like this.
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