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  1. HelloI really understand how you feel about thıs as I fee the same. In certaın eastern parts of Turkey they even throw them ın the rubbısh trucks - ALIVE! ıve seen pıctures of anımals that have suffered so much abuse here and sometımes I just break down and cry. My husband ıs Turkısh and never saw anımals ın the same lıght as me but now he sees just how amazıng they are and that they are not harmful anf nothıng for anyone to be afraıd of. Some of them have no use to Turkısh (and of course other countrıes to) so they see them as vermin and try to destroy them. Its so unfaır and wrong. Ive even heard and seen pıctures of dogs and the dogs puppıes that have been raped, yes hard to belıeve but thıs ıs true. All the evıdence ıs on websıtes, along wıth letters of complaınt about the way the government handles them, petıtıons to stop the torture and vıdeos of the strays. Every nıght after dınner, we collect all the left over food ın the house and my husband taks ıt to a grassy area nearby for the stray dogs and cats to eat. I sıgn petıtıons and wrıte complaınts to the government but ıt takes tıme ı suppose. Anyway, I have a lınk on my facebook to a very very very good charıty called VOICE FOR ANIMALS IN TURKEY, my addy ıs Carly S E AgbasThanks and speak soonCarly
  2. Hi chalathe medical check should be just a boob scan and three test tubes of blood, they will NOT charge you for this. Its just a new formality before entering into marraige. Once you have done the tests (which should take about half and hour) you fill out some paperwork and you should get your result in a maximum of two days. Its very easy and nothing to fret about. My partner has a baaaad phobia of needles so that was an interesting experience : )You can get the blood tests done etc at you r local hospital.. Once we got my cert of non imped it took about two weeks until we were getting married at the reg office! Good luck and enjoy Izmir : )Carly
  3. No probsWe had a quiet one, just the witnesses and photographer! it was lovely though - hardly any stress on the day : ) When the weather is nicer we plan on having a large reception on a ship thats docked in one of the coastal harbours near to Bursa so we are saving and preparing for that now! Glad I can be of help : )Carly
  4. Hey DebbieWe were told that the book would prove where I was living becuase I didnt have any bills or other paperwork to show I was living at my partners address. Hunnybunny will need the blue residency booklet if she is planning on staying over the original 90 days, but maybe she already has that. If she has, a bank statement, phone bill, electric bill or anything official with her name and address on it will work as proof she lives at the address. Apologies for being a little confusing! : )Carly Hey Hunnybunny : )If you have still got your 90 visa then you wont need the blue book, this only applies if you are over the 90 days and you want to marry. Carly
  5. I got married Thank you all for the advice you have given me! Anyone that is planning to get married, Ive got lots of info so just ask and allthough it all seems daunting and hard work at first, its worth it in the end (as Im sure a lot of maried members will agree!)Take care all speak soonCarly
  6. hey, i just married my turkish partner this week!! firstly you need to go to the police station for foreigners (google it) and register your wish to marry your fiance (approx 500tl) the police will give you the small blue passport (maybe you already have that) you will need that to marry in turkey as this proves where you live at the address with your partner. It costs around 145 tl for the cert of non impediment (from the UK consulate) which you wait three weeks to collect after you need to pay approx 250 tl. You will need to take your full birth certificate and passport to get the cert of non impediment. Your fiance needs to go to his council building to get his family registration paperwork (10 tl) medical health report for both of you (you both need three test tubes of blood samples to show you are healthy before marrying) this is free. Get about 10 small (doesnt need to be specifically passport photos as these cost more) 20tl max Registry office costs approx 60tl for basic jeans and tshirt ceremony throughout the week- maybe up to 130tl if you wanted to hire the registrar to do it in a different location (home etc) for weekends approx 300 tl When you have collected all your documents you can then go to the registry office and book you date!!! this can be done pretty quickly - took us a week! And thats it. I know it may seem daunting, but be patient and it will be great and worth it in the end. We had to travel a lot because we live in Bursa (3 hours from Istanbul) but its far far easier than getting married in the UK!!!! : ) you are lucky because there is a UK consulate in Izmir. I think thats it. Please feel free to ask me anything, all this info is fresh in my head! Take care and good luck Carly
  7. I worked for Wall Street in Sisli, Istanbul for about a month and couldnt manage doing both jobs (interior design) so I left. They were ok but not perfect by all means. They were paying 2000 tl per month for a 45 hour contract. Considering I only have a TEFL cert that was ok for me. Have you thought about advertising privatley??? you could either travel to the students or vice versa, private lessons Ive heard can range from 50-80 tl per hour and thats for a Turkish English tutor. Thanks for your wise words, speak soonCarly
  8. Thanks for the advice, I went to the registry office and they said 'no problem' which Im learning is the way they do things in Turkey - its fantastic! So fingers crossed it goes to plan : )
  9. I went for a chat with them today and you are totaly right..................what a waste of my TEFL cert! Wall street are not good neither. I may try to teach privatley, I will pick your brains later about teaching if you dont mind?? Thanks a lotCarly
  10. amerikan Kultur is a teaching organisation, potential teachers can do online TEFL's, foreign students can learn various different languages. They have their own site but its in Turkish (not a problem if undertsand Turkish though) Someones has been left in the knife draw to long! : P you are sharp!! Well i need a bit of extra cash as I planning on upgrading my companies computers, we also make 3D visuals for other businesses as well. There is am Amerikan Kultur branch here advertising vacancies, thought I'd give it a whirl
  11. Has anyone worked for Amerikan Kultur or know of anyone who has? im planning on teaching english and need to know more info about the company? thanks x
  12. Can anyone tell me how I keep my maiden name and have a double-barrelled surname????? Many thanks : )
  13. Ceremony is booked for Monday!!!! very nervous indeed. Just one more question....................how do I keep my maiden name and have a double-barrelled surname??? Thanks alot
  14. Do I need to take flowers??? we are planning on having a proper reception in a few months time, when the weather is nicer! But thanks for the advice, i think i may just chance it and pretend like I undestand what he is saying if it only takes a few minutes : ) speak soon
  15. Hey Debbie! Thanks for your advice, i will contact my registry office in Bursa and ask if they have anyone speaking turkish. Great help : )
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