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  1. hi wex, in the season 2012 there will be danish, german, dutchplanes and many more are very interrested...

  2. they will begin in may,both to istanbul and netherland.

    best regards flemming

  3. its true, and till and from istanbul,further european compagnies are trying toget the landing permission

  4. Hi there,

    Have you any information on flights to or from Gazipasa Airport, And WHEN they might begin. Have heard Neckerman are to fly from Amsterdam.


    Palmiye Aparts,

  5. I love my garden in Gazipasa,but im only there 4 times a year,and the soil gets so dry during the summer period so what to do... first off all i bougth more and better soil, its very cheap about 100 ytl for 3 ton, then i planted a lot of olive trees, for the sake of shadowing my garden area, between the olive trees i then planted lemon,orange,advocado and much more. finally I bought a timer for controlling my selvmade watering system, which is placed in the ground and therefoe not visibel- this system works for a year before demanding a new batteri,the complete system costed around 300 ytl in all, and secure the watering of my garden at any time. offcourse the timer is set to work in the evening after sunset to prevent loss of water. everthing now grows in a degree that makes me smile every time i go to Gazipasa. The olives, once ment as shadowplants, now gives me a lot of olives,and i made this agreement with my neigbours wife,she harvest the olives and brings it to the mill,and then we share the lovely oil,which is very popular in my kitchen and on my table best regards Flemming
  6. So sorry for you,what an unpleasant aggressive attitude from Zeki, i surely understand that you are worried about the threats. first off all, did you agree that he was to book your fligth tickets? and did he book them before you were hospitalized?in that case i bielieve you have to pay him(did you book travelinsurance too?)and then go somewhere else in turkey-or did he start the building allready? did you pay him a lot off money?in that case show the mail to the police in a translated version and get another builder tobfinish your house. tell me where did this happend? i cant imagine such behavior in the Gazipasa area.best regards Flemming
  7. The very first time i visited Turkieit was an exotic experience. I was young and did not understand a word about different cultures,religion or daily life.Before departure i read a few pages about Turkie, and felt quite welprepared.... i had my beautyfull girlfriend with me and a lot of traveling checks, that ought to do it..After arrival in Istanbul,we took a cap(or did it take uss?) and flew into town to a hotel with the most lousy room ive ever seen.we did spend a week in the old part of town,Stambul,and visited all the usual places. we entered a bus heading for Alanya. and was very exited about going into Asia.I remember an old man in the bus,sitting in the seat in fornt of uss...stange clothes, funny hat and fumbling with a strange little necklace all the time, i was quite surpriced when he suddenly left his seat and kneeled on the floor,I thougt he was sick and offcourse i offered him my help.... he wasnt excactly happy about it.After arrival to Alanya we found this nice little pension, it was placed by the beach on the eastern side of the center, and driven by a ritired teacher and his wife,yildirim was their name, the pension was placed exactly where the 16 kilometers of hotels starts these days...( I was told that 100 of them closed last winter)After 22 hours of busdriving. It was so nice to go to the beach, but just befor going i had a haircut (navycut) and drank a lot off water(not from a bottle). the sea looked so lovely and the sun was strong and warm. offcourse i was dressed in shorts only.An older woman sat on a stone by the water,I wondered,considering the heat, why she wore so much clothe- and it was all black... a astrange local custum. After some time, still dressed in shorts, i placed myself right next to the elder woman and tried to cummunicate with her...but she was so angry,and i never understood why....i was quite dissapointed about the result of my mission of intercultural contact, therefore i retired and injoyed a sunbath for an hour or two(ofcourse around noon), no doubt about the strength of the sun,my skin was glowing in red colours, and my head and stomack felt strange. Short after i looked like a drunk who fougth heavily to keep in balance as i tried to walk the 200 meters towards my bathroom where i stayed for hours ( I guess you dont need the details),the same day my clever girlfriend bought water in bottles a nice hat for me. Maby i wasnt so wellprepared after all...
  8. flemeni


    perfect for snorkeling
  9. flemeni


    hello All,is there any interrest in a new forum about this?best regards Flemming
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