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  1. hi dande she was less than half my ageshe liked older menIll say no more
  2. I am blessed with a Turkish cordon blue cookShe does not put salt in her own food because of high tension I think many Turks suffer from this. Ted
  3. Hi guysI am not a gardener but I put 30 fruit trees in my garden they are all growing and producing fruitted
  4. Hi all Reading these posts brings back memoriesI sat on the Turkish environment committee in 1984Stopped the German Hotel being built on Iztuzu beachDavid Bellamy was also in attendanceAlso dated his daughter Rosemary he heTed
  5. Hi ZehraI did see pictures looked like Brugge Could not believe itI think the river makes itTed
  6. Hi ZehraWell doneI was going to pay for Sikorsky lessons in EskişehirI also had a very beautiful girlfriend there she was an English teacher for THY hostesses Opps I found out she was Kurdish with 8 brothers I dropped her that was 23 years agoTed
  7. Awwthats sweet of you alice TedI know denizli fairly well we used to buy travertine from a quarry up the Pamukkale (Cotton castle lovely name) road you could walk all over the place in pamukkale 10 years ago there used to be a hotel owned by the council each suit had its own private hot water pool we used to sit in there naked in the middle of the night with bottles of Turkish champagne. If we go to Antalya from Izmir we normally go through Denizli
  8. First you need an Import and Export Agent talk to Sabahattin Yılmaz he probably knows somebodyYour machines may be a problem if over 3 years old. Unless your lorry can be customs sealed you cant do ityou can share space on a TIR lorry you just make your own case you could travel with the driverYou would get arrested in Greece or Bulgaria crossing with a lot produce in an unsealed lorry. You could try to find the Turkish drivers that go to the North of Holland every week and sell their produce in the Turkish market one of our members will know the place VillaOlivio. To export foodstuffs you need laboratory reports ie how much % bird sh*t, mouse sh*t, preservatives the list is long for importing into the UK. You will have to join the Ziraat (food) chamber of Commerce You will need Bill of LadingCertificate Country of OriginGuarantee Letter of credit how much do you want to take Tonnes or Kilos Load your suitcase and take it for personal consumption.
  9. Hi BenMy wife is writing a Turkish Mezze cookbook
  10. If you win a case in a Turkish court. Get the paper and carry it to the destination office.ie somebody sues you, you win, take this document to the bailiffs office or their is a chance he will still turn up on your doorstep and take your chattels.ie Kathy from Alanya she won her case for her husband to re-enter Turkey but he was still turned away at Antalya airport, she should have got the Judges paper and taken it to the main police office in Antalya. Please dont use lawyers from villages you need to find specialists in the big citiesGet a Kaymakam (Governor) to recommend oneIf you need an accountant ask somebody who is in the same business as you, who he uses
  11. Its on the bergama roadshipyard is behind Petkim refinerythe scrap shipyard is very interesting
  12. There is one private airport at Selcuk on the Kusadasi road they teach single engine $5000 to PPL I though that was cheap There is another in Eskisehir but its government all aircraft helcopter training and F15 they have an exelent range of helicopters
  13. I feel real sorry for you teaching guys, I would not get of my *rse for 2000 a week. I remember when I lived in Istanbul most English teachers were Dutch thumbing there way to India (1981) all were poor and underpaidTed
  14. I have been married to a Turkish girl for 20 years applied for settlement mid Jan got her visa 6 weeks later for 2yrs 3months, no interview no hassle. We went to England for holidays once a year My wife will be 60 1st april Ted
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