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  1. G'day, "As for the Meter Maids, there was talk of getting rid of them recently" ARRGGHHHH!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Sorry, forgot. "Bİ" of BIT, "RA" of RACCOON.. Bİ-RA There you go! No XXXX here!!! :cheers1[1]: Regards,
  2. G'day, "so where are you from originally?" MELBOURNE!! You are right of course, should have been "one day" Up to Cape York, there would be a few places that I haven't seen, including the islands and the reef.. The West, I missed it somehow.. Maybe ıt was the because they didn't have meter maids... Regards,
  3. G'day Christine, "but we believe our weather here is pretty much perfect all year round. " You meant "beautiful every day, perfect the next!" Lucky you!! ps; I can see you can spell "beer".... Regards,
  4. G'day, Just came back from Oz, so I can compare. No Pubs, Pokies where you can get cheap meals. Some shopping places now start to offer reasonable priced foods, like İKEA, METRO... Meat and fish dishes close to double or more. Local alcohol (rakı) is like OUZO and 25 TL and upwards for 700 cc.. (yummy) You can FIND Fosters here about 3 TL 500 cc. (depending on place) local beer EFES is an excellent one, recommended. (especially the DARK one %6.1, and the EXTRA is %7 something, I think.. Most comes with an 500 cc (half a litre bottles, but 330 cc also available.) Restaurant make most of their profit from drinks, a 25 TL a bottle rakı in shops will cost 55 TL plus in a restaurant.. NO BYO.... Beware!! Anything they going to offer with food, salad water, fruit, coffee are all extra.. Don't go in or start to order before you see the price list, unless you are loaded with money and don't care.. We do have members like that too. (RİCH) Unless you see people writhing with agony between tables, it can be assumed safe! Staying clear the tourist run will save you money. Ask about the cost fırst, once the deed is done, it is useless to argue! (in most cases) I am sure you are going to love Turkey and your stay!!! Regards,
  5. G'day, We went into the testing station in Bodrum-Konacık yesterday. They confirmed Ken's comment by saying "ONLY THE FACTORY TİNTİNG" is acceptable.. The tester simply made BIG crosses with a scraper inside the the glass and told us to come back after we removed it all.. I would like to hear it from someone who had better luck than my friend and I did! Regards,
  6. jozsika


    G'day Francine, Just tell him to have a long walk on a short pier, over shark infested waters. "- I got sick, had to go on leave from work and trusted I could then depend on him to pay bills until I could return to work. He would only pay sporadically and with much resentment to do so, leaving me to use all my employment insurance while on sick leave to appease his dismay so that he would not have to pay everything." After that you should not bother with him at all.. Regards,
  7. G'day, 30 minutes of disturbing video. Worth watching. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-864522917532871834# Regards,
  8. G'day, http://www.turkeycentral.com/index.php?showtopic=3274 Readf this thread, Noname.. And the 419ers, of course.. Regards,
  9. I sure did!!! It corrected me quickly when I tried to fool it.. :D (Knowingly, of course!) Honestly, I'd recommend it to anyone who likes to travel, driving around. Regards,
  10. G'day, I belong to the "No sense of direction" club! So my Navking 450M is heaven-sent to me! I even found Ikea in İzmir!!! Regards,
  11. G'day Meral, İt certainly is!! Works on both 2 or 4 legged ones. 200.000 to 500.000 volts delivered,(depending on the type-brand) not lethal, only 20 micro amper, world standard set for safe usage. It is for protection only, of course. We have stray dogs here, just the crackling noise it emits was enough to scare them off so far. Regards,
  12. G'day, The best form of defense is to attack. These units are legal in Turkey, also found in gun shops or on the net. Called "elektro şok cihazı".. Best selling self protecting devices in the USA, is worthwhile investment of about 45-60 TL. Recommended.. Regards,
  13. G'day, Hard to tell, any chance of you taking a clearer pic? Regards,
  14. G'day BenH, We also say "come down here"!!!! :hysterical[1]: See, there is also horseradish is available! (Good luck with your diet) :drunk[1]: Regards,
  15. G'day,Thank you guys, I didn't see any around here. Where do they hide them? Next to sauces or mustards? Turkish name is "acı k
  16. *Hic* Hellooooo Angela. Whoo caresh bout goat-mole 'n spartacugas 'n salsa dance *Hic* chuckur!! buy shome. cab-sav!! *Hic* 'n it takesh less dan minit. 'n few secs to shwallo.. Bet it tashtes *Hic* better... Mmmmmmmm... Regards,
  17. G'day RokaKoma, Turkish language beats your-our language, I think! According to the Vikipedia, the longest Turkish word are; "Muvaffakiyetsizleştiricileştiriveremeyebileceklerimizdenmişsinizcesine" Explained as; We are in a teachers' training school which has evil purposes. How to make unsuccessful ones is being taught to the teachers who are being educated in that school. So teachers are educated as makers of unsuccessful ones. However one of those teachers refuse to be maker of unsuccessful ones which means made a maker unsuccessful ones. He talks about it and criticizes. The headmaster who thinks he can make one easily/quickly a maker of unsuccessful ones gets angry. He invites the teacher to his room and says: "You are talking like you would be from those we can not easily/quickly make a maker of unsuccessful ones, right?" Hence the word above! Sorry Saffron, couldn't help it! Did I write this post? Regards,
  18. G'day BenH, Sorry to hear this.. No, I am not going to say;" Sell that place and move on".. Pest control places I queried all agree on the same thing: You are missing the breeding-infesting spot somehow.. Animals outside are not the cause.. Once that spot is found and treated, the problem should vanish. After all you have been through, you really deserve "problem free" times.. Regards,
  19. G'day,If the voltage is same, change the plug, as far as the sockets coming out of the wall, there is a gadget called "FİŞ-
  20. G'day Talulh, İt is the no that you need to follow up. No info found for that barcode YET But don't despair, it takes mıuch longer than they predict. Remind me in a week time, please.. Regards,
  21. G'day, Priority mails should have a tracking number on them. (or register no) Get that, I'll try to chase it for you. Regardsi
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