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    I love my family and all that fun that entails such as 4H meeting, FFA meeting, Cloverbuds, Michigan Trail Riding Association group rides on our horses. I love to knit, bake sweeties and other treats.

    I love gardening and preserving my harvests.

    I love to drink green teas and coffee.

    I have a growning love for a certain country oversea, which I find has many of the same founding ideas and beliefs I hold dear to my own heart.

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  1. Ok, this is aimed more towards my American friends who know how we're taught to proper address envelopes and packages. What is the proper formatting for addressing the so I can FedE or UPS to Turkey? In the States we follow this format. Janan Horne112233 ABSD DriveCrazyville, MI 48349I'm sending a package to a friend. It has to go to Izmir. HELP!!! Love,Janan
  2. How funny and I actually understood the "smashed bees".
  3. I quit... I'll never learn Turkish... LOL. My family has all suffered strep throat this week. How would I say that in Turkish. boğaz ağrısı ben?
  4. Ewwww, not pictures of the procedure....gross! I could hardly stand to take care of babies peepee after they were circumcized, the poor lads. I was talking about the pictures of my friends child in his lovely clothes and his sister also had a lovely dress too. I understand that now. As for leaving this forum...nope. I've made friends. I hope I've become a friend to some. I didn't know it was one sided. Girls don't get a celebration like the boys nor get to be bridemaids...that is one sided!
  5. I googled it and from all the pictures of the celebrations and the look of pride in the young "mens" eyes...it is so touching and sweet. My friend's son had his celebration in August and he posted many pic's on Facebook. Now that I've researched it I can understand it better. BTW... I'm getting tired of researching...!!!! grrrrr:( LOL, only four nore weeks of this block of classes and then I get to venture into Mass Media Overview and history and Introduction to Philosophy...whewwwww.
  6. Thanks Abi, you are always so helpful and informative.
  7. I am curious about circumcision celebrations? Is this a Turkish tradition or is it practiced in all of Islam? Can someone please explain this to me. From a western view, I had my all my son's penises circumcisized shortly after birth. I know the Jewish celbrate with a Brist (sp). Also, what is a jinn? I've come across this term in "My name is Red" by Orhan Pamuk. Does it mean an evil spirit becuase that is how I am interpreting it. Again, I thank you all for your help. Janan
  8. Now that is very sweet and romantic. I knew my husband for many years as a friend and then on the day a mutual friend got married... I noticed him in a romantic sense. I can still remember this so vividly, my sweet man was in a suit and looked wonderful. So I turned on my charm...hehehe and actually flirted with him. The rest is history. 18 years later I can still look at him and get a bellyful of butterflies... Bravo for you and your wife.
  9. Jhorne1701

    Yes it does snow in Turkey

    It snow's in Turkey? Wow, it could almost pass for my home during winter. How lovely.
  10. Jhorne1701

    Im Back !

    I'm new here but I am thrilled to read your wonderful news. Many happinesses to your new husband and yourself.
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