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  1. benhalterci , the first wife has been well looked after by us for the past 10 years, her family won't look after her let alone her children. no-one else is gonna marry her with 2 kids in tow. im not sure how the law works in turkey but in there divorce papers the eldest son's rights were given to my hubby and she had the rights to the youngest anyway. she can't control the eldest and for the past year has been begging us to take him.but we have found out that the kids visas aren't being allowed, we are waiting for the letter so i don't know why yet but i will let you all know as soon as i do.don't know what we are gonna do now, my hubby had put everything on them coming here with us, we aren't gonna be able to keep them any longer over in turkey. with the credit crunch over here we are only just managing ourselves. the eldest has dropped out of school (doesn't really matter as his grades were really bad) hes 16 now and hs uncle is on about taking him to marmaris this summer. i keep telling my hubby thats not the life he should want for him cos he will only turn out a sl**per like his uncle.we are stuck in england at the moment as we can't afford to sell up here but i didn't want to yet until our kids have got through school.
  2. my husband is a turkish kurd. you are welcome to talk to him if u like.hes off work tommorrow night so if you post some questions im sure he would answer them.thanks leanne
  3. he used to work in marmaris . the last time i saw him was in 1997 he was just going to do his national service he was 20 then. his family all live in ankara.he was a really helpful friend back then and i would love to know how hes doing.thanks leanne
  4. so if my hubby is still married to his ex wife in turkey (the uk one that lasted 6 months) then our marriage has no standing in turkey. so this will make the chances of the kids getting visas very slim then surely ?he has a paper saying she's given up her rights to both kids. she can't take the kids with her back to her dads house as they don't want them, and i will be damned if we gonna keep her for another 8 years he gave up all rights to keeping her when they divorced. my hubbys parents are too old to look after the kids, so the only option we have is to bring them here.but it looks like thats not gonna happen now.we should have done this years ago when they were little really, it would have been easier for all of us.
  5. the oldest is 16, he cant wait to come here as he thinks its the easy path to take and he will beable to do anything.the youngest is 10, hes scared but when ive spent time with him we got on really well, he also gets on well with my boys to as hes nearer there age.its gonna be really hard having 5 kids to look after, theres gonna be lots of jealousy too as the big ones haven't spent hardly anytime with me or there dad were vertually stangers but they will have more chances here and wont be forced into marriages here as there dads more westernised than most turkish men.
  6. weve got papers saying that my hubbys ex wife has given him responsability for both kids. in his divorce papers to her, he has sole responsability for his eldest and she has responsability for the youngest and he should pay her 35tl a month each maintainance . but we have bank statements too proving my hubby has been sending
  7. sorry its really confusing but hes had 3 wives.wife 1 turkish arranged marriage when he was 16 years old resulting in 2 children ( these are the kids we are appling for we know where they are) and he is divorced from her.wife 2 english in london somewhere he was with her 6 months they are divorced in england but are still married in turkey.wife 3 is me we have been together 8 years married 6 years in england have 3 kids together.we have the form but its for both spouses and dependants its a bit grey as to exactly what documents they require us to have so thats why i was asking on here.i hope that makes a bit more sense as it is a bit of a mess.thanks leanne
  8. i spoke to a lawyer yesterday and it looks like i am married to omer in england.but omer is still married to his ex wife in turkey.we have to have his english divorce papers stamped in milton keynes, not sure what this stamp is, if anyone has any idea i would be grateful if you would let me know?the lawyer i spoke with yesterday said it will be harder to do this divorce as we have to find his ex wife after 8 years this should be fun.not sure if any of this is gonna mess things up with the kids visas then aswell. we dont even know what paperwork we need to put with the kids visas.i thought :-bank statements both his and mine.proof of morgage on our house and solicitors letters saying we have bought itgas, electric ,phone bills,proof we pay money to keep the kids in turkey,wage slips and proof of employmentif anybody has any experience and thinks we are lacking in some paperwork please let me know as weve only got 7 days left to get this together.thankyou leanne
  9. hi sorry fo butting in your post but from what people have said it looks like im not even married to my husband.he married someone else was with her in uk for 6 months, he left her she devorced him in the uk but he is stll married to her in turkey . we met and got married in the uk. am i married to a bigamist ?
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