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  1. Welcome EnglishGent,I too would like to welcome you to the forum and WOW WOW WOW you got a visa without an interview, hand on heart I think it was because your wife had lived , worked and studied in the UK before you got married and that helps a lot in making a decison. I am so pleased , well elated to read that your story had an extreamely happy ending and i wish you well for the future. I have read and listened about too many people refused , like Debbie my husband too was refused but a battle and hard slog through the courts finally got my husband back into the UK.
  2. Hi there,CONGRATULATIONS on your pending marriage. My wedding took around 90 seconds and it was all over !!! I asked if i needed a translator but was told all that was required of me was to say yes twice , once to confirm my name and once to confirm i wanted to marry. When I heard my name mentioned and the registrar stopped and looked at me i knew i had to say yes in Turkish. Again after a few words in Tukish and I heard my name and then my husbands name mentioned and the registrar stopped and looked at me i knew it was my cue to say yes again. It was all done and dusted in about a minute and half and im not kidding !!!! Now because ive only got married once in Tukey I dont know if ceremonies differ from region to region and maybe more may be required in your wedding but it might be worth finding out first before going to the expense of hiring a translator only to hear do you want to marry....... and does your intended want to marry you. poof and its all over LOL. Hope all goes well.
  3. Many thanks Sunny, I just couldn't see anything around that indicated further burials , albeit it was the background. Yes of course my condolences to his family , how shocking to hear he was only in his 50's.
  4. what wonderful news, as some of you know I am in to animal charities and support when I can. It is great news to hear the RSPCA have come to Turkey.
  5. Hi All,Please excuse my ignorance here , the photos appear to show the burial taking place in a woodland, can people be buried where they like or how does it work. This a subject I know nothing about except like already mentioned muslims get buried very quickly after death
  6. perhaps i didnt word my post very well,you have to be in Turkey 21 days if you apply for the CONI after you get to Turkey, just like in the UK you have to wait 21 (sorry i said 28 days before) BUT if you get your CONI in the UK before you fly out you can get married straight away without having to wait for the cert to be processed.sorry if i confused you
  7. Hi Karen, You only need to stay in Turkey 28 days IF you apply for the certificate of non impediment once you are over there, the same rule applies as it does in the UK, You apply at your registry office then have to wait 28 days whilst it is published to allow anyone to appeal against it. If you take it with you, ie apply in the uk you can get married as soon as the other paperwork that cannot be done in the UK has been completed, which can be done if you are on the ball in 48hrs !! , well i did LOLHope this helps
  8. This isn't a story but an observation that I have noticed with my husband, When we have been on long coach journeys together my husband will spark up conversations with just about anyone, usually the person sat opposite him in the aisle (unless a woman) and the steward. Now I can't get my head around this, he can talk for 6 hrs and when i asked him what he talked about he says everything. So i ask, is he married , he replies, dunno I didn't askWhat does he do for a job - dunno I didn't askHas he got any children - dunno i did't ask.mmmmmmmmWhere is he going - dunno I didn't askWhere does he live - dunno I didn't askNow how the hell can my husband have convesations lasting hours with these people and yet they don't actually discuss anything !!! :hysterical[1]:please don't tell me its just my husband lol there's got to be more out there like him
  9. Hi Sania,Lovely to have read your story, sounds like you are slowly but surely making your way around the country lol. I am so pleased to hear all went well.
  10. I am thrilled to read this post Cas , so sorry for not responding sooner but lost internet connection. See its not that diffucult when you know how lol !!!! Many happy years together and of course CONGRATULATIONS
  11. Hi Mike,When my husband and I visited Istanbul we too visited the Blue Mosque as it gave him great pleasure to pray in such an impressive place , i have dscussed the question you had about wanting to pray shia when the majoirty are sunni and he states shia and sunni are not too different and muslim is muslim and he can see no problems that you will come across. We too have scoured the net for hotels and there are just too many to choose from and it would be difficult to recommend but there are others on here who have pointed me in the right direction, if you trawl trough the istanbul posts on here you will find a couple of hotels that members have stayed at and rated as worth staying at. Money well it depends on what acocmodation you take, whether your hotel includes meals etc but i found that the city was comparitively cheap to travel and get into attractions but i am comparing them on uk prices which are expensive. I do hope you find satisfaction when you visit and i am sure you will thoroughly enjoy your visit there,I cant wait to go back
  12. jackieeuk


    me to i get very excited when i hear the name . Its very close to my heart too
  13. Hi Cas,I got married 2 yrs ago in Turkey and the blood tests are for HIV,HEP-B,chlamidia (sp) , syphiliss and one more that i cant put my finger on at the moment. Unless the law has changed within the last 2 yrs i cannot recollect getting an international licence to marry but that doesnt mean to say you dont need one, there are ways and means in Turkey and because i didnt have one doesn't mean to say someone else will ask for one. All i took the the resigtry office was the medical test results and my cert of non imp along with my passport that was it . My husband had to take his divorce papers and his ID card along with his blood tests.
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    i was going to ask if anyone had any photos of dalyan to share with me and here i find eva had already posted some, very very stunning, i know i am totally convinced this is one place i will enjoy
  15. Hi Lillet,Lozenge and Debbie have given you some lovely advice , I have been trying to find some information but failed miserabley, The only thing i can add is to perhaps contact a specialist solicitior in the UK before going out to Turkey so you are armed with the correct information before you go to the aurtohrities over there and so you will have an insight of what you are expected to do and you are not hood winked into something that might not be necessary. If i can find any information i will contact you.
  16. congratulations Alison for your long term marraige, like sirin she too has been married a long time, i dont think the situation will change in bars,resturants and clubs until girls and women start saying no and in the time begging will go away but whilst they can do an easy scam they will carry on BUT havin said that, if there is no prior warning that these men are not genually in love then they arnt to know to look out for them!! catch 22 really.its only after the horse has bolted that the stable door is bolted and they come home and start trawling the net and find sites that tell the tales of others.experience and common sense prevails but sadly a lot of the younger element don't have either and the older element are the other end of the scale experienced but very lonely and wear their hearts on their sleeves through sheer lonliness. i dont think i know of anyone who doesnt like compliments when its aid to them in such a convincing and sincere way.when we go on holiday we do change and we leave our brains at home because all we want is a good time and things that would have an efect on us at home doesnt necessarialy mean we will act in the same way to situations when on holiday.
  17. some of the nicest pictures ive seen of the area, a credit to you
  18. I have never heard this before, how facinating , how strange i love reading up on turkish and native american culture. we had a native american member here but sadly he never came back after saying hi. i pm'd him a few times but didnt get a response one day
  19. Hi Gail-Anne,A warm welcome to the forum,Believe me you are not alone in the refusal, the problem to me seems to be that the ECO (Entry Clearence Officer) doesnt actually look at all the evidence you produce to evidence your relationship. On the grounds of the human rights law and the law "the right to live a family life" they ALWAYS turn people down on the grounds that they do not believe that your relationship is subsisting because they are not allowed to use any other excuse on the grounds of infringing the above laws. They, I would imagine have also mentioned lack of evidence in certain areas of your application which is actually there , I am saying this because this has been 100% of all the cases i know about! My husband too was refused nearly 2 yrs ago and we had to go through the court of appeal to get him here but it took time and money and won hands down because all the evidence was there to suggest our relationship WAS subsisting . One excuse they gave us apart from the fact they didnt believe our relationship was subsisting was that there was lack of evidence "to suggest" regular contact between us whilst we were apart and yet in our bundle of paperwork were detailed phone bills evidencing daily calls to turkey and sometimes 3 times in one day and over 1,000 text messages which were too documented on a daily basis on top of the calls, not one day went by in 12 months that i couldnt evidence "regular contact" . They just DON'T look at what you supply. I could go on and on but will keep this as brief as i can. I can only imagine your grief and if it is of any comfort you are not alone and my thoughts are with you. Appeal as soon as you can because only recently have I read where 2 seperate couples have had their refusal overturned within the 28 days that they are allowed to re-assess their original decison but this is only done after they received your appeal application. Keep in touch.
  20. its very hard to give out warnings without it sounding like the whole nation are bad. I have never met such kind and respectful people in my life than the Turks. we have entered their world , turned it upsidedown in some places of course this is going to have an effect on their behaviour esp the younger element who are able to adapt quicker but not necessarilly for the better. My husbands family are not poor by turkish standards but they dont have all the mod cons that we take for granted, they only buy when they NEED and not when they WANT, ie they have an ancient tv , it must be 25 yrs old , i said go and buy a nice new one! the reply came why ? we dont need a new one this one still works !! food for thought how i waste so much over here but even me visiting them has opened the eyes of the children ! i brought them an intendo game each last time i visited and so now the youngest has investigated and has heard of the dreaded PS and now he wants a PS , now he knows about laptops and he wants a laptop ( i didnt take mine, i "can" leave mine at home when i go away lol) but hes learnt about them, a mobile phone he has seenbefore but his father has a basic one, when he saw mine , it took photos and videos WOOOW now he wants one of these, bearing in mind he is 6 !! lol so even i am responsible for bringing in westernised ways to turkey lol. his mother says he's driving the family crazy with "i want,i want, i want " but its changing to "I NEEEEEEED" as if his life will terminate in an instant if he doesnt get them lol. He genuinely doesnt know what a play station is but non the less he's now heard of it and HE NEEEEEEEDS ONE.im not going to mention nintendo Wii god forbid lol
  21. sirin i totally agree and i might get a few neg responses after people reading this but i am writing from my heart and what i have known to be true, by the way im not talking from experience but from experiences i have learned from others. different people talking out but the same senario's keep popping up i believe that it is us who have caused this. we are the ones who entered their country and its us who undress (i mean wear swim wear, cropped tops,shorts and us who like to lift our tops and bear all after too many sherbets) and enter the bars and its us who drink until we can drink no more and so in a way our westernised cutlure has brought this on upon ourselves in a way.by us i mean western people. BUT i am not sticking up for bad behvaiour!girls just be aware of their tactics but also have an open mind,there are some lovely turkish people and most of them are, they are such kind and sweet by nature and they will move hell and high water to accomondate you and treat you so well , its just the temptations arise when people are on holiday, they want a good time and when you have a good time your guard comes down because you are in a holiday arura mode and the real world is a million miles away and what money is spent is from hard savings or a loan and has to be paid back but when we are on holiday all natives see the same wallets or purses full of money being dished out endlessly and i truely believe that is how they perceive us as living in the uk.holidays are for letting your hair down and having a great time but keep your self respect! but sirin has posted a great post , just dont buy everything they say to you esp the "i love you and you are so different from anyone else i have met" they are real classic lines of getting you to fall for them.the further inland you travel the better insight you will get to experience true turkish hospitality with all the glizz removed from party nightclub atmosphere but you might start having language barrier problems. dont let us put you off, just be aware that not everyone who says i love you, i love your eyes, actually mean it.go and enjoy but remember!!
  22. Hi MOL,Ive started a new topic (above) but omitted to mention the ring. It depends on fiancee . it seems that Turkish women dont mind whether there is a ring or not but a lot of the marriages are still semi arranged and so a ring isnt needed or wanted where as the west we girls like rings and so it is normal for a ring to be bought for a european or non Turk but it also depends on finances if they can afford one they buy one and also it depends on whether the fiancee accepts that he cant buy a ring as well, keep nagging and she''ll eventually get one but for Turkish women it isnt quite so important
  23. IN REPSONSE TO MOL's POST This might take a while! whilst i am writng this i want you ALL to know that i am NOT directing anything towards ANYONE just the senario's of how things are in Turkey and why they have come to be. Turkey has become a very popular holiday destination in recent years which has lead to many more jobs opening up , more than the locals can fill. this spread across turkey like wildfire and you will quite often find now the the bar workers, night club workers are all from different parts of the country in particular the most poverish areas the south east or are Kurdish . they can go wild at suddenly seeing scantily clad ladies , men will be men lol on a serious note ! - they work all summer sending money home to support their famillies and their wages are low and yet they need income to support themselves whilst working so start up little games to earn more money. these shy muslim boys have come from remote villages where they havent ever seen their mothers ankle let alone anything else and then suddenly thrown in to this mad westernised world of bikini's and scantily clad women, drinking and getting drunk and throwing money around like someone dealing a deck of cards. they are then tutored by a more experienced man to flirt , the bar and night club owners encourage their staff to do this because it means one more punter for his business she will want to keep coming back and spending money at the establishment just so she can be with him.they very quickly learn how to do this and the wuicker they learn the faster they get money and gifts The men are taught to say the most wonderful things to make the girl feel so special and they tell them that they love them and how they have never ever seen a girl like her before and that she is sooooo different from all the others ! this is a ploy to get the girl to fall for him. this goes on from girls of 17 up to women in the 70's !!! beleive me ive seen some photos of such young men draped over the shoulder of elderly women . the elderly are usually widows and thats the reason behind it. they are lonely , they love the attn of a young man and last but not least they are loaded ! and thats what its all about. women have lost thousands upon thousands by giving all their savings to their beau believing that he is setting up a business for THEIR future, once the money is in his account he's off, the money is lost forever can i point out a few lines these men give in order to try and get some money or gifts out of women. 1. i need a new mobile phone, an expensive one so i can keep in contact with you when you go home, cheap ones are no good 2. i need designer clothes to keep up with my friends , i need to look good for my job but i dont have any money. 3. i need new trainers , the ones i wear is all i have 4. come with me and i'll show you around. when it comes to paying the man shrugs his shoulders and says hes got no money. the woman pays for the lot. meals, trips,care hire, drinks etc etc and he's had a wonderful day out and not spenta penny. 5. my mum,dad, sister anyone infact is very ill in hospital and i need money for their operation to save their life many of these men are married back in their village and their wife knows what they are up to but unfortuantely even though islam states man and women are equal l they are certainly not ! she has to put up with it because she knows she has no choice she cannot go above her husband but also she will live a better life from the money the men get out of the tourists and they keep quiet. its not uncommon for a turk to tell a woman just how much he loves her within 10-15 mins of meeting her. because she believes him she is quite happy to part with their money as they feel sorry for them. then there is the requesting cash, i need money,mother, uncle brother whoever is very ill in hospital (as mentioned above) and i need money for their operation, CRAP dont get taken in by this, most, even the most impoverish of people have medical insurance and if they dont because turkey wants to join the EU they have had to come up to scratch with european laws and there is now a kind of national health service so no one needs money for an emergancy operation. These men will even go as far as to take their new girfriend home, introducing them to their family , making the whole senario more plausable. thousands upon thousands are also looking for a way out of turkey and will marry and suffer the 2 years they have to live with their wife in order to get their indefinate leave to remain visa, that entitles them to live in the uk permenantly after they have lived with their wife on the 2 yr settlement visa then they are off. there are some good ones out there but unfortuantely there is absolutely no way of telling which ones are and which arnt and if i was to stick my neck out i would have to say 96% in resorts will only have their own interests at heart but the genuine ones unfortuantely get tarred with the same brush and because they say them same words and mean it you just cant tell them apart . if he loves her he will move hell and high water to keep in contact with her . They are soooo very passionate and caring and if he has found his love in your daughter whether he was working or not he would keep in contact. They can be extreamely jealous and if he loved your daughter out of sheer curiousity he would be texting her wanting to know what she is up to. unfortuantely its only after girls get hurt do they go looking on the internet and get to read some real horror stories, they are not warned up front on how charming these men are and can be . they will take women for all they have got and move on with just a mere shrug of the shoulders. if your daughter hasnt heard from him and she really needs to text him just get her to send one reminding him of her number and if he replies saying sorry he has been busy, i suspect that he has been busy but with someone else!! e people who suspect their boyfriends are playing around text them and tell them get have a ticket and are flying out to see them and the excuses coming flying back as to why she shouldnt come !! No one can make your minds up your daughter must follow her instincts but this is just to outline how these men work, they quite often have several on the go and have to be very clever to arrange their girlfriends visits so they dont clash (which does happen) and all hell lets loose lol. this will give people an "idea" with what females can be faced with and please dont think that this is written for every single person who has met a turk, im married to one but i didnt meet him on holiday. Please bear in mind this isnt aimed at anyone but hope MOL tis will assist your daughter , only she ca make the final decison Kind Regards Kangal
  24. Hi Mol,i will send you a PM as well as replying on here, give me a little while as its my husbands uk driving test shortly and im just sorting him out then i'll have a couple of hours to write a reply. There are lots of concerns getting involved with a resort worker however, that doesnt mean to say that they are all bad.i'l explain later
  25. mem that sounds like sheer stupidity. only the owner and family allowed to use the car , would have thought with correct insurance it would bepar for the course for visitors to be able to use the car when staying at your premises, making a car stand up like that for months at a times doesnt do it any good, never heard of anything so daft in all my life. Who makes up these laws,rules and regualtions,
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