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  1. Welcome EnglishGent,I too would like to welcome you to the forum and WOW WOW WOW you got a visa without an interview, hand on heart I think it was because your wife had lived , worked and studied in the UK before you got married and that helps a lot in making a decison.I am so pleased , well elated to read that your story had an extreamely happy ending and i wish you well for the future.I have read and listened about too many people refused , like Debbie my husband too was refused but a battle and hard slog through the courts finally got my husband back into the UK.
  2. Hi there,CONGRATULATIONS on your pending marriage. My wedding took around 90 seconds and it was all over !!! I asked if i needed a translator but was told all that was required of me was to say yes twice , once to confirm my name and once to confirm i wanted to marry.When I heard my name mentioned and the registrar stopped and looked at me i knew i had to say yes in Turkish.Again after a few words in Tukish and I heard my name and then my husbands name mentioned and the registrar stopped and looked at me i knew it was my cue to say yes again.It was all done and dusted in about a minute and half and im not kidding !!!!Now because ive only got married once in Tukey I dont know if ceremonies differ from region to region and maybe more may be required in your wedding but it might be worth finding out first before going to the expense of hiring a translator only to hear do you want to marry....... and does your intended want to marry you. poof and its all over LOL.Hope all goes well.
  3. jackieeuk


    Hi Karen,Is anyone who can just keep an eye on your appt whilst its left vacant? Just incase !I bet you are looking forward to seeing your husband again , enjoy your days in the UK to gather your thoughts.Whilst at home have a look Sunny like said and see if you can find an article in the local news about this woman glassing another (not that you cant in Turkey) .It really does sound like you need a new laywer but what you have said isn't uncommon I believe, some tend tend to collect and not do much for it.Enjoy your trip to the UK as much as you can and gather your thoughts
  4. jackieeuk


    Hi Karen,I am so sorry to hear that the intimidating is still continuing, On this occasion you have 3rd party wintesses, the resturant staff !! the female wanted to sit right next to you after like you said, you allegedly hit her.You have a witness in your friends, however I am not sure if like in the UK that friends and family witness statements don't carry so much clout because its considered that they will be biased although they are used of course but having any witness who isn't directly connected with either party is an absolute bonus.I for one couldn't live like what you're going through and would have to move for my own sanity. It appears that she has some MH issues and like you say there is no telling what she will do for revenge.I am hoping that you could find it in yourself to move , start a new life in another town and i am sure you will find peace.You also have the knowledge now that people who were once friends with this couple are now giving them a wide berth, that in itself tells you something.Do they have harrassment laws in Turkey? I would speak to your lawyer about having a harrassment order place upon them ,if one exists in Turkey which will give the police more clout to deal with them if they approach you.If you need to make a complaint against them it will have to be the police first, the judge deals with the case after the investigation and it goes to court and this is a new complaint now although it is connected with the original complaint so would have to be investigated first.The dilema now that i can see is that the police have appeared to be influenced in someway so again i personally would take guidance from your lawyer.Is there more than police station in your town? If so go to a different from the one dealing with their complaint so that you don't have the risk of the same officers being involved.
  5. Many thanks Sunny, I just couldn't see anything around that indicated further burials , albeit it was the background.Yes of course my condolences to his family , how shocking to hear he was only in his 50's.
  6. Sorry me neither CAS , when I did ours it was in paper form. They apparently changed it because they re-vamped the form to make it easier for people. OBVIOUSLY NOT going by what you wrote above.Sounds more complicated that when I did it.Ill have a look at the form and see if 2 heads are better than one.
  7. what wonderful news, as some of you know I am in to animal charities and support when I can. It is great news to hear the RSPCA have come to Turkey.
  8. Hi All,Please excuse my ignorance here , the photos appear to show the burial taking place in a woodland, can people be buried where they like or how does it work. This a subject I know nothing about except like already mentioned muslims get buried very quickly after death
  9. Thank you for your replies, I can see with each generation that people change , i was curious about the older element . My husband is adament that within 10 years most part of Turkey will be the same as the rest of the world, already children are begining to back chat their elders when , when he was a lad no one would dare do this. He has also noticed in the evenings in Ortkoy (Aksaray not Istanbul) that there are groups of teenagers hanging out in the streets when again not so many years ago this was unheard of.I joked and told him to open a nightclub and his repsonse was " Allah Allah" lol, guess not then Appreciate your replies on this subject.
  10. My brother in law is a channel hopper on tv and if he comes across a channel which has a woman wearing something that reveals a bit too much the channel is switched at lightening speed if his parents,children or wife are in the room (i guess he doesnt if he is alone lol) , we were watching a circus once for about an hour and then the trapese artist came on with her thong, well he glanced sideways at me, i started sniggering because he started blushing and i know what he was thinking, his eyeballs nearly fell out their sockets my sister in law slapped him and the remote was snatched out his hand .
  11. Hi All,As many of you live in the resorts and have many Turkish friends whether you could answer a question ive pondered over for a while and thats "have the older element of the Tukish community become immune to the way tourists behave sometimes" (not always) .I have wondered if the older members of the community have become immune to loutish behaviour (again im not tarring all with the same brush) and the dress code of tourists or have they just had to accept it but still feel uncomfortable around tourists . Its something ive wondered about for a while. When i say dress code i mean shorts, and strappy tops,vests etc which are quite the norm to us but show a bit too much for others.Many years ago i got talking to a young man in Tunisia and he was saying how it saddened his parents and grandparents that they couldn't go to the beach anymore in the hot summer months to sit and cool down a bit in the breeze because of the topless and near naked people because his town had recently become a popular tourist resport. it was something they just couldnt do and that this was their home town , their beach and their life which i could understand.After 20 odd years I have never forgotten his words and how it affected me and wondered if people have become more accustomed now as more and more people are going to muslim countries and so people have adapted and dont mind seeing alcohol and people showing a bit of leg and arm. I appeciate I was in Tunisia and I am now talking Turkey but in the more rural areas the Turks still cover upLooking forward to your replies
  12. perhaps i didnt word my post very well,you have to be in Turkey 21 days if you apply for the CONI after you get to Turkey, just like in the UK you have to wait 21 (sorry i said 28 days before) BUT if you get your CONI in the UK before you fly out you can get married straight away without having to wait for the cert to be processed.sorry if i confused you
  13. Hi Karen, You only need to stay in Turkey 28 days IF you apply for the certificate of non impediment once you are over there, the same rule applies as it does in the UK, You apply at your registry office then have to wait 28 days whilst it is published to allow anyone to appeal against it.If you take it with you, ie apply in the uk you can get married as soon as the other paperwork that cannot be done in the UK has been completed, which can be done if you are on the ball in 48hrs !! , well i did LOLHope this helps
  14. Just brilliant, abosolutely brilliant Dande.
  15. Thanks for writing this CAS most people use pay as you go and i know several people when it came to evidencing contact couldnt.just another number if people want to call landline to landline its 1p a minute with a minimal connection charge (cheaper after 6pm) but we use it all the time and my phone bill doesnt go over
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