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  1. Well, my husband got his visa for the US so we left Turkey in February. Before we left I had to give my landlord my bank info. so she could return the deposit in a month once all the bills had cleared. Of course I expected her to keep half of it for the bills and because we could only give 2 weeks instead of one month's notice but she wants to keep it all! She's claiming we left the apartment damaged. (We didn't. We actually left it in better condition.) Also, she says we didn't give 2 months which is rediculous because she never asked for 2 month's notice so we were shocked that she bumped it
  2. Is there any place in Istanbul that sells American sweet potatoes. I'm jonesing for some turkey with stuffing, cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes. I'll settle for just turkey and sweet potatoes though. Otherwise, we'll just have my favorite Persian dish (Fesenjun) on Christmas day.
  3. Just like I feared, he was put on AP. They stay at the Best Western was nice. We took the overnight train from the Asian side of Istanbul to Ankara. Slept in a two person compartment. My first time on an overnight train so it was fun and not too terribly uncomfortable. So we arrived at the hotel around 8 am but they let us go ahead and check into our room since it's the off season. I sure didn't want to wait around til noon. The room was nice enough but what really tickled my pickle is that it had a huge bathtub. After a year with nothing but a crummy old shower in our apartment here it was so
  4. I'm still waiting on a package sent through the regular mail from the US that was sent on Nov. 6th. Doesn't look like it will arrive before I leave for Ankara next week. It's much better to use UPS.
  5. It could be just a coincidence but I did see a guy walking around Bakirkoy wearing a blue polo shirt with a little american flag on it which is what my dad said he'd sent for my husband along with the docs. Argh.
  6. Ok, thanks a bunch. I'm still hoping it will arrive some time before we leave for Ankara Dec. 14th but I don't think it will since it has been 3 weeks already.
  7. That would be very kind of you jozsika! The customs form number my parents gave me a few days ago is LC978754771US. I'll have to wait until they wake up to see if they have some kind of register or tracking number. Any help would be much appreciated.
  8. My father sent a package priority mail from the US on Nov. 6th. It still hasn't arrived yet! I'm really worried because inside wasn't just a gift shirt for my husband but some really important and sensitive documents we need for my husband's visa interview at the American embassy next month. My father has sent new documents by UPS that arrived, thankfully. But we are still worried about the 1st package that never arrived because in the wrong hands all that info. on my parents could be used for identity theft. I've been to the Bakirkoy PO to complain and both times they say the same thing: "The
  9. Thanks guys. I'm sure he'll be approved. I'm just afraid he'll be put in AP for a month or more. I'll post here again after the interview and say how it went and give a review of the hotel.
  10. I booked a room at the Best Western Hotel Ikibin 2000 on hotels.com. It was $108 for a room with a double bed. The cheapest rates I found were on hostelworld.com. I saw a room at another hotel on hostelworld.com for $80 but is was further away so I didn't think it was worth it just to save $20.
  11. Thanks Dande & techguy. I checked out the site for the King Hotel but can't find the room rates. Right now I'm deciding between the slightly cheaper Deniz Atlanta Hotel and the closer Best Western Hotel 2000, unless the King Hotel is cheaper.
  12. My husband has his green card interview at the American Embassy in Ankara in December. The interview will be early in the morning so we will travel from Istanbul the day before and stay somewhere overnight. We've never been to Ankara before so I'm wondering where to stay that is both affordable and close to the US embassy. Are there any affordable places to stay that are in close walking distance of the American embassy?
  13. I would like a Hamsi (Anchovy) recipe if anyone has one. How do Turkish people prepare it? I've seen the Misir Unu in the store and want to know what to do with it. Do I dip the Hamsi in egg and then dip it in the Misir Unu and then fry it? Do Turkish people add any kind of herbs or spices to it before frying? And what kind of side dishes would you serve with it?
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