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    RTD, computer wiz who loves old bikes and diving. Supporting my partner in the Medical Tourism field.
  1. Thank you for the information. What happens if the car is owned by a company with english owners?
  2. Good morning, we all know the situation regarding cars. You will possibly be best looking at www. Sahibinden.com. It allows you to search by almost anything, price, make, area etc. In the top right hand corner is a Turkce/English button. There are nearly 200,000 cars always here. It looks very much like ebay but no auctions. Normally insurance here is for the owners so buying in joint names is a good idea. We pay 243 Ytl for a Hyundai Getz but thats any driver on Company policy. You will also have to remember MOT and Tax. but these are cheaper than UK. RegardsNick
  3. Alex. I notice also you have posted on Kusadasi.biz a slightly different post. Firstly driving in Turkey is different than the US but depends which part of US. You are used to. Having lived and worked in Santa Clara, and using that as a norm, Izmir is at least twice as aggressive. Here some of the basics are fundamentally not correct. A couple of examples would be who has right of way at roundabouts. There are rules but the average driver here does not know them. The white lines are not even consistent. You will also get left turns on dual carriage ways and no slip road so you are in fast lane at 90 then slow down to stop and find 2 or 3 sets of lights which means you are then stuck at the turn, so a car going faster will have swerve back in to the nearside or hit you. The horn is also used a lot but it’s a warning that the other driver is there or the lights are about to change. Except toll motorways the roads are bad (very bad) and have pot holes. Living 50km south of Izmir airport in a village, our road through the mountains is repaired at least 6 times a year by just adding more tarmac to the holes and stamping it in with their feet. This normally lasts a few weeks. When they build roads, there is no layers of hardcore and base coats you are used too. Personally I like driving here, Izmir is no worse than London of Paris. A lot less accidents, but when there is they a big ones. You just have to understand the psychology. There is crime and the amount depends on your location. Where in Izmir are you moving to? Our home which is village and up for sale is not normally locked nor is the car. I am a motorbike fan mad man possibly. I have just sold my bikes Moto Guzzi leman and Triumph Trident in the U. K. I also have some classics in Pakistan including an Indian Chief, and BSA rocket. It is not worth the hassle to bring them in. You will see in Chois the Greek island just off Cesme, a 100 or so cars and bikes parked in the port or abandoned, some have been there for years. You could bring your bike in but then you will need to get it re registered with M plates (Foreigner) unless you have a company then local plates. At this stage you have to pay the duty and KDV to the Turkish authorities. About 220% of what they think it is worth not the actual cost value. You are possibly better off finding the same model and paying the price here if you are staying. You could totally dismantle it and say its spares and then !!!!!! That’s a different way. There are some good bike clubs and these people are extremely friendly. Most of these motorbike fanatics including myself then get spares from Europe. Tyres are 800tl each locally so it is cheaper to just get them in from Europe. What bike do you have? Nick
  4. Some other sites for you to look at:http://www.otoeksper.com.tr/http://www.onlineoto.com/http://www.arabam.com/Some notes: It is worth registering on these sites as it allows you to save favourites. This will also get you notifications when the price is reduced. Also you should note that some ads have been on for 2or 3 years and generally are still live. It is not unusual to buy a car and put it back on at a profit the day you buy it. You can email all the sellers and get a response to your questions. Most sites especially Sahibinden will allow you to search by county and town. Remember all fines for speeding and outstanding finance are with the car not the person, as the buyer you will be liable when you go to the notorary. Generally prices can be negotiated, and you will see a great range of prices for the same car and year. A lot of ads have “original” in the ad this means it may have a dent of scrape but has not been fixed, in Turkey this dramatically reduces the resell value. You should also check out the road tax prices as these start high but do come down as the car gets older. (you dont want to pay 14,000 TL a year road tax if you can help it) http://www.turkisheconomy.org.uk/buyingpro...vehicle_tax.htmGood luck Nick
  5. For something totally different! About 9km from Kusadasi is the small organic traditional village of Kirazli in the mountains, there is a lovely boutique hotel called the muses house owned by a lovely Welsh man called Steve. Well worth a look www.museshouse.com
  6. Does any one know what this 19% or is it more or less? new car tax reduction is? How long does it last when did it start when does it finish? Thanks Nick
  7. We were contacted last week by a salesman wanting to market our house by putting it to a group of Hedge fund investment people, but the way the house prices move it seems this is not possible. We were then sent a jepg form to complete with a sale price put in euros for the spanish market, which is where they specialsed! I found a forum in spain which seems to have quite a few negative feed backs on these guys wanting money to sell the property!!! Thought people should be aware of these guys and would welcome any comments!! www.rightmoveinternational.com is the website, strange the number of spelling mistakes and the lack of property!spanish forum is http://www.absolutespainforum.com/general-...national-3.htmlCannot seem to upload file jpeg copy, possibly as new member
  8. Sunny many thanksfor the informatio. When i say i am retired. I am only 45 years old and do not have to work, I am here only on visa. Which i renew each 3 months. does this change thingsRegardsNick
  9. Hello everyone I am a semi retired computer professional man who has found his way to this lovely country with quaint and weird laws. I have collected over the years a number of motorcycles in the U. K. and am trying to understand what it costs and how it can be done to bring one or 2 motorcycles here to Turkey. One is a Moto Guzzi lemans 1986 1000cc. The other is a Triumph Trident 1966 750cc. I am in Turkey on a temporary visa from the airport. My partner is English, a home owner with her own company in the koy lands.
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