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  1. What happened to my reply to Emily?

  2. Sorry about that Alice I removing all the comments left by this person. Hope you and your family are well.. Abi :)

  3. What a clever way to examine bias. Thanks for sharing.
  4. We were porkless for six months and have been eating more of it than usual since coming back to Virginia. When we come back to Turkey, it will be with some vacuum packed country ham bits that can be added to omelets or soup to enhance the flavor. Good luck.
  5. The gender gap with directions came up in one of the articles we read in one of my classes. Turns out women tend to use landmarks to give directions such as go to the white church and turn left. Men tend to use directions such as go north three blocks then turn west. We had a rousing discussion about gender differences and directions. Later, on a quiz, I asked which wall of our classroom faced north. The male tech person was there and watched in utter amazement that, not only did the female students not know automatically, but the answers were evenly divided among the four choices. Women don't like compass points. However, women DO ask directions.
  6. We hung a Turkish flag in our window and we sense sincere appreciation from our neighbors.
  7. Hi Tracy, you have found a great support group here. Welcome to our forum.
  8. Those green almonds were also a surprise. When do the ripe plums appear in the markets?
  9. I thought those were GREEN plums. Are there any left to ripen? I like ripe plums better, I think.
  10. Glad you are back, Safron. ;-)
  11. You are certainly an adventurous person. Good luck with the move and welcome to the forum.
  12. This is great. I know this is a section I will be using a lot. Especially when I am home in Virginia and homesick for the good Turkish food. Thanks, Ben.
  13. Abused animals are more likely to be a problem. Same way with abused children!
  14. Does it have to be either/or?
  15. Today the dog was sound asleep and half the distance he was yesterday when he was a moving target. I really feel I saved him a bad wound as the man has a good arm!!! Maybe a target is just what the man wants.
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