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  1. What happened to my reply to Emily?

  2. Sorry about that Alice I removing all the comments left by this person. Hope you and your family are well.. Abi :)

  3. aliwake

    At School In Turkey

    What a clever way to examine bias. Thanks for sharing.
  4. aliwake


    Where is Gazipasa?
  5. Well, that's one history book my husband missed. Thanks for sharing.
  6. We were porkless for six months and have been eating more of it than usual since coming back to Virginia. When we come back to Turkey, it will be with some vacuum packed country ham bits that can be added to omelets or soup to enhance the flavor. Good luck.
  7. The gender gap with directions came up in one of the articles we read in one of my classes. Turns out women tend to use landmarks to give directions such as go to the white church and turn left. Men tend to use directions such as go north three blocks then turn west. We had a rousing discussion about gender differences and directions. Later, on a quiz, I asked which wall of our classroom faced north. The male tech person was there and watched in utter amazement that, not only did the female students not know automatically, but the answers were evenly divided among the four choices. Women don't like compass points. However, women DO ask directions.
  8. aliwake

    Turkish Flags

    We hung a Turkish flag in our window and we sense sincere appreciation from our neighbors.
  9. Hi Tracy, you have found a great support group here. Welcome to our forum.
  10. Well, depends on what you call in the middle of nowhere, BenH. ;-) Shopping is easy with two Mom&Pop groceries and a butcher shop within the block. Big shopping at Tansas is 4K down the road. Also Saturday market is there. We are 10K from Hierapolis in Denizli and it's been a central location for day tripping to many of the other ancient city sites. I've only observed in three school kindergartens, all with good teachers. I'd enroll my child in any of the three. The low income school had a wonderful teacher. Population of Denizli is 480,000. The city just got a landscaping award for all the beautiful plantings at the cross streets. Didn't like the coal smoke during the cold months. In fact, I'm still coughing. The mountains that surround the Menderes and Lycos valleys are really stunning but I do miss being on the water. I have been very satisfied here, but then we've been able to travel to see the countryside on the weekends. We will be in Istanbul for a couple of days this month to kick up our heels before we head back to Virginia.
  11. Those green almonds were also a surprise. When do the ripe plums appear in the markets?
  12. I thought those were GREEN plums. Are there any left to ripen? I like ripe plums better, I think.
  13. I think parents help their adult children a lot. I know the couple who own our apartment building of 12 units, has several of their grand children living here. I am assuming they are helping them with a break on their rent. Yes, I have heard that beans are the chief form of protein. No seafood and little meat each month. I guess you learn how to do it if you have to. My investigation in the kindergarten will be looking at the relationship of low income to math concepts among many other variables.
  14. I pay 400TL for a three bedroom apartment. It would have been 350 but I had to bargain to get a six month lease. I pay 150 TL a month for coal. I shop for the week's fruits and vegetables for 10 TL. Wine and beer are high. Freshly ground beef or lamb at the neighborhood butcher is 16TL a kilo which lasts a week for two. I usually also buy a chicken for 8TL and get two meals for two plus soup. Gas is high and we do travel on the weekends but that could be controlled with public transportation. We eat sade donner at least twice a week at 6TL each. I suspect that Istanbul is much higher than Denizli. I did a survey of parents that included family income. It is amazing how many families are living on 600 TL a month here. That would be a big challenge for me.
  15. Glad you are back, Safron. ;-)
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