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  1. Interesting, i would think that itv and channel 4 may follow suit, its a logical step and no need for proxies. .BBC iPlayer Subscription Cheaper License Fee BBC's iPlayer service is to be launched globally this year and it will cost people outside Britain HALF the price of the UK licence fee. The international version of the iPlayer app will cost less than $10 per month - £6.13 - which equates to around £73 per year. The annual license fee for UK viewers is £145.50 per year. 'We're exploring internationally what the right pricing and models are ... the most important thing is the consumer pricing is right,' said Mark Thompson, the BBC’s director general, at a conference in London. He added that the iPad service will launch 'definitely this year', and said it will cost, 'a small number of dollars per month, definitely fewer than 10'. The BBC has said that the global iPlayer app will not provide all of the BBC's content to overseas subscribers, but the catch-up service is expected to allow those abroad access to full series of shows. The licence fee gives Britons access to 10 TV channels and 55 radio stations, as well as the Online, Mobile and iPlayer services. However, the BBC said that the international iPlayer app will help to provide more funding for services for people in the UK, a view was echoed by industry experts.'There are two ways of looking at this,' Ian Maude, head of internet at Enders Analysis, told the Telegraph.'One way is that people overseas should pay more for BBC content than those in the UK who are forced to pay the licence fee, whether they like or not, as it is imposed as a flat tax.
  2. Anyone else disturbed by this. Does this affect Tourist areas also, will young tourists now have to stay away as they will not be able to purchase alcohol or go to bars? Can my young nephews and neices come here and have a leisurely drink if they wanted. This seems to be islamic ideaology coming by creeping stealth, first raise it then a few years later more restrictions. This change is going to affect the country massively."Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has publicly voiced his disapproval of alcohol consumption. Last year he said he could not understand why people drank wine when they could just eat the grapes."...... When responding to criticism the Govt says "well we have the greatest amount of freedom in the region, in other countries you could be put in prison".....thats a reason to be hopeful is it? We are seriously looking at unfortunately leaving Turkey now, things are starting to change beyond recognition and not for the better, i'm seeing all this stuff coming in by the back door and wondering whats next. What do you think?
  3. It would seem the Motorways have gone Cashless. Was very weird, drove back from Izmir last night, queue a mile long, the counters are no longer accepting Nakit (Cash). Everyone forced to pay 10 lira to buy the KGS Kart and handed forms for OGS. Looks like they are no longer going to do the ticket price thing, its like the Oyster Card really, anyone know how to top this thing up. Anyone know anything about this.
  4. It will change soon as its one of the areas of EU customs equilizing and common custom arrangements that are being put in place for free trade across borders of imported goods. Its just a question of when.
  5. The rose one i buy would be the Kavaklidere Lal, normally about 19TL but usually you can find it on sale in Migros for 14tl sometimes. The best whites and reds I like are the Kavaklidere Angora. Another good white thats hard to get is the Avanos Vadisi retails in DIA for 7.50TL and as good as any other white i've had.
  6. Weel I have used the Delfi Hotel in the past, they have a good gym and hamam there, they have daily, weekly and monthly membership at different levels. Theres also the Sporium in Bodrum which is good gym, my friend uses. There is also the Dedeman hotel, Universal hospital uses them as their health club. You could try those ones as a start, but yes the Marmara is extortionate priced. Hope that helps.
  7. D-smart is relatively new and its always good to into the start of a new thing. The only question is, will it survive? It reminds me very much of what happened when BSB tried to open competition against sky and ended up falling flat on its face. I'd like to know what the take up is on D-Smart systems. Thats the problem with doing a buy now up front and pay nothing more for 2 years is will the service still be around in 2 years, thats the risk you take. Digiturk is well established but i find it possible D-Smart starting at the beginning of a economic crisis might be on sketchy ground. Digiturk, i have no idea why they are putting up their prices, they really should be reducing, what i suspect is that the cost of buying in foreign programming has skyrocketed and thats what doing it but they need to temper it or they will lose a lot of customers. All i can say is Digiturk, its ok, its sturdy, not a lot is yet known about D-Smart.
  8. What i find abominable is that after paying so much tax in the uk and NI contributions for years that just because we don't live there full time does not mean we should not have access, we do after all still carry UK passports. I find it amazing that someone can wander into the uk and within a few days can access the health system. If they want to go down that route, then we should ask for a lump sum back from HM treasury. As far as I'm concerned, i still have an address back in the UK, seriously just make sure you are registered somewhere, on an electoral roll. To be honest, its getting to a point with the UK Govt, that you should tell them nothing. Just say nothing.
  9. There is no point in you buying a satellite system until you do the research of what channels are available. A motorised will cost somewhere in the region of 1000 lira for a dish of about 1.7m and a receiver, however, the problem is it wont open up the channels unless you have some sort of paid subscription or using on of the many cams you can buy and program from the internet (test programs if you get my drift) but trust me it takes a lot of upkeep and motorised systems when they go out of whack they go out of whack and reprogramming them is not light work. You really need to be able to work hard on these and its frustrating. The problem is you cannot buy subscriptions technically outside the country they are broadcasting from. Sky you will need a dish between of between 3 to 6 m to pick up all the channels. I basically can hardly pick up sky and thats on a 1.7m dish. Someone here could arrange sky for you but again its actually illegal outside the uk and you are at the mercy of having an enourmous dish and hiding your subscription of where it actually is. The satellite shops do sell receivers here that can "open" certain foreign packages and channels, however you are at the mercy of satellite dealers who program these and trust me keys to open chanels change often and sometimes daily. My advice is to find out if you go down this road everything you need to know and how to do it yourself should you need to. There are free channels to be had though. CNBC-E and E2 on turksat 42 degrees east are actually free to air, you dont have to pay for those in digiturk, a normal receiver picks them up along with mtcv turkey, kral and the turkish music channels but preactically anything in english you wont find free out there. All satellites carry free channels but they are usually rubbish. Unless you know what you are doing stick with Digiturk or the new D-Smart.
  10. This is relatively straightforward. You pay tax here on the 1st Jan and the 1st July, depending on the size of your car, the bill gets higher every year and this year it flew up. If you have bought a car, especially if it is second hand, make sure there is no outstanding tax debt on the car BEFORE YOU HAND OVER A PENNY. You will have been to the tax office to get your tax number before, so go back to the same place and as soon as you go through the door, straight ahead with a sign over it is M. V. T. Give the guys your ownership book, and ask them to check the vehicle tax is ok. Do this because I recently enquired and found the dealership i bought it from screwed it up and never paid the first tax from 3 years ago, to which i flame-threw them for. They were sorry and fixed it in a day. How quite i paid tax all this time and no one mention it was beyond me. So do check it because they do make mistakes. Once you have determined your bill for the car for the year, you can either the full year or the 6 months and then pay 6 months later again. Then just take your ownership book to the cashier who enters the car plate number, prints out the payment, hands it to the next guy and you pay it. Also don't be tempted to pay it online, I did the first time and the bank sent it to the tax office in Mugla, boy was that a job and a half tracking that money down and trying to explain it. If you don't pay on time they do charge interest, its not much but they will start upping it soon as so many are taking the mickey. Keep all receipts......
  11. We have a few here in the Bodrum area and they are overrun. The main one has over 500 dogs there now, hundreds more prowling the streets. Turgateis is the same, over crowded with dogs, it breaks my heart to see it. We have managed to keep the cat population at bay by working with my local vet to neuter and spay as many as we can. It certainly has dropped the number of kittens this years around my sitesi alone. I'm looking after and feeding 27 cats at present. We just need to do it bit by bit, but its a mentality thing we need to change. Its not just the females need spayed but the malesm but the turks wont do the boys.
  12. Yeah, i know, we were just told about it a few days ago here in the Bodrum area, but i guess with cyprus turkish, they have known to do stuff at the last minute.
  13. Part of the reason i heard was to do with all the police stops and checks and to stop theft, they easily identify the foreigner cars with the plates MC or MD, however if they will stop if it looks like a Turk driving it because they know they should'nt be. I barely get stopped when I am driving my car as they can see its a foreigners car and a non turk driving it. Its basically a good method of making sure foreigners are not taken advantage off by letting anyone drive it. Also because if you have a foreigners cars and giving it out willy nilly, think yourself lucky because anyone could disappear with it if anyone could drive it off and say they had permission if it was registered for anyone to drive at a police checkpoint.
  14. just so you know, as far as I am aware its been confirmed that cyprus turkish Kibris are starting Bodrum - London and Bodrum - Manchester soon. I was talking to some people yesterday at the airport and they are aware it is happening.
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