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  1. Chief of General Staff Gen. Işık Koşaner and the commanders of the air, navy and land forces have all resigned from their positions amid controversy over the appointment of generals. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan earlier ruled out any prospects of tension between the government and the military at a Supreme Military Council (YAŞ) meeting slated for Monday, saying that the decisions to be made at the meeting will be in accordance with the law.Last August, Turkey witnessed tensions between the military and the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government when the General Staff attem
  2. My Friend went on a trip round Turkey, sent us a postcard from Mardin to Bodrum. It arrived 2 months after she got back here.I rolled laughing, just as well it wasnt anything important then.
  3. if i had a pound for everytime i have heard this story, sorry but its the truth.Can i give you two things.......1 : when a man leaves a wife for a mistress (and that rarely happens) for thats what you would be, then a vacancy opens up for another mistress, if he did it once, he'll do it again, 100% guaranteed.2 : If you are unhappy in your marriage, put yourself first and sort yourself out first before you even attempt to take on another man. Otherwise frankly you are asking for trouble on an epic scale.We all have our stories and I have literally seen turkish men drop one woman off at departu
  4. Sorry for your loss This is not going to be an easy one for you to sort out especially as you are not here.Firstly, you will need find out and establish if the property is still registered in your Mothers name, that would be the first thing before anything else. That will probably mean getting over here and visiting the TAPU office responsible for the area the house is located and unfortunately there are some "lawyers" who could be not real but make sure said "lawyer" didnt get up to any funny business by selling it out from under you because things do happen like that. If he took your cash, h
  5. I do know the hospital has to by law report any suicide attempt to the Govt offices. So it may fall under a mental health clause. A Friend also tried to kill themselves here, it was reported and they had to go on a Govt care and mental health assessment. Did they take details, passport details and the like, you may not have heard the end of it, especially if they were foreign.
  6. if its just furniture, should not be a problem and cost nothing, i would say however, dont bring any electronics, they will charge you lots for electronics. They usually find a way of getting some money out of you so be prepared.
  7. no doubt they want to charge her for the electronics, thats their bug these days, they seem to be funny about electronics being brought in.
  8. Interesting, i would think that itv and channel 4 may follow suit, its a logical step and no need for proxies. .BBC iPlayer Subscription Cheaper License Fee BBC's iPlayer service is to be launched globally this year and it will cost people outside Britain HALF the price of the UK licence fee.The international version of the iPlayer app will cost less than $10 per month - £6.13 - which equates to around £73 per year.The annual license fee for UK viewers is £145.50 per year. 'We're exploring internationally what the right pricing and models are ... the most important thing is the consumer pricin
  9. Pipersline....no other country i can find in the world has a legal age of 24 except Indiahttp://www.icap.org/Table/MinimumAgeLimitsWorldwideIndia varies between 18 and 25 and then the US at age 21.
  10. Anyone else disturbed by this.Does this affect Tourist areas also, will young tourists now have to stay away as they will not be able to purchase alcohol or go to bars? Can my young nephews and neices come here and have a leisurely drink if they wanted.This seems to be islamic ideaology coming by creeping stealth, first raise it then a few years later more restrictions.This change is going to affect the country massively."Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has publicly voiced his disapproval of alcohol consumption. Last year he said he could not understand why people drank wine when t
  11. Definitely on the increase since the economic problems hit, i just made my place like a fortress, iron grills on every window bar one which should be unlockable, you do need an escape route in case of fire., iron gates, steel doors and 2 great big dogs that will eat the backside of whoever tries it.The deterrent is the dogs, most turkish guys run like girls from dogs and if it takes more than 10 minutes to break in anywhere they will just go, the harder you mke it to get in, the less likely they will bother.Failing that, a baseball bat does come in handy.When they broke in before i had all the
  12. Sorry to hear of your trouble, hopefully its sorted out by now, sounds like they are trying to squeeze out extra cash or money to "accomodate" the customs officials more than likely, its amazing how fast the paperwork goes when they get extra cash.as for "refundable" I wouldnt bank on it.
  13. Modesty is not exactly something the woman is worried about when they are chucking large stones at her head.
  14. Well as usual, it wouldnt be the man getting the punishment, it would be the woman who would get in trouble. Living in Bodrum, they'd have to lock up 3/4's of the towns men, they are all at it from what i can see.
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